Monday, June 20, 2016

Deltas and Gammas are the real problem

A young man falsely accused of rape learns who enables the narcissistic accusers:
Manginas Are The Real Problem

This became abundantly clear when I first shook hands with the investigator. Based off of the fact that his office was plastered with pictures of his mother, I’d guess that he never had a father around.

He was a boy raised by a single mother, on a noble crusade to stop the evils of patriarchy—and he’s the real problem. That police officer who automatically assumes that the girlfriend is telling the truth, that judge who has a deep seeded hatred for men, because he thinks it will get him laid, and that mangina in your workplace who offers women endless emotional attention when they tell him that they were “raped”? They’re the real problems.

It’s very easy to get caught up in your anger towards women (I know that I certainly was for a while). But the problem isn’t women. It’s the men that raise them, the men that encourage them, and the men that appoint them.

If the investigator wasn’t a mangina, how do you think my appointment would have played out? I would have told him my side of the story, shown him my log of text messages, and he would’ve dismissed the case because there was ZERO evidence to support her claims.

If we want to have any hope of reclaiming our past culture, we must start with men. Modern women are merely a symptom of a larger problem, they are not the cause. The root cause is the lack of masculinity in today’s men. The patriarchs of the past weren’t complete morons, unaware of what women will do for attention or social status.

They weren’t desperate for sex, they weren’t socially retarded, and they sure as hell weren’t weak. They were strong, confident men who ruled with compassion. The idea that patriarchs are cruel is ridiculous. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—manginas are far more cruel when they gain positions of power than any patriarch would ever be.
Men of low socio-sexual rank are the core of the problem here, because they simply refuse to believe women are anything but pure, innocent creatures taken advantage of by evil higher-rank men.

Yes, young women are crazy. This is known. This is not new. What is new is the way in which they are not only permitted to run amok, but encouraged to do so.

The ironic thing is that it is almost never the genuinely bad boys who are accused of rape. It's usually the delta who thought he got lucky and outkicked his coverage one night.


Forbes said...

Middle-aged as I am, I've long experienced that modern women are products of their father's influence as they counsel their daughters with opposing assumptions: 1)that they can be whatever they want to be--they can do whatever a boy/man does, and probably better; and 2) they deserve to be treated like a princess, and should be pedestalized by any man.

Now, not all fathers do this--but it is the cultural zeitgeist.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

My father told me all women are crazy, and that the key to success is finding the least crazy woman you can.

David Hup said...

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tz said...

Muslims are the most recent cultural wave.
The feminists were there before preparing the way.
Both destroy the culture, the former is at least like ebola - quick and easily recognized, the latter is more like syphilis that kills slowly.

The wisest thing was:

I got there as fast as I could, and asked him if I could record the questions he was asking me. “NO,” he barked. “You can not record our conversation.”

“What the fuck kind of crooked legal system is this?” I said to myself.

“Sir, I’m sorry but I’m going to talk to my lawyer. Please send me a list of your questions and I will draft some responses with him.” I got the fuck out of there, and $500 worth of legal fees later (which is a lot when you’re 19), it turns out she didn’t want to press charges. I wonder why.

Though some advice is less than useful
Learn to tell when a girl is crazy.
1. does she fog a mirror?

The problem is the structures of courtship - chaperones, staying in public, collective restroom usage for the womenfolk - were created for a reason. And it wasn't that men were too aggressive. Women are the passive aggressors for sex - winking, smiling, repositioning their legs. Much might be unconscious, but remember they are crazy. "Honeytrap" comes to mind.

Muslims are less brutal than they are blunt. Instead of all the strictures and customs to avoid problems, they just put the women in bags when they go out in public, which is a much more simple, economical, and effective solution.

In Mel Brook's Spaceballs, there is the robot (voiced by Joan Rivers) with a "Virgin Alarm". This was comedy but exactly what WestCiv achieved by custom.

The current tension is a variant of Augustine's "Lord, make me chaste, but not just yet". If we reestablish WestCiv rules, then men would actually have to marry (or find a whore) to have sex. Instead, the discussions are storing sperm and having vasectomies (despite the risk of serious side-effects), or setting up surveillance systems that would make the NSA blush, or some other system that keeps the weak and crazy women accessible without the nasty risks.

And Tech shows it is still infested

tz said...

@Forbes - In Frozen, Elsa is locked in a dungeon with her hands shackled. The correct way to treat a Disney Princess. There are other examples.

Women don't prefer free thought as much as blondage.

Anchorman said...

Related, anyone going through a custody fight should 100% expect a male custody evaluator to be on Team Woman.

The courts may/may not be fair. The male evaluator will always side with the woman.

Timmy3 said...

"never the genuinely bad boys who are accused of rape"

Then who would be the bad boys? Fraternities, Duke lacrosse players, football players, and the guy that banged the Mattress girl are accused of rape and they are not deltas and gammas. This rape accusation culture hits everyone at equal measure.

Mooga Booga said...

Try telling that to the feminists! We can't take a breath without one of them accusing us of "male entitlement," which is academic gibberish for "batting out of our league."

ray said...

