Sunday, December 2, 2012

Steel on target!

One has to admire an author who understands her audience so well: His to Dominate 01 - Spanked by the Billionaire by Ava Joy.

I can't help but notice the book isn't called Treated Well by the Nice Man, the first in the hot-and-heaving romance series, A Series of Mutually Respectful Relationships.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it might actually be well written without any dumb cliches... wait, no, I forgot. A romance novel is NEVER refreshing. Especially ones with half-naked men and/or women on the cover. Found that out the hard way.

Robert in Arabia said...

Not off topic at all.

Mr. Tzu said...

@Robert in Arabia

Good find on that. That covered economics, alpha gaming not only between his "room mate" but also between judge Judy, and having the case dismissed in the end was the final winning move.

Sadly society is not winning in this case but damn if it isn't sexy.

Michael of Charlotte said...

Unbelievable, Robert I really wish I hadn't seen that clip. I'm paying for trash like that.

And Vox, you continue to depress me with postings like this. Maybe it's the old blue pill mentality that wants to keep denying reality, but I just can't.

Trust said...


There are countless like him. His job is to vote Democratic as often as possible. That's what he's paid to do.

Just A Girl said...

Sexually charged, satisfying power exchange relationships can be mutually respectful. A dominant man and a submissive woman in a relationship can have good communication, take care of one another, go out of their respective ways to meet each other's needs, etc.

Anonymous said...

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realmatt said...

Mankind will never be peaceful. Women would never allow it.

realmatt said...

Vox, how did you come up with the name "Ava Joy"?

Ken Green said...

If you like this kind of old-fashioned male-dominant/ female submissive spanking-based romance, check out

Badger said...

"Treated Well by the Nice Man"

sounds more like the plot to "Annie," and that sure as hell wasn't a romance work.

Badger said...

Just read the summary on Amazon, and I'm amazed to learn someone has novelized the Petraeus-Broadwell story so quickly:

"Mia James doesn't consider her resume's omission of the last two years of undergrad and her master's degree a lie. It's more like a failure to elaborate.

Too bad her billionaire boss disagrees.

Ex-Army interrogator and Chief Executive Bad Ass of a private military company, Collin Stark needs to know his new junior secretary isn't spying on Stark International. Trust the wrong woman with his heart and someone could wind up dead.

To convince Collin she's only guilty of being overqualified and desperate, Mia must consent to a private interrogation in which he will deploy all his tricks, starting with his favorite game. "

Also notice the "creative view of history" that we so commonly discuss about women who lie about their N.

Michael Maier said...

22 pages? WTF?

Rollo Tomassi said...

What do you suppose inspires the most wildly lustful sexual abandon (not to mention a few unwanted pregnancies) in men's wives today?

A carefully planned, and Dr. Phil approved "romantic" date night for a couple to "keep it fresh"?


Make up sex after a particularly nasty, verge of break-up fight?

Which do you suppose women (and men) will report as the hotter of those two scenarios?

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