Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As the Hamster Spins

Dalrock observes the entirely predictable actions of a nominally Christian blogger who deserted her innocuous Delta husband, and, after only a few months of adulterous sex, is already lamenting her inability to fix Alpha males with her MVP:
I say I want a nice guy, but instead I’ve been picking the challenging ones. The ones that don’t love Jesus, or the ones that say they do but don’t mean it. The workaholics, the underachievers, the closeted gays, the ones that aren’t over their exes, or the ones that only text at midnight after a few drinks — I’m not making excuses for you anymore.
Which, of course, raises the obvious question: why were you making excuses for these gentlemen in the first place? What is often termed "Missionary Dating" is nothing more than a woman's desire to be placed in the missionary position by a man who is officially unsuitable but sexually desirable.

The irony is that non-Christian women who are less interested in inventing Scriptural excuses than they are in having good relationships have a better understanding of the importance of the basic concept of female submission. Lady Gaga, of all people says this: "I'm in charge all day long, the last thing I want to do is tell him what to do," she explained. "It's not good for relationships to tell men what to do."


tz said...

I posted there the best passage was missed

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Reminds of what Sinbad said about get back together with his ex-wife. They both realized after ten years of separation that they are the only ones who tolerate each other.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Found the link:

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What a basket case! It's as if she's acting according to the Manosphere script. And what an embarrassment to Christians. lol

@swiftfoxmark2 ~ What you wrote "Sinbad" I assumed you were referring to the character Sinbad of the classic 'One Thousand and One Nights' or the great Harryhausen movies--not some gross black comic. My bad.

Retrenched said...

When a woman drops her panties for a man, she is saying, “More of this please.”

When a woman says “You are a great guy, but...” she is saying “stop treating women this way if you ever want to get laid.”

Retrenched said...

The discrepancy between women's stated preferences in men and their actual, demonstrated preferences never ceases to amaze. Its boringly predictable and mind blowing at the same time.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

already lamenting her inability to fix Alpha males with her MVP

Magic Vagina Power (?)

Res Ipsa said...

She had what she said she wanted: Mr. Nice Guy marriage, kids, church. She destroyed the marriage despite what the Bible has to say, and how badly it hurts the kids or what it did to the man who married her. Now she says that she wants what she had except she can't fin d it anymore. I don't feel sorry for her. She made her bed, let her enjoy it. The sad thing is that we let people like her vote.

Amy G said...

And she's only been divorced for three months! How many guys has she gone through to warrant a post like that?

Res Ipsa said...

How many guys has she gone through to warrant a post like that?

Even middle aged women with kids can get a lot of male attention in the form of one night stands. She isn't too bright, which is why she is playing Christian and sleeping around and then crying about it. Her complaint is that guys will do her, but don't want to be with her. Which is totally understandable on the guys part. She has demonstrated that she is nothing more than a good time girl that only a fool would involve himself with.

ajw308 said...

How many guys has she gone through to warrant a post like that?
And I'm sure she'll miss the irony when she complains "men just can't commit."

mickeypavic said...

Interestingly Lady Gaga has a strong father figure in her life (the ludicrous outfits and 'edge' is probably just to get into the industry), I wonder what kind of relationship the Christian blogger has with her father?

GF Dad said...

You don't have to read her blog except for the picture of the family she nuked and how she described it to see she is one seriously messed up chick. Leif is blessed she got in touch with her inner harlot and sadly it was after the babies were born. They're the real victims in this.

Anonymous said...

A truly wicked, wicked woman. That all of Christendom does not immediately and publicly disown her is a testament to how far we have strayed.

She is now about on the level of skankflesh as Miley Cyrus. Bring on the cats!

Tommy Hass said...

"Magic Vagina Power (?)"

Or Most Valuable Posession. Pretty accurate in her case really.

LibertyPortraits said...

This woman also thoroughly believes Jesus loves her and forgives her. I'm pretty sure you have to repent and sin no more for that to happen and I don't see any of that going on in her post.

Robert said...

People who hate cats are defective. The ones I know are either self-hating whites who voted for Obama with enthusiasm twice or alcoholics who haven't had a morning without a hangover since they were sixteen.

Brad Andrews said...

Jesus does love her and forgive her. He suffered and died for all her sins long before any was committed. Nothing can change that.

The devil however is more than happy to beat her brains in for her stupidity and she is playing right into that.

tweell said...

Her church excommunicated her. Not all Christian churches have lost their cojones, it seems.

jimmy-jimbo said...

"The ones that don’t love Jesus, or the ones that say they do but don’t mean it."

She is a piece of work. After divorcing her husband, she still wants a guy that loves Jesus. This a low bar apparently.

Whiskey said...

She's a woman. Most women are like that. Sandra Tsing Loh of the Atlantic has another piece about how monogamy is so over, and marriage is boring. The non-Christian, secular version of Jenny Erickson. Or, Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently even a bonafide Rock Star was not enough for her once her career got another mini-jump from the Iron Man movies.

Let me repeat that. A woman over 40 found not even a Rock Star enough for her. Because some married rich guys would fool around with her. And she's semi-famous again.

I think Roissy is right. After seeing Tinderfessions, why bother with a relationship? What really is the point? Even a rock star can find someone to appeal to his gal's hypergamy more than himself.

Retrenched said...

@ Whiskey

Women always want what they do not have, or what they think they cannot have. But once they actually get it, they quickly grow bored with it.

This is why Roissyan game works so well on women. Give them some of what they want, but not all, and they will work hard to try to get the rest of it out of you. But if you give them everything they want, they will get bored with it and want something else, i.e. a new boyfriend/husband.

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