Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Be who you are

And work within that framework. Marco Rubio learned that one the hard way:
But three days later, at a university rally in Virginia before Super Tuesday, he took the anti-Trump onslaught in a new and uncharacteristic direction, mocking his opponent’s “spray tan” and “small hands,” a below-the-belt reference to Trump’s manhood. As the college crowd went berserk, Rubio’s aides were besieged with dazed and irate missives from donors, allies, and friends. Rubio’s reputation as conservatism’s upbeat, optimistic standard-bearer — so meticulously crafted over so many years — was dissolving before their eyes. They feared it could mark not just the demise of his 2016 campaign, but the collapse of what once seemed a bright political future.

Rubio’s team defended the ad hominem attacks as a necessary evil, arguing that they had no other way to eat into Trump’s wall-to-wall media coverage. “There’s this tension between staying on substance and playing to what’s become a reality-TV election,” one Rubio adviser says. “And we gave in to the urge to play to reality TV.” It nonetheless represented a stark and bizarre departure, and, making matters worse, it failed to reverse the downward trajectory of Rubio’s campaign.
Game is about emulating the naturally successful, but that emulation is a gradual process of transformation. It's like lifting weights; lift, and over time you will get bigger and be able to bench press 225 pounds without any trouble.

But try it the first time out and you're going to smash your sternum. Don't try to fake who you are, transform who you are. And transformation is a process, not a declaration or an act.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was pretty obvious Rubio is at best a Delta with Gamma tendencies. Lambda at worst, assuming the foam rumors were true.

He did try mocking the Alpha's manhood size, but that was around the time he was getting associated with foam parties. It just seemed like projecting in a ham-handed Gamma attempt to protect his ego.

Take notes, Gammas. If you want to graduate as a man, check your thought processes and make sure you're not projecting. If you're projecting, stop talking.

Anonymous said...

Rubio, a delta with gamma tendencies ... not quite,no.

Rubio is clearly an outmatched beta. And as far as the Lambda allegations, he is either a backdoors fag or ... more accurately a joyful beta. Joyful betas is a subset of betas who are metrosexual, like to party, laugh, have fun without taking like to seriously. The YOLO ALPHAS without the commanding presence and leadership skills of alphas.

Alexander said...

The problem is gamma, not delta.

A delta would see the alpha as a model to aspire to, and begin the genuine transformation.

Gamma Rubio, on the other hand, didn't want to become the alpha - because you know, he secretly already was, he just needed to trick the voters for a brief period before they realized he was actually the best candidate the entire time.

Unsurprisingly, we all saw the man behind the foam and he got nothing from it.

Anonymous said...

Political analysis aside, I think that there is a synthesis of the observational aspects of Game, the stoicism/rationality of MGTOW and the "Be/Become Who You Are" Aristotelianism of the alt-right waiting to be born.

Unknown said...

It seems the ideas on this blog are starting to pay off for me in real life. Striving to become Delta for a few months now my colleagues have suddenly started to treat me so much better that it feels counterintuitive, a bit like PUA theory.

Also the whole "Secret King" delusion is spot on. Things work much better since I started tearing it down. That said there is also alot of discomfort involved with being honest with oneself, it can at times feel quite overwhelming.

Timmy3 said...

I thought game means faking alpha to strangers. You practice to people who don't know you. That's where Rubio erred. Everyone knows you already. They know Rubio is out of character. Rubio could have made those jokes with a gentler touch so people will laugh instead of cringing.

Verne said...

While Marco delivered the attacks with great skill. (He actually beat Trump up) That was so out of public character for him, that it hurt him more than Trump. "Nice" Marco now looked to be fake. He was far too good at being asshole Marco to really be that "good" guy, he made everyone see him as.

About this Alpha, Delta, Gamma, labeling. Guys you suck at it. No one at that level is a Gamma or even a Delta. A real contender for President, the super fast riser with the hot wife, and rumors of other woman. He could be no lower than an upper Beta and likely is a lower alpha. Trump, that guy is an alphas alpha. But none of the leaders of men he is beating, could possibly be a Gamma. No one follows a Gamma and Deltas only do it reluctantly and rarely.

