Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the advice of my lawyer

Please be advised that I have no choice but to film this sexual encounter:
The hookup got hot and wild, and one of the two men whipped out his cellphone to shoot a video of the room-to-room romp with the woman they'd just met that night. The sex video may have been the only thing that saved the two from prison.

The woman accused them of rape. The video showed otherwise, police and prosecutors said. What happened that night led to the vicious beating of one of the men two days later.

Last Friday, a Sacramento Superior Court jury convicted Jasmine Levanna Kurre of felony assault likely to produce great bodily injury and of another count of felony battery. Jurors acquitted Kurre of the misdemeanor filing of a false police report and of another felony count of robbing the beating victim of his cellphone. Unfortunately for Kurre, 27, the man's friend shot the video, showing her laughing and carrying on with the two alleged rapists – hence, the lack of charges against them and the lodging of the misdemeanor false-report accusation.

"This is great stuff," Citrus Heights Police Detective Ron Pfleger told the man who shot the video, according to a transcript of his interview five days after the Feb. 17, 2011, beating of his friend, outside the assault victim's apartment. "This is exactly what you guys are hoping for."

Had it not been for the video, the chances were likely that Kurre's rape accusation against the two men would have been given more credibility by police and prosecutors. Instead, it turned the tables on Kurre, who now is looking at the possibility of four years behind bars.
Many women have asked why a woman would lie about being raped.  The answer should be quite obvious here: to cover up for the fact that she had consensual sex and direct the angry attention of her boyfriend or husband away from her and her infidelity.


Unknown said...

My mother worked in the ER as the night admitting clerk for many years. I once asked her out of all the women who came in claiming rape, how many were lying?

She told me 90%.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Had it not been for the video, the chances were likely that Kurre's rape accusation against the two men would have been given more credibility by police and prosecutors.

Two things:

-Record all sex you have with all sexual partners.

-The word of woman is golden unless it is overridden with documented proof she is lying.

Anonymous said...

Those guys certainly dodged a bullet but even with video evidence she still wasn't convicted of filing a false police report. Until the filers of false reports are punished there will be no incentive for them to stop.

Stickwick Stapers said...

Just goes to show there isn't any such thing as sexual freedom, for either sex.

Women's sexuality is now largely unconstrained, but there is something deeply rooted in woman that craves the appearance of virtue. Women will likely never be able to cope with the paradox they've created with the expectation of no-strings-attached sex and the desire to be perceived as virtuous. These false accusations of rape are really just futile attempts by women to reclaim their virtue after squandering it.

There is a horrible paradox here for men, as well, though they are less directly responsible for its creation than women. Marriage 1.0 came with the reasonable expectation of exclusive, lifelong sexual access to a woman, among other benefits. With the total disaster that is Marriage 2.0, men can hardly be blamed for being hesitant to enter into the married state. So, where does that leave a man? He either assumes the considerable risks involved in modern marriage, chooses to live in a state of self-enforced celibacy, or goes the route of casual sexual relationships. The paradox is this. Women are freely available sexually like never before, but at the same time no-strings-attached sexual encounters entail a multitude of fairly hideous risks, not least of which is what happened to the two men above. Not being a man, I wouldn't know, but I wonder if it's really worth it.

Doom said...

So... "dating" can become another revenue stream? You know it won't stop with just holding the vids as proof of participation. Hmm... check id beforehand, and catch that on vid too.

mina smith said...

Is there no way for women to safely act out their rape/gang bang fantasies? If there were maybe these false rape things wouldn't happen.

Is it crazy to think that some women are just horny as all get-out and want to f*ck a roomful of men all at once? Have you ever seen (Public disgrace / hardcore gang bang - these are not professionals) ?

On the one hand we have the ideal of the loyal, loving wife who is ready and willing to sex her man up whenever he so desires. Theoretically that's probably enough for most women.

But all? probably not. I personally have to wonder how many "rape cases" are something more along this line.

nosocialism said...

Stickwick Stapers
One more choice-leave. I'm 23 and am permanently relocating to Europe. Eastern European girls are awesome to date and completely worth having relationships with. American girls, not so much.

Anonymous said...

"Many women have asked why a woman would like about being raped." I think that should be "lie about being raped"?

Unknown said...

A man in New Zealand managed to successfully escape charges of rape using video footage showing the clear consent of the female liar. He was subsequently charged with illegally filming the encounter. If you're a male, you're guilty of something, seems to be the lesson there.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Well, in an ever changing world and tech
extensions with film, mini cams and hidden mics, good for them for protecting themselves from false rape allegations.

Sensei said...

Women will likely never be able to cope with the paradox they've created with the expectation of no-strings-attached sex and the desire to be perceived as virtuous. These false accusations of rape are really just futile attempts by women to reclaim their virtue after squandering it.

I think Stickwick identified a salient point here. This is once again an incarnation of the endless feminine attempt to have it both ways: everything they want, but also no consequences.

Unknown said...

Not being a man, I wouldn't know, but I wonder if it's really worth it.

