Thursday, September 14, 2017

Purple vs Red

The Rational Male explains the difficulty in the transformation:
What the Purple Pill anger critics (deliberately) refuse to get is that the Red Pill isn’t (and was never) intended to get men to hate women, but rather to inform men about the inherent nature of women so they wont hate women for what they can never be to them. This is the disillusionment that men who still cling to Blue Pill idealism can’t seem to get past – they cannot abandon those Blue Pill hopes that they believe women are capable of fulfilling for him, but the Red Pill disabuses him of. So they get angry. They get angry at themselves for ever having believed in them. They get angry for having wasted so much time investing themselves in them. They get angry, most importantly, because they realize that women simply aren’t built to fulfill the hopes his Blue Pill conditioning made him believe should be possible.

The Purple Pill coach believes that this Red Pill realization leads to men hating women. The second complaint I read from them is that Red Pill awareness gives men some license to feeling like victims. This criticism is deductive to coaches for two reasons; it serves his ‘get-rich-quick-on-the-internet-by-selling-sunshine’ man-up and do better to qualify for women blog template, and it discourages men seeking answers from becoming Red Pill aware in a way that crushes their still Blue Pill belief set.

For the record, and as boldly as I can put this, if you are Red Pill aware man and still believe you are a victim of some sort because of your previous Blue Pill indenturement to pedestalizing women or the Feminine Imperative, you are only a victim of your own lack of vision. Red Pill awareness has set you free – free from the blur and distraction that a feminine-primary social order would pull over your eyes, free from the delusional Blue Pill hopes that are only greater shackles for a man, and free from never seeing the intersexual pitfalls you were prone to fall into before. But Red Pill awareness comes at a cost; the truth may set you free, but it doesn’t make it pretty. If you have a responsibility as a Red Pill aware man it’s that you are never allowed to play the victim. You now know the rules of engagement. Play it well, change the rules if you can, but you are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know the score.
It is always better to know the truth than remain deceived. Even if learning the truth makes you angry.


En-sigma said...

The mountains of anecdotal proof of 80% of women chasing 20% of men does not help the Red Pill aware let go of their anger. If you are 5'7" and less than handsome, RP improvements will be incremental at best. Rich helps in the short term, but money does not buy loyalty.

The anger is sustained through feminine imperatives that demand that a man believe their lies while at the same time RP reveals the unfathomable depth of their lies but forbids telling what we now know. Frustration quickly gives way to anger of the perpetuation of untruths and the inability to challenge the injustice.

tweell said...

I am reminded of The Country of the Blind, by H.G. Wells. The outsider who could see did not become king! He ran instead of being blinded by the elders wishing to 'fix' him. Keep your sight, do not agree to becoming blind, no matter what the elders say.

paworldandtimes said...

Attitude toward women by sociosexual rank:

Alpha and Sigma: satisfied contempt
Beta: benevolence
Delta: idealism, anger when illusions are shattered
Gamma: fear
Omega: hate

I felt profound relief when finally red-pilled on women. It was a feeling of "everything finally makes sense." In contrast, I felt rage when red pilled on politics.


Patrick Kelly said...

Most of the anger was direct at myself for being so gullible. Red pilling has enabled me to love and appreciate women more, even ones I have no chance with.

Satisfied amusement describes my attitude now.(Delta with no illusions about being alpha, but it is fun to get away with posing as one from time to time).

VFM #7634 said...
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Nate73 said...

The two aspects I struggle with on the red pill is 1) as an omega I simply lack the social experience necessary to grasp if the points are true or false, and 2) a lot of the advice does come from the mentality of "If you want to impress women, do X". Well... if I'm just doing X to impress women then I'm not really living for myself or any principle am I?

Bob Loblaw said...

I still think it's reasonable to be angry at having been lied to for so many years. Just not reasonable to wallow in it or let it twist you.

VFM #7634 said...

That's funny.

The first really hot girl I made out with, which was less than two years ago, kept telling me, "I'm surprised you're not scared of me". This, among other things, makes me suspect that girls usually assume I'm a Gamma at first.

Being a practicing Catholic I never actually hated women, though as a teenager I did want to make a Wolfenstein-3D mod with Barbies as the enemies.

1) That's why you have to get out into the real world. It'll take years to get a decent feel on how humans operate, so you'll have to be patient.