Verne said...

Alvar Karlsson Right on brother. That fake world may have been comforting at rare times. But you damn well knew it was fake. Better to know you are an average Joe than lie to yourself about being the king. And always failing, always disgusting yourself and driving people (who would like your company if you were real)away

Oliver Märk said...

Giving up was the best think this guy could do. In this case I am happy not to be an American but an outside obsever from Europe. I am curious what is coming next and how the establishment and the main stream culture is trying to block Trump from becoming president of the US.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the hierarchy are that ranks are fixed in line with our neurowiring and Deltas, for example, can't become Betas anymore than one profile on the Myers Briggs scale can't become another.

A possible exception may be a graduation from Gamma or Omega ranks, in that those aren't so much discrete psychosexual profiles as categories of damaged men originally of other ranks who can work on self-recovery.

It's likely that the self improvement testimonials we read on Game blogs are case studies in lesser Deltas becoming greater Deltas. Because Deltas represent the majority of men, that's where most of the action is in such stories.


Retrenched said...

If people already know you as a nice guy, then trying to alpha up, be more assertive or whatever is just gonna confuse them since it will seem to them like it's so out of character for you. You might still impress people who don't know you all that well, though.

Trying to go full alpha didn't work for Rubio because he's such a widely known public figure whose nice guy image was well established beforehand.

Trump, meanwhile, has had a reputation for being an alpha jerk type for over 30 years, and rightly so. So when he goes on all out attacks people know its the real deal, and not at all out of character for him.

Retrenched said...

It's kinda like how game can help your odds with women you haven't met yet, but will generally be less effective on women who have already put you in the nice guy box.

VD said...

About this Alpha, Delta, Gamma, labeling. Guys you suck at it. No one at that level is a Gamma or even a Delta.

True, but you need to keep in mind the fractal nature of hierarchy. So, Rubio is an Alpha in life - US Senator, married pro cheerleader - but in the Republican competition, he was a Beta at best.

VD said...

It's kinda like how game can help your odds with women you haven't met yet, but will generally be less effective on women who have already put you in the nice guy box.

Astute observation. Very good.

Verne said...

"True, but you need to keep in mind the fractal nature of hierarchy. So, Rubio is an Alpha in life - US Senator, married pro cheerleader - but in the Republican competition, he was a Beta at best"

That is exactly the way I was seeing it. Thank you for making that thought clearer than I made it.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Status is contextual.

I've read that some alphas became less than when Reagan entered the room, for reasons other than being president.

Some men are higher status when compared to immediate company but when a new man enters the room the social order is reshuffled.

Blue88 said...

I know I am not an Alpha. That doesn't bother me. Maybe Beta, sometimes Alpha, perhaps Sigma. (I like Vox's Hierarchy) Understand this, I have never watched a 2015/16 Republican Debate. I don't watch much TV, so I have never watched The Apprentice. However, I know that Trump is Alpha. Why? Because you talk about him. Is he good for the country? I don't know. Is he only doing this for the usual Alpha accolades? I don't know. I do know this. He is the Alpha Among Candidates.

CarpeOro said...

Good point Blue88. It doesn't matter how little you know about someone when everyone is talking about how they measure up against him. At that point, he has already become the standard of measure. Not saying Ron Paul had charisma, but it can be noted the MSM did their best to never mention his name to prevent people measuring his opposition against him. The MSM didn't even bother trying that with Trump because he already had name recognition and they knew it wouldn't work. Instead they have tried to vilify him, but they are trapped because they use their own views of what is wrong with him. Those views don't resonate with the average American and instead came out as positive coverage to the average American. They are scrambling to coordinate and shift the attack but are still failing because of their disconnect. Here in Chiraq land a co-worker that will likely vote either Democratic candidate looked at the anti-Trump demonstrations with disdain.

rtp said...

Insults from a position of strength that are not gratuitous (ie they have a decent amount of truth to them) can be highly effective rhetoric.

However, insults from a position of weakness invariably sound shrill and just reinforce your weakness.

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