Actually, even celibacy is not an option. The only way a man can avoid ever being convicted of rape is to thoroughly document every moment of his life, so that he can prove his innocence in whichever moment he is accused of raping someone. He need not be in the same state or country to be accused and convicted.

Moreover, he need not even have a villaness waiting to convict him. Statutory rape laws and the whole concept of date rape have defined rape as sex without 'meaningful' consent with meaningful defined as inequality of power. Some official wants you in jail, and you are happily married to a woman who's got your back through thick and thin, and he can simply say your marital sex counts as rape because you have an unfair emotional advantage over your poor, victimized wife.

After all, that's our legal justification for jailing men who sleep with teens. Why not apply it across the board?

The brilliant thing is that all this evil strippage of rights applies to women too. It has yet to be applied, but it applies. We like to talk about the evils of Feminism -- and Feminism is indeed evil -- but the actual net result of their work is that every single human being in the U.S. can be sent to prison on the decision of a court without any genuine evidence.

In their zeal to place the chains on our wrists, they have chained themselves as well.

Unknown said...

*equality of power, not inequality.

Anglican said...

I suppose that having sex will now involve a trip to the lawyer to sign consent forms for protection. Even that would probably not be enough.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

I suppose that having sex will now involve a trip to the lawyer to sign consent forms for protection. Even that would probably not be enough.

Indeed. Prenuptial agreements didn't do a damn thing for John Cleese.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ron said...

@stickwick stapers

No dear, you've missed the point. You are assuming that the neta males you are speaking to dont have the ability to turn feral and criminal and evil, just like the criminal males in the mafia that you would never consider addressing that statement to.

Just imagine how exciting and wonderful your life, and the life of your daughters (women clearly care nothing for boys) will be in a world filled with feral totally amoral men, that will murder or Real Rape you at the drop of a hat. Where no one does any honest work because the laws are complete garbage, eg. to sell fruit you would have to violate the endless rules written by other sociopathic men.

Would you like to see a glimpse of such a society? I knew you would! Its easy, take a good look at this

Stickwick Stapers said...

Some dude, the dilemma I presented is relevant to the man of today. I assume the vast majority of white males in the U.S. and Canada are not going to turn feral and criminal and evil, certainly not in the short term.

As for your dire prediction, the problem is that you, like most people, look at the obvious that's happening now, extrapolate linearly into the future, and arrive at a conclusion that is extreme and unlikely. Women can only continue their present foolishness with the aid of a large, unaccountable government. Those days are coming to an end, and there will be some kind of drastic societal change long before the feralization of white, Western men could ever happen. What form that will take is not clear -- especially as there are forces at work that are not obvious -- but one thing is certain: that which cannot continue, won't.

Anonymous said...

I would be very, very careful about recording a sexual encounter in the US unless you get the women's consent. In most states, this falls under voyeurism laws, which can be a felony and require registration as a sex offender. You may not be convicted of rape, but it sure sounds like being convicted of voyeurism holds very similar punishment.

Here's a very illuminating document about the various voyeurism laws in different states:

NateM said...

A woman amazingly tells it like it is quite publicly.

Bogey said...

If you're dumb enough to have casual sex with someone then maybe you should have a record of the encounter just in case.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Ah Stickwick,
your optimism is like a breath of fresh air. Wrong, but refreshing.

The fact that the white male has a better veneer of civilization does not mean that the feral nature isn't right there under the surface. The simmering anger, resentment, bitterness, and life of serfdom may explode under the right triggers.

Remember, it is a veneer. One painted on less thickly than some previous generations, at that...

Markku said...

Real Rape

It's called Rape-Rape.

A teenager can help you with the intonation.

Stickwick Stapers said...


Civilization is not a veneer; it's not covering anything. Rather, it is a willful act, a conscious, perpetual effort made to reverse human entropy and lift us above our savage instincts. It takes effort to sustain. The problem, as you and others have alluded to, is that if anything makes that effort not worthwhile, well, what is left to sustain civilization?

Again, as I sort of explained to Some dude, what we're seeing with the present dysfunction between men and women is not a phenomenon that is disconnected from everything else. There is an intimate connection between every aspect of Western culture and what happens with adult male-female relations. If you look at the extreme example of American inner cities and their utter dysfunction, you realize it can only occur because it's subsidized by a larger, functional society. The same goes with feminism. However, the majority of white, Western males are not going to become like the denizens of inner cities. When the larger, functional society breaks down, which will be in large part due to the dysfunction between men and women, it's going to affect everything. We are, in the relatively near future, going to reach a period of collapse similar to what happened with the Great Depression, with severe economic, social, and political consequences. Out of the inevitable hardship that will result, America will return to its traditional roots. It's going to be a self-correcting, self-healing process; people will go back to the old ways because the old ways work. Feminists have had the luxury to be completely at odds with reality only because of the immense wealth and relative peace of Western society. It won't last, and when it all comes crumbling down, women will willingly choose to go back to the old ways.

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