2) Behavior that impresses women also happens to be desirable for other reasons, such as business. Think of women as passive "success detectors".

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

For me, it was quite the opposite: I was angry until the Red Pill made it clear just what was really going on, then I said "Oh, now it makes sense."

Of course, I was never particularly upset by the fact that society "lied" to me. I didn't know the truth, but I knew the "advice" I got on the subject of women was just useless platitudes and vacuous guff doled out to hide that the advisers I sought didn't know anything either. It wasn't really their fault; there was a system in place that protected them somewhat from their own ignorance that had since been destroyed.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

This kind of lying, however, does piss me off to no end, although I'm sure the shrikes' response will be "this why we NEED more women in STEM!".

papabear said...

"The mountains of anecdotal proof of 80% of women chasing 20% of men does not help the Red Pill aware let go of their anger."

And social conservatives like Mark Regnerus continue to peddle their untruth.

Aeoli Pera said...

Hay I found a bonus moral.

Aeoli Pera said...

Alpha and Sigma: satisfied contempt
Beta: benevolence
Delta: idealism, anger when illusions are shattered
Gamma: fear
Omega: hate

Good shit here.

I felt profound relief when finally red-pilled on women. It was a feeling of "everything finally makes sense." In contrast, I felt rage when red pilled on politics.

Worth expanding by SSMV type. Drunkpost follows:

Red-pilled Alpha: Feels nothing
Red-pilled Beta: Feels relieved
Red-pilled Delta: Feels disappointed, let down
Red-pilled Gamma: Feels ???
Red-pilled Omega: Feels resolution, finality (could be good or bad)
Red-pilled Sigma: Feels pensive
Red-pilled Lambda: Feels amused

Aeoli Pera said...

If the others are correct, rage must fall under Gamma by process of elimination. So PA would be an SSMV Beta but a political Gamma (reasoning by analogy between power dynamics).

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Ivan Shekerev said... hmmm

Nate73 said...

VFM #7634: That's... a very insightful point. I was thinking the other day have you ever had a conversation with a woman where you talked about some achievement like figuring out an equation or fixing a car and they basically have zero interest. So I concluded women observing "success" can't do it like a computer, they have to do so either through a man's actions and behavior toward them, or indirectly through how a man relates to other men (which probably explains why status is attractive; status often involves men being subordinate to the man with the status). Maybe also other women being interested in the same man, but that's circular (why are the other women interested to begin with?).

VFM #7634 said...

You're pretty much correct. Math and fixing cars by themselves don't display sexual value. I discuss asexual/nerdy subjects like that only with other men nowadays.

"Maybe also other women being interested in the same man, but that's circular (why are the other women interested to begin with?)."

The snowball effect. The man successfully displayed sexual value to a high-value woman and she spread the news around. It's why women gossip about men.

By contrast, men gossiping about women is rare, and typically involves spreading news about a given woman being a slut. Which, if you think about it, may in fact serve a biological role in warning men against being potentially cuckolded.

Nate73 said...

I recall Jessica Valenti, the Guardian feminist, did write in her book something like that VFM, that she was shocked when a guy she slept with dressed her down for 15 minutes for breaking his heart and being a slut after sleeping with a different guy.

>Math and fixing cars by themselves don't display sexual value
My theory on this is that the 80/20 rule is relative to a social context. Beating Deep Blue doesn't display sexual value, but beating other men in a public, social setting does. Or I guess maybe if you played Deep Blue in a social setting. Basically I'm saying the women are looking at what men say and think to figure out if what you're doing is valuable or not, or symbols like suits, cars, or status. I'm not sure how far this goes. I recently heard feminist youtuber Laci Green came out against SJwism and started dating a youtube musician who criticized feminists; I wonder if it was his subscriber count that was the main attraction?

Bill Solomon said...

It's not the Red Pill that gets men to hate women, correct. But rather the constant tearing down of women needed to be the most sexually attractive man in a women's life that causes men to hate women. At least for me it's impossible to approach everything a girl says with "haha I don't care" without in some sense hating her. I am toying with the idea that it might be better just to accept women's sexuality as not completely fit for love and pursue love from a different angle. Like the unconditional love of christianity. That is not to say be a gamma. But rather don't be a shiving superalpha.

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