Sunday, March 27, 2011


Is there a letter in the Greek alphabet that comes after Omega?
Today, my wife created a "Points Reward" system for the privilege of sex. 10 points for doing the dishes, 20 for the laundry, etc. How many points do I need before I can have sex with her? 2300.
This has to be a joke, or at the very least a serious exaggeration. If not, it serves as an extreme warning of what a man may have to expect should he absolve himself of responsibility for the household and submit to his wife. Women tend to have a predilection for organization and systems and gargantuan catalogs of petty rules; this works very well in some situations but is not particularly well-suited for complicated and unpredictable things like human relationships.


Anonymous said...


He should accumulate the points, bang her to near orgasm, then pull out, wipe his junk on the curtains, and finish off to porn in front of her. Then go to a strip club.

Vox said...

Yeah, that would TOTALLY teach her after 230 meals' worth of washing up. Talk about a classic Gamma revenge-fantasy response....

What he should do, on the off-chance that he actually exists, is to simply say "no".

JT said...

Funny, my first personal discoveries about Game came when, tired of feminine stupidities (shit-tests) I retorted thing like "you just lost another thousand points". To my surprise many reacted with brightened smiles... and thus it all began.

Anonymous said...

Points would eventually accumulate without even trying.

I was joking, but early withdrawal and post-coital porn are solid tear-inducers.

The actual point I was making was, if she lets you bang her at all, you can convert that into leverage.

CSPB said...

So he needs to do 70 loads of laundry, and do the dishes 90 times for sex. Unfortunately leaving the toilet seat up is a negative 1000 and squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle is a negative 300, so never reach "nirvana" (which is probably occupied by some Alpha bad boy on a frequent basis anwyway)

Jay Stang said...

Leaving is worth 10,000 points. Tell her that.

Josh said...

Paying the bills is 23000 points

zoegirl said...

I wonder how many bonus points he gets for wearing a pink ruffled apron?

ox said...

Yes women do have a predilection toward rules and it is incumbent on the male to set them. If the female sets the rules the relationship will never work in that there is a role reversal in the household.
In my house I have set the rules. By them I have a reference point by which to judge the veracity of the relationship, my own health and the sense of security my wife has.
Look at the definition of the word husband: A prudent frugal manager. Husbandmen are cultivators and in this case cultivators of the household culture.
The wisdom and knowledge of the wife is to determine if the rule setter is going to set rules the wife can live with, whether they are honorable and will facilitate the fundamental needs she has for security and success.
In the case scenario within the post the man is not a husband and the woman is nothing more than a whore for hire. She sets the price for her sexual favors (points). Pretty simple really. It would be much cheaper to hire an aids free certified prostitute. I am being facetious of course. If love is the basis for a relationship in marriage it does not exist in the context described in the above posted case. On the other hand there are men and women with deviant behavioral anomalies whose sexual experience is enhanced by role reversals. In the above case the male is less than a sex slave. He's a fool. That's another problem all together.

Nate said...

the correct answer is laugh at her... wad up her pretty chart and throw it in the trash.

Do so completely calmly and explain that she is your wife and she will behave as such. Then be silent. Simply ignore her after that.

RM said...
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Desert Cat said...

Total bullshit, and this is the one area where I have never succumbed to delta/gamma tendencies. My response has always been "if the sex is not its own reward and/or if you're getting 'paid' for sex, then you're a prostitute. And I didn't marry a prostitute."

Anonymous said...

As someone mentions above, there are plenty of submissive guys who get off on this kind of thing.

ThirdMonkey said...

Washing the dishes - 10 points
Laundry - 20 points
Getting "caught" banging your wife's hotter, younger sister - Priceless

dj said...

Set up a reverse point system. For every week that passes without her initiating sex something she likes will get broken. This is for last week: get a hammer and flatten your wedding ring on the kitchen counter.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

If that is serious, then a divorce is in order. If she thinks that she can bargain with sex when she's already given her whole to him through marriage (just as he has to her), then it's no longer a marriage.

If she relents, then tell her the consequences of her lack of submission is divorce. I think this applies to any man who doesn't take up a leadership role as a husband.

David II said...

Anything that conveys bitterness is to be avoided. Mockery and/or silence is the way to go, as opposed to looking like a vengeful fool by breaking her shit or going along with it.

dj said...

If it is true then the marriage is long gone. Nothing illegal or morally wrong with destroying property you own ring or $7000 kitchen.

Maybe I have Metalworking issues.

Desert Cat said...

It is difficult if you feel bitter to not act bitter, but it is the most unproductive thing you can convey by whatever means. You've got to go after it in your soul with everything you have, and yes it seems unfair that you're busy rooting out bitterness in your own soul with spade and pick, pruning loppers and blowtorches while she's doing whatever it is that makes you feel bitter...but it is the only course short of divorce.

Bitterness will kill whatever spark of attraction may remain. It *must* be rooted out and replaced with amused mastery. If you can manage that near-impossible task (and you don't have to tell me how hard that is, I know...) then you've got a decent chance of steering your ship of matrimony away from the shoals.

ox said...

