Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The monstrous generation

Women are more naturally solipsistic than men. For whatever reason, this has always been the case. But the societal changes that have "liberated" women from what can be described as "civilized mores" or "patriarchal oppression" depending on your perspective have tended to act as a force multiplier on women's natural solipsism. The incident related below is interesting for the number of myths it explodes, as it shows that neither intelligence, education, nor non-European ethnicity is intrinsically sufficient to restrain fully blown female solipsism in pursuit of its momentary wants:
A 17-year-old girl was charged Friday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and battery after deputies say she pulled a gun on her mother during an argument. Rachel Anne Hachero was upset because her mother wouldn't co-sign on a vehicle purchase, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report. The teen's mother told investigators Hachero threatened to kill her when she refused to co-sign for the vehicle. Hachero then confronted her mother at home with a gun and pistol-whipped her head, according to the report.
Now, there are certainly men capable of behaving in such a manner. The difference, however, is that these men are never elite college material; Miss Hachero has been accepted to several Ivy League universities. The strongest correlation to male criminal behavior is not poverty or race, but low IQ. Unlike his less intelligent brethren, a smart man is capable of seeing that pistol-whipping one's prospective co-signer is likely to produce far more cost than benefit to him and is therefore reluctant to act. A highly intelligent woman, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of making the same cost-benefit judgment, but then goes ahead and commits the crime anyhow.

How do we explain this? Is the girl simply crazy? That's always possible. But more likely, the answer is to be found in the mother's response. "The mother told investigators she did not want to press charges against Hachero, because she had recently been accepted to several Ivy League colleges." There is the root of the problem. Take a naturally solipsistic person, raise them without any sense of personal accountability, and you create a monster. Far too many young women have been turned into such monsters by the failure of their parents to "oppress" them, or to put it another way, "civilize" them.

Just as women are forced to be aware that every charming man with a winning smile is a potential Ted Bundy, men need to be cognizant of the increasing possibility that a pretty young woman is a budding Rachel Hachero. Because if a girl will pull a gun on her own mother for nothing more than refusing to obey her, just imagine what she will be willing to do to you the first time you cross her.


indyguy77@work said...

But she doesn't LOOK scary, Vox! She must be innocent.

Bet at least one idiot woman (probably most of them) on the jury votes "not guilty".

Stingray said...

It wouldn't surprise me, either, if the jury voted not guilty. They found drugs that belonged to the girl so she is a victim, dontcha know. She would never have acted this way if she were sober. Mmmm hmmmm.

After they find her innocent, the mother will be blamed for pushing the girl so hard to achieve that the poor thing just had to turn to drugs to maintain her advantage at school.

I gotta think they both get what they deserve. Hopefully, they will be stuck with each other.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

This girl will be saddled with extreme amounts of debt when she finishes her Ivy League degree. Top that off with the fact that she won't study anything useful (women rarely do from my experience), she'll end up either working for a law firm or at retail.

Whatever happened to the Judeo-Christian ethic of stoning children such as these?

ox said...

Solipsism is the foundation of pantheism. It is only acceptable if the fundamental humanistic view is not nihilistic.
Allow me some snark/ Leave the poor girl alone. She's only doing what comes naturally after all. Mz Hachero is a budding priestess of the new age. If only we let her emerge from the last vestiges of the social constraints imposed by patriarchy and nurture this dynamo of creative energy. She will do well. She may well be our liberator. She is merely suffering from the societal imposition of the male alphatude paradigm on her creative energies. /end snark
There is a verse that says, "rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and insubordination is as the sin of divination."

Difster said...

Almost from Day 1, I saw my daughter's "monster potential."

She's extremely smart and I knew that if I didn't exert some very strong control over her in the first couple of years of her life that she would turn in to something no parent wants their child to be. She, like other kids tried to get away with things. Little girls seem to be particularly adept at manipulating parents but I wasn't having any of that. I refused to be swayed by crocodile tears and I wasn't afraid to use appropriate force in discipline. The terrible two's weren't so terrible and she came out the other side in great shape.

Now, she's only 10 and hasn't reached the potentially rebellious teenage years yet, but she's a thoughtful, well behaved little girl.

I have high hopes for her for the future.

Tigger4Christ said...

This girl was smart. She knew her mother wouldn't press charges. And what do we see? Her mother DIDN'T press charges. I think she angled and calculated her mothers response very well.

Wendy said...

Whatever happened to the Judeo-Christian ethic of stoning children such as these?

That's a Judeo ethic. Gracious, but she's a perfect example of it being a reasonable option. She needed remedial punishment years ago.

Just think, she's among America's best and brightest (or perhaps best at cheating?).

JCclimber said...

No mention made anywhere of her father. Particularly instructive where the gun came from, too.

Little Rachel is banging some gang-banger on the side.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with you people? The ones who get caught might be of lower intelligence, but there are certain indicators for serial killers such as high intelligence. The wonderfully charming Ted Bundy was extremely intelligent. White collar crimes are also commited by those of very high intelligence.

Having been a teacher at one point in my life, there were many parents who were afraid of their children, mostly the male children. This is an extreme example.

K(yle) said...

Even most serial killers are low IQ. Ted Bundy was an exception at above average, but he still wasn't a genius.

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