Your feminist nations come pre-cucked. Matriarchal democracy is the perfect form of government; third and fourth rate males join forces with the collective feminine, to ensure that authentic and effective masculinity is crushed, or more often, never takes place. The Rainbow House in D.C. is an excellent example of the system working as designed.

Men cannot rule themselves, shit they can't even handle the reality of having betters! The inferiors Group together like fat plotting hens to keep the gynarchy gyrating. Because in a masculine culture, they wouldn't even be noticed, much less wield power. Better to support a satanic, dying femarchy than face The Horrible Truth about themselves. They'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. Hell very much looks forward to their arrival.

Mr. Bee said...

I was on a jury for a case of "child bothering" - a Mexican man had joked that his sister's friend, who was 13 at the time , was his "girl friend" in front of a police officer. He had no sexual contact with her at all and the girl involved had no issues with the man whatsoever. It was the men on the jury who wanted to fry the guy. It was only due to a couple of women who didn't think jail time, being on the sex offender list and deportation was an appropriate punishment. IMO the "rape culture" agit-prop is aimed at white knights just as much as women.

tz said...

Men cannot rule themselves, shit they can't even handle the reality of having betters!
Except for the Green Witch's fire, men are not only perfectly capable of ruling themselves, they self-organize into effective institutions.
Take the "Survivor" examples. The men figure out who has what role - not merely who's boss (Arthur) but consigliare (Merlin) and the rest around the table and build Camelot in the middle of the ocean.
The women are generally inactive except for bitching about starving to death.
Swapping a few women and men cause the few men among the women to work like dogs and the few women among the men to treat the shelters and food as if they are vacation spas.
Men did multi-year discovery missions. Women, well, Curie-osity kills.

Kevin Blackwell said...

child bothering means child molestation, if you look up what the word bother means.

VFM #7634 said...

Then who would be the bad boys? Fraternities, Duke lacrosse players, football players, and the guy that banged the Mattress girl are accused of rape and they are not deltas and gammas. This rape accusation culture hits everyone at equal measure.

You'd be wrong about that. There are still plenty of deltas among those groups that women might feel they would want to sic the law on.

One of the biggest determining factors is if the man acts guilty if she raises a fuss upon his doing something. If he doesn't, she calms down. But white knights will almost always act apologetic... and then they're toast.

It's consistent with the idea that her raising a fuss is an instinctive reaction when she's not sure about a man's ranking. They're not offended by moves per se, but rather moves from low-ranked men.

Timmy3 said...

"One of the biggest determining factors is if the man acts guilty if she raises a fuss upon his doing something."

You're ignoring that most hookups don't give anyone time to evaluate their behaviors. A woman can change her mind about her experience months or years after the experience. Many times a 3rd Party reports the hookup. To say deltas or gammas are in a high ranking group puts doubt into the ranking system.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well said. 100%. Behind every All-American warpig and feminist bitch is a beta enabler dad.

I despise these weak, hollow-chested wimps.

VFM #7634 said...

To say deltas or gammas are in a high ranking group puts doubt into the ranking system.

No it doesn't. There are delta frat boys and sports players. There are probably even quite a few gammas by now, just as I've noticed there are more fat sorority sisters. Just because you're in a group that girls stereotypically like doesn't mean you're above delta rank.

ray said...

"Except for the Green Witch's fire, men are not only perfectly capable of ruling themselves, they self-organize into effective institutions."

All of history refutes your proposition of the self-sufficiency of Man. But I'm sure that your generation will be the exception to eternity, because, your.

America, blessed far beyond all prior nations, is serving as the (final) test case for your assertion of human/humanistic self-sufficiency. If this nation fails at 'men ruling themselves' then going down your road further will be shown as folly and delusion, and a hopeless trek round and round the hamster cage. 'Course at that point, some folks will still argue that if only this or that or the other had been different, well, it all would have succeeded. Just need better hamsters and a better cage.

Rex Little said...

You guys will love last Thursday's Dilbert comic.

dvdivx said...

Off subject but this story will hit with more than one outlet: (Caution NSFW)

"Child sex dolls the size of girls aged THREE available to buy in the UK ... and they're completely legal"

As usual the reporters did not do their homework. That does not mean there aren't child sex dolls available.

The doll they reference:,searchweb201602_1_10017_10040,searchweb201603_11&btsid=dce893eb-a527-4b92-9915-75238c3e4da4

Clearly it has "boobs" even if it's face looks young.

Here is an actual child sex doll (2 models if you keep scrolling) :,searchweb201602_1_10017_10040,searchweb201603_11&btsid=dce893eb-a527-4b92-9915-75238c3e4da4

They do sell models with "boobs" but the white and asian kid models are flat chested as one would expect with a pedobot.

Funny how you can look at the same site for work looking at chemicals and pharmaceutical powders and miss the sexbot section.

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Martin Davies said...

It's certainly a fact that in the UK, a majority male jury is more likely to convict a man accused of rape than a majority female jury.

VFM #7634 said...

@Martin Davies
I believe that. In any such situation, women will be biased against only low-value men, whereas white knights are biased against all men.

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