Sunday, June 19, 2016

A cop explains why not-rape is not prosecuted

It's not exactly a mystery why the police aren't aggressively pursuing cases that can't possibly be prosecuted successfully:
What gets reported is “Well, me and my girlfriends met at Lisa’s apartment to pre- game. I had a beer and a shot there. Then we went to This Bar and That Bar and I had three shots at the first place and an Appletini at the second place plus this guy gave me half his beer. So, we were dancing and then Lisa and Cindy left. So the guy who gave me half his beer said we should go to This Other Bar to meet his friend and we did. And I had two shots and then he bought me this mixed drink… I don’t remember what it was called or what was in it. And then I had another beer and we danced and I remember we were making out at one point in the bathroom and I gave him a blow job. Then I remember we left This Other bar-”

Needle scratch. Wait a minute. You gave him oral sex?

“Well, yeah…”

So, back to our narrative, our victim and the guy she just met “hook up” consensually and close down the bar and now its 2 AM and she can’t really remember much after that, just bits and pieces, until she woke up in a strange place next to a strange man.

And there’s your other big piece of the reported sexual assault puzzle: Hook up culture. Everything up to PIV is on the table when you’re hitting the bar scene. It’s almost a given.

The twist? It’s not the guy she was dancing with and gave oral sex to. It’s his roommate. She thinks she had sex, but she can’t remember. She went home and talked to her roommate and her roommate talked her into coming to the hospital.

So she has the exam and she’s got no physical injuries because nobody beat, punched, or choked her. And we talk to the guy and the roommate and their story is that she came home with them and she and the roommate sat up talking and smoking weed after the guy she came home with passed out in the living room and one thing led to another and the roommate had consensual sex with her too.

And out of this morass of bad decisions and contradictory claims, the social justice types want us to present a viable prosecution? Ain’t happening.
If you're genuinely concerned about not being raped, consider not handing the defense attorney iron-clad reasonable doubt.


Verne said...

I would say there is zero doubt that she was having sex with just about anyone that night. Being a drunken slut is not the same thing as being raped.

Unknown said...

It's almost as if they'd like to stop anyone from having sex -- enjoyable sex, at least -- at all. Especially since they don't consider being married to change the equation either.

Dark Herald said...

Wait did SHE rape the guy she gave the blowjob to?

I mean he was clearly too wasted to give his consent.

Anonymous said...

Moral agency is for Christians.

The cesspool din du nuffin'

Bob Loblaw said...

I would say there is zero doubt that she was having sex with just about anyone that night. Being a drunken slut is not the same thing as being raped.

It is to a feminist. If you both get drunk and hook up you're a rapist and she's a victim. Because equality.

Matamoros said...

It isn't rape, its buyer's remorse

Alexandros said...

The comments there are pretty annoying—people still seem to be under the illusion that you women are not responsible while drunk and therefore their drunken "consent" is invalid.

It's about as much a gray area in reality as drunk drivers deserving DUI's are a gray area.

GB said...

Can't recall the exact story, but there was a female judge who said that if women wanted to convict men of rape they needed to stop getting drunk. It provoked the usual howls of indignation.

One thing many people do not realize is you can be 'black out drunk' and still conscious and fully functional. Your brain stops recording memories but otherwise you are able to move, talk, make (stupid) decisions, and yes, consent to sex. Just because you forgot about it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

CarpeOro said...

"Matamoros said...

It isn't rape, its buyer's remorse"

No, it is feminine jealousy - it took the female friend to convince her to go in to get checked. Her friend was simply jealous that she didn't wake up not remembering the previous night next to some guy. After drinking an unknown but large quantity of alcohol and smoking some weed.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm really old school, so someone help me out here:


"Potatoes in Virginia"...?

Bullitt315 said...


Penis in Vagina

szook said...

Everybody points at Bullitt315 and laughs....

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

Actually. "PIV" always means "rape":

Anonymous said...

If you're genuinely concerned about not being raped

If you're genuinely concerned about not being raped, then don't be a skanky slut and put yourself into this type of a situation in the first place.

Oddly enough, girls with morals almost never report being raped, whether falsely or otherwise.

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