Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Social change has consequences

This feigned shock at the public disregard for children is more than a little disingenuous after forty years of feminism:
One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn. In a bygone era, a concerned adult might have stopped to ask them where their mother was. But in a damning indictment of modern Britain, hundreds of busy people simply walked on by.

The girls stood for an hour on a Saturday morning in a busy shopping arcade looking for 'help', as part of a social experiment for television. Hidden cameras recorded Uma, seven, and Maya, five, who took it in turns to look lost. Astonishingly, over the whole hour only one person, a grandmother, took a moment to find out if there was a problem. All of the 616 other passers-by completely ignored the girls.
How can anyone living in a society that denigrates children and child-bearing, which regards pregnancy as an evil to be avoided, and attacks men who pay attention to children as probable pedophiles, be surprised that most adults are not inclined to lift a finger for a child for whom they bear no responsibility.


Anonymous said...

In fairness, half the population has been beaten with the belief that if they so much as look at children that aren't their own they will face pedophile charges. I don't know what all the female excuses are.

brian said...

If I saw the child standing there long enough, I'd assume it was a sting operation looking for people to accuse of being pedos.

It's not paranoia when they're really out to get you.

En-sigma said...

No kidding, Vox. Imagine kneeling down to ask if there is a problem, one girl shrieks and your whole world just changed. Sure would not let TV RECORD me trying to help a little girl. No, thanks. Sorry you are lost kid - better hope super Mom comes back soon...though, I assume that the fairer sex was included in the 600+ people that walked by?

Imagine how many "Daddy problems" have come from Dad afraid of being "too close" to his daughter. This place stinks.

Salt said...

Did the people walking by walk faster?

vashine said...

From my own experience, I would not fear in the least being charged with pedophilia if I took the time to be concerned about two little girls wandering around a crowded public area looking lost. So, I disagree with the the first two posts about fear of pedophilia accusations. There are many ways responsible adult males are entrapped, psychologically and legally, in our society, but the pedophilia 'trap'? In a public arena? I will grant I may be somewhat naive, and maybe it happens far more than I know, but I don't fear that "trap" in the least. I certainly fear two lost little girls being abducted and abused and/or killed more than I fear being accused of pedophilia.

I do agree wholeheartedly with Vox's comments. This is a natural consequence of feminism, abortion, and the devaluation of the family unit. It's all inhuman. No, worse, ANTI-human. Which is what humanism always leads to.

We can only be fully and truly human and humane when we connect to God and His Law and morals. Then our humanness, as individuals and as a society, is fully charged, empowered, and expressed. Turn away from God, and we become less human, less humane.

Alexander said...

Hey, at least they didn't incinerate the girls and use them to power the lights. That puts the people of London two steps ahead morally of the hospitals.

Anonymous said...

"But the NSPCC said a child's welfare was more important than worrying about being labelled a 'stranger danger'."

Helping a kid you don't know is more important than being labeled a sex predator for the rest of your life...ok.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

So wait. The same media that set up traps for pedophiles is now trying to shame us for not helping children?

Screw them. They have no moral high ground here.

Alexander said...

The trick is to make everyone a criminal at all times, even - especially - in contradictory ways.

First, we need more government, because you might be a pedophile.

Second, we need more government, because no one is watching out for the children.

CarpeOro said...

A mall. In England. Probably one of the most surveilled places in the world. I may cut them a break and wonder if the heavy hand of Big Brother came into play. Interesting they didn't use English children for it either. The names and appearance point toward Pakistani.

JP said...

Yeesh! My first thought was "If I knelt down to talk to the girl, I am going to look like a predator to someone".

Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

They should have just found some homos to adopt them.

Always a good idea.

Marissa said...

most adults are not inclined to lift a finger for a child for whom they bear no responsibility.

Judging by my tax burden I bear a lot of responsibility for children I've never met. While I don't extend the following type of thinking to children (or try not to), when I see a bum on the street, I think, "My goodness, you live in America with a wealth of social services at your fingertips--which I'm forced to pay for--and you're content to sit on the median for change. Why should I help you (when I'm already helping you)?"

The Original Hermit said...

The children used were vibrants. My wife used to work in retail, and informed me that whenever they had a "Code Adam", or a parent discovered their child was missing, it was always vibrants.