I differentiate between "bitterness" and anger. Where does it say anywhere that anger is wrong? Uncontrolled anger might be but wrath properly exercised is totally appropriate in this type of situation. It says, "Be angry and sin not. Do not let the sun go down on your wrath." Nurturing long term bitterness is non productive and destroys yourself. Expressing anger properly with self control indicates that you seriously care. It's normal, appropriate and another opportunity to express that you are master of yourself and her if she wants you to be. Nothing like blowing steam out of every orifice of your body while your a articulating how it is and how it is going to be with words of incontrovertible wisdom.

IndyGuy77 said...

Sounds like she needs a surprise backdoor delivery. Hard.

Way BEFORE accumulating 2300 points.

Desert Cat said...

ox I agree. That is different. But even in that situation, the mastery must be the subtext. It is tremendously easy to let expressions of bitterness creep into a legitimate expression of anger if it lurking below the surface.

Anonymous said...

How do you identify bitterness? In the recent past I was often accused of being "bitter" when I was just verbally trying to work through the stuff I was learning on Roissy. I think it was just a shit test from my male buddy to stop me from talking about this stuff and figuring it out. He'd already slept with his 100 chix, but had converted to some wierd form of Christianity, and wasn't interested in helping me with my girl problems. Once divorced, always divorced!

Desert Cat said...

In this context I might define it as built-up anger or hurt over things you feel helpless to change. Bitterness implies helplessness, and that is where the repulsive force comes from.

And you have to be brutally honest with yourself about the source of the anger to be able to identify it as bitterness if it is, and deal with it as such. It is an intensely personal (and strictly personal) thing to deal with because it is entirely internal to your psyche, external triggering events notwithstanding.

Bitterness is a choice ultimately. Accept that fact and you've just empowered yourself to deal effectively with it, because now it does not depend upon external circumstances, but on how you process them internally.

It's a helluva demon to exorcise, but it is doable.

This site defines it as a "frozen form of latent anger and resentment" and has some interesting thoughts.

The LP 999/Linda said...

What a horrible life and a monster of a spouse. A point system - Honey, this ain't weight watchers.

Anonymous said...

Mockery is not only easy but appropriate when confronted with something contemptible. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how effective it was, once I decided I wasn't going to be moved by fannying about.

Do not be bitter over someone else's shit. Your own, maybe, sometimes, but hers? Hah!

Anonymous said...

Follow-up to above - Tell her, 'The girls down in [Soho/7th Avenue/insert choice of RLD here] are cheaper.'

The LP 999/Linda said...

I bet the domain name, FML was already taken. I hear younger pple use that FML via texting.

The monster in that r-ship is the woman charging her husband points for sex. The victim is the poor husband. What a sad life to find yourself in.

I might have a example of similar bad behaviors, a couple I knew through my old job constantly bickered about, "she owns this, he owns that, you cannot use that b/c I own it - you can use this when you buy it from me" and other ridiculous feats of logic abuse. I cannot begin to understand pple who use a point/purchase system in marriage.

JustMakingItUp said...

The whole "points" paradigm is gamma. The second you even consider submitting to any regime under which sexual favors are "earned", you have moved from a satisfying, loving relationship to a john soliciting a prostitute.

Which, of course, the woman offering her favor in such a manner is: a whore. The appropriate responses include (a) begin negotiating price, starting at an appropriately low number (two bits would be my initial bid, with a suggestion that she wouldn't get much better on eBay); (b) immediate and permanent withholding of all financial benefit until she "earns" her keep; and, of course, (c) walk, do not run, to the door, and never, ever return.

A woman who would whore herself for "points" would do so for much less, and probably already has.

Anonymous said...

The points system is a really old and very common comedian's trope. The typical punchline is "so I moved the lawn four times today."

In conclusion, yes, this has to be a joke.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the bar with a lawyer, a priest and a rabbi.

JCclimber said...

I doubt it is a joke. Your best response should have been to pause, smile, and then start to laugh until tears of laughter come.

But what has probably happened is that she has slowly already been cutting you off. Your perceived sexual value has gone WAY down in her system. Or you've let her SMV go higher than yours.

Wrong way to do it. Get back in shape. Hit the clothes store and upgrade your wardrobe. Help around the house ONLY with manly tasks (and do them well without ever bothering to tell her about it).
And stop asking her opinion on anything.

You've got to go nuclear, now. You've already lost her. The only way to win her back (if you want to do so) is to severely, quietly, go completely alpha.

JCclimber said...

by wrong way to do it, I meant whatever you were doing before obviously failed. Miserably.

Jack Amok said...

Ha, I'd probably agree to it, then point out that her points system is a fiat money system, and that I'm the Chairman of the "Family Fed." Then introduce her to the concept of "Quantitative Easing."

"Let's see now, in order to stave off a recession, I'll need to increase the money supply by loaning myself 10,000 points, which I'll spend on a blow job.

"Right now."

Viking said...

If this guy is for real, it doesn't happen just over night. She is already dictating when he gets sex and when he doesn't. He is well past the point of letting it go to far. She is already getting all she needs from someone else and it probably now only looking for a good excuse to move on. All he can do is kick her to the curb.

St Paul said a couple should only abstain from sex by mutual consent and then only for a time and for religious reasons. Every time a wife refuses her husband, EVERY time, she sins against their covenant and the God who brought it together. She can ask not have sex and hope her husband agrees but she has no right to refuse him.

Anonymous said...

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