Friday, May 2, 2014

The triumph of the career women

Feminists crow about George Clooney's engagement:
You’re a direct, fantastic rebuke to everything “Princeton Mom” Susan Patton writes about in her book, “Marry Smart: Advice for Finding The One,” in which she counsels women to get plastic surgery in high school, “find a husband on campus before [they] graduate,” and not spend too much time focusing on their careers. On this particular point, Patton offers bleak words, a sort of Ghost of Christmas Future for any ambitious woman over 30: “You’ve been so invested in your professional super-stardom that you took your eye off the ball. You have no husband and no children, but the ship has already sailed! It’s too late. You don’t get to have everything.”


BOOM, Susan Patton!

BOOM, ridiculous conservative Phyllis Schlafly, who recently insisted that paying women the same as men would hurt the women’s chances of finding a mate!

I guess, Amal, that you didn’t see the memo about men not liking smart women. Oh, you didn’t see that? It’s the one that gets reinforced just about every other day in pop culture, encouraging women to dumb it down from the time they’re adolescents, in the hopes that staying perky, dim and silent will make him — any him — love you.

As the Clooney/Alamuddin nuptials near, the inevitable articles will appear, talking about the “fairy tale ending” of this glittery union, surely a dream come true for a non-famous, hard-working London woman.
I wonder how long it will take for these women to realize that while he may have married a professional woman, George Clooney not only proposed to a woman who is 16 years younger than him, but spurned all of the 160 million women in America and went offshore to find his fiance.


Unknown said...

I've read more than once women are just a beard covering Clooney's true preferences.

Anonymous said...

Women really don't understand the concept "the exception that proves the rule" If one person can do it, everyone can!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how she can look around at pop culture and see all those "dumb yourself down for a man" messages instead of the "go girl be strong and independent" messages. Is she wearing glasses that look 60 years back through time or something?

Is she really saying that a girl's strategy for getting a great husband should be to wait until she's in her mid-30s and then try to snag a 52-year-old guy that millions of other women are competing for? I'd think even most 18-year-old girls would be smarter than to think that's likely to work.

deti said...

To me it's just another example of the feminist maxim that the exception disproves the rule. This not so famous 30-something woman from across the pond married George Clooney! So all you aging women, don't lose hope! Your hunky high status alpha is just around the corner!

Joseph Dooley said...

Amusing how living vicariously through one woman justifies decades of playing the part of old maid.

vartank said...

Feminists really don't understand what "prove" means, do they?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Excellent points, Vox. I'm not sure these women will notice, as they're too busy spouting their triumphalist, foaming-at-the-mouth bs rhetoric in our face. American women like this really are deluded. Fuck 'em.

PhantomZodak said...

it's a good thing there are millions of george clooneys running around for all the women to marry when they are ready. oh wait.

Eowyn said...

It also helps that she's stunning and looks good on his political resume. Something that the majority of the female species can't offer up as a default.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

If there were millions of George Clooneys in the world, women would lose interest.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

And no, she isn't stunning. Average.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist posting this comment to the article:

"Hilarious article. BOOM. Take that, American Woman! He skipped you ladies, despite having millions he could have chosen from. Let me put this in a language the writer can understand:

Um, OHMYGOD, you guys! Clooney is, like, such a DOUCHE because, like, he TOTALLY married a YOUNGER woman! Like, Really? REALLY!?

Despite the hamster wheel this article spins on, Clooney himself didn't jump on that wheel. He knew his value and married a younger woman, who's sexual value matched his own. "

Comment link here:

Master Doh-San said...

Anyone taking bets on just how long this "marriage" will last?

Anonymous said...

I meant to go back and cite the Great Vox but forgot. Apologies, Vox. Ran outta time to edit it on NYPost.

VD said...

And no, she isn't stunning. Average.

Come on. Be realistic. She's far above average. If nothing else, she's tall, slender, and has great cheekbones.

Nemo said...

They fail to understand, too, that a single case does not constitute a rule but an exception to the rule.

Booch Paradise said...

Come on. Be realistic. She's far above average. If nothing else, she's tall, slender, and has great cheekbones.
And a nose that ol' George could shade himself under on a sunny day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty hot for 36. Besides, Clooney's been banging models and Hollywood actresses for how many years now? He could have picked from the Miss USA runners-up if he'd wanted to. Maybe he's tired of the super-hot. Obviously he saw something in this woman besides hotness.

But it's just cruel to tell millions of women, "You too are such a special snowflake that some prince someday will see past your wrinkles and baggage and fall for your specialness. No need to hurry; no need to stay especially fit; no need to limit your sexual experimentation. None of that will matter when Mr. Right comes along, because one unusually attractive 36-year-old won the lottery."