Unrelated to that: A few months back we went to a waterpark. The rest of my family went off while I stayed in the toddler area with my son. There was a girl not more than 18 months that came down the kiddie slide, discovered she couldn't find her mom and started freaking out. A few moms completely ignored her. I couldn't help her directly, because my son is disabled and I couldn't easily take charge of both of them. I made sure the kids was safe, found one of the park attendants, and he was able to help the girl and find her mom (thank goodness for the attendants). The mom was right on the other side of the slide, completely oblivious to everything but the conversation she was in the middle of.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, you live in America with a wealth of social services at your fingertips--which I'm forced to pay for--and you're content to sit on the median for change. Why should I help you (when I'm already helping you)?"

Half the people pan handling on the street aren't homeless they are just out there earning extra drug money. The lazy ones really do know how to work the system because after they run out of benefits the US government hires them to provide outreach services to sign up other lazy people like them for government services.

Many if not most of the truly homeless are mentally ill and not capable of taking care of themselves. The travesty is they need to commit a crime to end up in county in order to get help, because there is no long term care facility for them elsewhere.

There really isn't a good way to help most of them without institutionalizing them, and we did away with that 30 odd years ago.

I will grant I may be somewhat naive, and maybe it happens far more than I know, but I don't fear that "trap" in the least. I certainly fear two lost little girls being abducted and abused and/or killed more than I fear being accused of pedophilia.

Try taking your child to a park in a mixed race community so tensions are higher. Then see how the women react when they can't immediately find your wife or child. You get the transfixed looks until they can sort out who you are with, and if they can't things get amusing/interesting/uncomfortable. I saw a jogger a couple years back who in coming around the park stopped at the water fountain for a drink and then took a 2-3 minute breather just sort of watching the kids before he continued on. When a squad car came around 5-10 minutes later a mom went over and reported the guy. When her son asked her why she was talking to the police she said "there was a man around that didn't belong here".

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Just another shaming technique meant to embarrass and indict the English public.

It's no mistake they used these particular little girls. These girls look like gypsy (Roma) or traveller children, which are a common sight in certain areas of London. They are sometimes used to lure victims into being pickpocketed or jumped. Some gypsy gangs use children to burgle houses. So it's no surprise, I think, that these two kids are ignored.

So, not only are the English shown to be cold-hearted and fearful--but racist, as well! I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned it.

If the 'researchers' had employed English girls, I wonder if the results would have been different. Certainly, such children would have attracted the attention of the gangs of Paki rape-apes that roam England's cities abducting, raping, and enslaving little white girls--in which case it's the English authorities that turn a blind eye and do nothing.

What a fucking shame.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

I don't know about the UK, but in the malls I've been to here, most of the Hispanic and other assorted vibrant children are often allowed to run around unattended.

mgl said...

I live in a relatively small Left Coast Canadian city (Victoria) that has a high level of social peace and low levels of criminality (despite a chronic homeless problem downtown). Our minority groups are overwhelmingly East Asian and East Indian, who tend not to cause problems. It probably helps that we're on an island as well. I'm pretty sure that if you repeated the experiment here, you'd get very different results.

I'm typically kind to small children and wouldn't hesitate to help a lost child under normal circumstances--but everything changes once you have a significant Roma population. Like Laguna Beach Fogey above, my first thought on seeing these girls was that they looked like Gypsies, and I'd probably assume that their conspicuous "lost" behaviour was a front for some scam, possibly involving kidnapping, robbery, or fraud of some kind. So yeah, I might have walked by these two--as I probably wouldn't walk by a white, Asian, or Indian child.

Anonymous said...

The fear of approaching a child and being accused of being a likely pedophile kidnapper may not be particularly realistic, but it does exist, and for good reason. I've heard people say that any unmarried man who spends time around kids is probably a molester (unless he's a government school teacher, of course; they're beyond reproach). People really do think that way, that men are suspect by default except when dealing with their own children, and even then it's questionable.

It's not that you're likely to be accused just because you ask a kid if she's lost; but it could happen, so why risk it when the kids are in a public place and don't seem to be in any immediate danger and there are lots of women around who could help them without that risk?

Marissa said...

I don't know about the UK, but in the malls I've been to here, most of the Hispanic and other assorted vibrant children are often allowed to run around unattended.

Here in Texas they like playing the screaming game. Everywhere.

Retrenched said...

So society starts arresting men who offer to help children and young women in distress, and then is shocked and appalled when men stop offering to help children and young women in distress...

Anonymous said...

There was a similar 20/20 segment a few years back. Boy crying on street. Responses were critiqued. A man stopped to help. He did everything right according to critique: knelt down to get to kid's level, talked appropriately, blablabla. He did everything right, except for one thing: he didn't get a woman to take over.

