Monday, December 3, 2012

Two different languages

Badger works through the difference between the male version of the "normal" man and the female version.  Ironically, the difference is actually greater than one typically sees between different languages like English and Italian:
Long story short, a “normal” guy is “an alpha who will play the beta game when I want him to.” A dude who is not deficient in some category she deems essential to her life path...Remember that despite being the ostensible “choosers” of the sexual marketplace, women view the men who pursue them as a mirror to their own value – it’s a compliment when a high-value man makes moves on you (even though he may be only angling for sex), it’s a scary proposition when a wimpy beta guy thinks you’re a good match for him because he may be right.
The lesson is this: don't be normal.  Be better than normal.  Be more of a bastard than normal.  Almost anything is better than nice and normal.  Remember, if a woman laments that she can't meet a "nice, normal guy", that is probably about the only thing you can be certain that she doesn't actually want.


taterearl said...

The lesson is this: don't be normal. abnormal!

Zorro said...

What was his name?

Abbie Something.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit this works both ways: I am insulted when fat and/or ugly women pursue me

LibertyPortraits said...

I guess the only thing I see unfortunate about all of this man-o-sphere game psychology, which I concur is absolutely correct in its view of what attracts women, is that it makes jackasses of men to other men. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of normal Delta's emulating thugs because they want to get their dick wet in some slut's snatch. This is not the kind of people we want for our civilization, and in fact, our popular culture is ever more increasingly emblematic of the douchefication of the West.

I really want to see game applied correctly by normal Delta men to bring about the eventual salvation of civilization, but I don't see how it could given the massively superior options for single men. Marriage sucks for most guys who can't keep up enough alpha, having kids sucks because of the economy that often forces both parent's to work full-time, everything appears stacked against young men, no wonder immigrants are destined to take over. I do hope that more men will take the red pill and at least refuse to give marriage and children to every single slut who rode the alpha-cock-carousel during her teens and twenties and then tries to sucker a beta provider who, honestly and materially, is way better off in this day and age remaining single. Why remain single? Sex is still regularly available, no kids to take away your sleep and wealth, no wife to sap you of your wealth and emotionally drain you because nearly every single woman today is damaged somehow, and the following: video and computer games, porn, sex toys and bots, entertainment systems, books, hordes of other single people to hang out with, clubs, restaurants, plays, movies, theater, concerts, cheap travel, and on and on the fun and entertaining single life list goes on.

Daniel said...

I'll admit this works both ways: I am insulted when fat and/or ugly women pursue me.

Don't be such a girl, Annie. As long as her personality isn't repellant, her interest isn't diminishing your value, for pity sakes, except if you act like that.

It doesn't work both ways. An undesirable woman who desires me, after all, is only responding to my natural awesomeness. She can't help it, and who am I to deny her the pleasure of worshiping me from afar?

Jagger certainly made his choices, but he didn't get squeamish when the uglies came to him for an autograph, after all.

Daniel said...

A, you are completely missing the point.

Civilization isn't a girl. A girl isn't for a pedestal. Alpha isn't equivalent to thug. The world isn't binary.

What you think you understand, you do not understand.

cue emotional overreaction in 3..2..1...

Anonymous said...

"Why remain single?"

Go for it. Personally, I like my coffee fresh-delivered by hot redhed. But then, playing married-man-game is different than trying to figure out who's worth keeping.

the man said...

Its equally true that Western civilization was built by family men who were chaste not by philanderers. Game is only valuable for civilization when it is chaste. Game for game's sake or for pure self gratifictation is as bad as feminism,a fact ignored in the game philosophy usually. Were supposed to rule the women not use them like whores

Desiderius said...

"I'll admit this works both ways: I am insulted when fat and/or ugly women pursue me"


Fat/ugly women got that way by having an insufficient grasp of reality. It's unsurprising that part of that is being deluded about her SMV. Pity? Yes. Being insulted is taking things too personally.

I get attention from fat/ugly women, but I also get it from very together/attractive fifty-year-olds and fourteen-year-olds. In neither case is an actual proposition being made not would it be accepted, we're just enjoying the mutual appreciation/natural biological response.

In the case of a fugly, it's not mutual, but there is an opportunity there to non-verbally encourage them to get their shit together while letting them down gracefully.

You can say "If only you'd put more time/energy/thought into what attracts men, who knows what could have happened?" with your eyes.

Johnycomelately said...

Fatties like the same Alphas ALL women like, I happened to go through the camera of two fatties (both mid 30s) who came back from a holiday from Europe and 50% of the pictures were of topless European studs (it was summer) in their early 20s.

Trust said...

Women think alphas are the norm because, absense other considerations, lower SMV men are invisible to them.

This is why women believe and repeat the myth that men have more sex partners than women. That is mathematically impossible. The fact that their partners dwarf their count is due to their selections... the same invisibility that makes them think alpha is normal.

Markku said...

Fatties like the same Alphas ALL women like

Of course they LIKE them. But the test of the target's SMV is, do they dare pursue them.

JCclimber said...

@ Trust,
that's okay, the fatties and uglies are 99% invisible (literally) to me as well. Well, mostly the fatties. Which is why it is so confusing to travel to Europe or Asia, as my invisibility filters don't work for awhile because too many women now make it through, my visual centers can't screen for several days.

First noticed this when I attended a company party with a quite delta/gamma friend, and I was explaining to him that most of the women were decently attractive. He had different standards and filters and pointed out that most of the women were not attractive at all. It took me several minutes to make my brain even see the unattractive women.

It was an unpleasant experience. The ugliness that I had been ruthlessly and effortlessly filtering out of my awareness, drove me to get some more beer once I dropped the filters.

I am sure women have similar filters. They are just less efficient than men's because they are less visually oriented, and therefore have to test for SMV on men.

kh123 said...

"Jagger certainly made his choices,"

David Bowie being one of them.

Anonymous said...

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