It's like telling a short kid it's okay to put all his efforts into his dream of playing in the NBA, because Spud Webb (5'7") once won the slam dunk contest.

Trust said...

So, let me get this straight. One attractive woman who once worked with Kofi Anon, and therefore has a bit of a celebrity connection, lands an aging past his prime celebrity, and it is proof positive women can have it all.

On the other hand, a sizeable percentage of women are using family law to flee and fleece good men, and perpetuate paternity and maternity fraud, at an alarming rate, and the position is that not all men are like that, so men should man up and marry without a prenup, and trust that he's the father.

A man's lie: I was at Bob's.

A woman's lie: it's your baby.

Trust said...

I mean not all women are like that

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a 16 year difference,…now where have I seen that differential before…

Oh yeah,..

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


OK, maybe she just isn't my taste in women. Clooney obviously finds her attractive, and that's good enough I guess.

Anonymous said...

He will divorce her when she is 45 and snag another mid to late 30's woman.

Anonymous said...

now where have I seen that differential before…

Heh. Well done, sir.

Joe A. said...

Self-parody in action. Did this woman think before she typed this at all?

Anonymous said...

Paul Walker

Desiderius said...

If you're going to fall for the apex fallacy, you might as well fall good and hard.

MichaelJMaier said...

I actually like Clooney as both an actor and a director but I'm starting to wonder if she's a beard too.

I just don't see it at all. This chick is not anywhere close to how hot he could snag without effort.

Plus, she's a UN Employee, almost certainly a damned Harpy of a woman.

IF this marriage goes off without incident, I wouldn't bet a dime on it lasting for any decent amount of time. Like more than two years.

T.L. Ciottoli said...

She is a sexy dame. By any standards. Period.

Matamoros said...

Stunning? I think not. She cleans up pretty good, but without the makeup I wouldn't rate her more than a 4-5.

Maybe Clooney wanted someone to talk to.

SarahsDaughter said...

So, he's marrying a lawyer...

That should end well for him.

Retrenched said...

All it proves is that it's not absolutely impossible for an older career woman to end up marrying a desirable and successful man. But i know of no one who has ever argued that such an occurrence is a total impossibility; only that it is really unlikely.

Similarly, if I were to spend my whole paycheck on powerball tickets and win the lottery next week, it would prove that not all people who spend all their money on lottery tickets end up broke. But that still wouldn't make it an effective retirement strategy.

Retrenched said...

And yeah, if every man were as handsome and successful as Clooney then women would be pretty miserable for the most part, because it would then be impossible for any of them to get a man that all of her friends were jealous of.

Retrenched said...

As for his fiance... 7.5/10, would definitely bang.

Desiderius said...

She reminds me of my wife.

So, if you're at the top of your field (true excellence in a woman is attractive, not as much as for a man, and not purely sexual, but attractive nonetheless), bring the pleasant disposition and graceful carriage evident in the photographs, and are willing to truly fall in love with your man, then you're good.

Somehow the writer of the article doesn't seem likely to embody those particular qualities.

Natalie said...

Yeesh, all things being equal most men prefer hot, smart, charming, and sexually open. If you're on top of the pile you get all those things aka a unicorn. If you aren't then you have to find your own personal sweet spot that lines up with your SMV/MMV. I've rarely heard men say they prefer stupid, incompetent women, but when he says he wants to f^%$ your brains out that doesn't mean he's sexually aroused by your gpa :p

Desiderius said...

"Yeesh, all things being equal most men prefer hot, smart, charming, and sexually open."

No, all things equal, men prefer the bloom of youth. If you're determined to wait until you've lost the bloom, you'd better bring the other stuff.

CarpeOro said...

The first thought that came to mind seeing her pic was the stunning wife of a democrat official from New York that happens to be "good" friends with Hillary. Since George lives in Italy, not sure how much this improves his election chances. Maybe if he moves to New York....

CarpeOro said...

"I find it hilarious that some men still think women have an expiration date for attractiveness but men don't. This may have been the case back when all scientists were men and women weren't allowed to vote. Now, we know that older men are the cause of more birth defects that women. And no woman with a brain and the ability to support herself wants to be stuck with an old sexist slob. Time to face reality, boys. Times have changed!"

Indeed they have. It used to be that women of her age could only attract men thirty years older. The times they are a changin.

CarpeOro said...

Changing, because they can have it all, including children with birth defects according to that poster.

Unknown said...

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The Anti-Gnostic said...

She doesn't do anything for me, and I'm not picky.

Kim said...

"Anyone taking bets on just how long this 'marriage' will last? "

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's see if the ENGAGEMENT lasts. I'd make book on THAT failure, because Clooney's been down that road often.

Unknown said...

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