Experts say: it's not a man's place to help children.

Anonymous said...

THIS is why no man stopped to help these girls:



paul a'barge said...

They say this is bad. Well, too bad.

Smart men do not involve themselves with the children of strangers. Smart men do not teach children of ages 12 and under. Smart me do not get involved with women who have children by other men.

Only stupid men do this.

Eric said...

There's a park near my house which has a sign forbidding men unaccompanied by children. I don't know what the situation is like in the UK, but I sure as hell am not going to pay attention to anyone else's kid unless she's in imminent danger, and even then only after resigning myself to the possible consequences.

I disagree with your statement about people being disinclined to lift a finger for other peoples' children, Vox. I'd be perfectly happy to help in this situation if not for the legal risk, and I have to assume there are others like me.

Anonymous said...

First thing I thought when reading the article was: Why should any guy stop by and risk being accused of molesting children?

vashine said...

I stand corrected, I did not realize that parks had become high-tension, UN peace-keeper type zones. Just another thing that sucks about multiculturalism and Big Government. Thanks Libs. And "conservative" cowards. aka RINOs.

Black Poison Soul said...

Nice pseudo-experiment. Leftist media morons trying to stir up more controversy so that they can sell more papers to the sleeping sheeple. Bad news sell, yupyupyup. Note that mum is a journalist.

Realistically: Mrs Rumsey should be very worried at her fellow-females displaying such a tremendous lack of empathy. It is well-known that when a man walks his own children around without their mother he gets treated as a suspect, so he is not going to risk anything for some unknown person's children. This leaves women as the only people that are socially allowed to do this.

That not one young- or middle-aged woman did so points to a great social failing on their part and is a tremendous indictment of them personally and collectively.

Tommy Hass said...

"In fairness, half the population has been beaten with the belief that if they so much as look at children that aren't their own they will face pedophile charges."

What the fuck are "pedofile charges"? You know that being a pedophile is a condition, not an act, right?

Derek said...

I was once walking alone on a street in an English city, when my left hand was grabbed by a small child. I looked down at her and she looked up at me. She had lost sight of her parents and I was the first available hand to grab. She wouldn't let go of me. She wasn't a 'vibrant'.

She then saw her parents in front of me, let go of my hand and ran to them. They turned round to look for her just after she let go. I was glad for her, and somewhat relieved for myself.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Over the years I've had numerous young children come up to me saying: "Da-da, da-da," or whatever nonsense they like to mutter. I've learned to back away, slowly. Sometimes I make jokes about it. Usually the mother appears on the scene quickly, taking the child's arm and pulling it away.

Mad Italian said...

Everyone is focused on the inclination to treat men as child predators, but I think this "experiment" highlights another cultural issue: big nanny government. Thinking men are avoiding the children because they don't want to be accused of something. The other men and women are probably thinking, someone in charge will help them - it's not my responsibility. The Brits have been conditioned to defer to the authority figure and therefore why should they go out of their way to hep? That's what Government it for.

jimmy-jimbo said...

It takes a sting operation to prove that those who ignored the children did the absolute right thing!!!

Goodness. They never learn. I'm even less inclined to help knowing I will be videotaped and judged on my performance. The kids were definitely exploited. Pawns. We need more common sense and less political takeover of society.

Sunshadow Heilchrist said...

"How can anyone living in a society that denigrates children ..."

Says Vox Day, the ""Christian"" ""Libertarian"" who supports forcible circumcision of baby boys?

Acksiom said...

>Says Vox Day, the ""Christian"" ""Libertarian"" who supports forcible circumcision of baby boys?

News to me, and that's my turf. Got a cite?

Anonymous said...

The children were multicultural (or vibrants as some are saying). Duh. I simply don't care.
If the children had been English then I would've stopped and tried to help, pedo-accusations be damned.
The experiment is typical media fraud partly for the reasons Vox says but mostly because they used vibrant children, which people know from observing reality are often not cared for the way whites care for their children. This has to do with the desirability of colored vs white children in the human market.
Here in the US I see little black kids alone on the street all the time. No one is abducting them. They aren't worth anything. You'll never, ever, EVER, see a white kid alone on the street.
Typical libtard white-guilt-trap horsesh*t and as someone else brilliantly pointed out, demonstrates how society now defers to Big Brother, just like they've been teaching us to all along.
Here in the States

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