Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No obedience, no obligation

Adult children have no right to expect support from their parents. Particularly adult children who refuse to abide by their parents' values:
What should a father do when the daughter he raised and poured his heart into grows up to burn the coal?

Support her?


How about cut her off.

Allie Dowdle just wants to go to college and date the boy she wants to date.

How nonjudgmental. Does that include dating serial killer boys?

But her parents are making that extremely difficult — all because they don’t like her boyfriend.

This article sounds like it was written by an emotionally stunted, petulant child.
The great irony is that white liberals are more offended by white parents who cut off their daughters for dating vibrants than Arab parents who cut off their daughters heads for dating white men.

One begins to notice a pattern....

Anyhow, what is difficult about it? The girl had a choice. Burn the coal or have her parents pay her expenses. She chose the coal, which means she had better get used to supporting herself anyhow.

  • More than 50 percent of the relationships between white women and black men end upon "the disclosure of the pregnancy." 
  • 72 percent of the white women whose children have black fathers never marry the father. 
  • 92 percent of the biracial children of black fathers are born illegitimate.
  • 97 percent of the biracial children of black fathers and white mothers are born illegitimate.
  • 98 percent of white mothers never receive any financial support from the black fathers of their children even if they are married to them.


Anonymous said...

"Participants were recruited through the internet, radio, and news."

That's the kind of biased sample that feminists use to claim that 1 in 4 women in college are raped. The illegitimacy rate for Blacks as a whole is ~70%, so the 92% number doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

Bias against people that live under rocks?

m11_9 said...

This kid basically burned her family's multi generational sporting goods store down by going nuclear.

Happy Housewife said...

Who can blame them? Just by the looking at the picture, you can automatically tell that any kids they conceive will look nothing like her or her side of the family. And since the odds are pretty good that he's going to jump ship, she - and her folks - will be stuck with kids that look like they could be from any random black guy. No white guy will touch her after that, and she'll be left with dating solely black men, who will no doubt leave her when she gets pregnant again.

That is not what parents dream of for their daughters.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...


Yep, there goes her inheritance.

Good job, sweetheart. Hope the black c--k was worth it.

Haus frau said...

I'm disgusted that she chose to drag her parents and their business through the social media mud. It isn't enough that she chose to cash out on her inheritance and familial relationships. She had to lose the SJW mob on them as well. Stupid, short sighted idiot. She's 18. I highly doubt she really believes this relationship will result in marriage and even if she does she probably assumes that will just come about sometime in the future. However she will be stuck with the family wreckage of this public grand standing for years if she doesn't get pregnant and permanently if she does. She is flying high on the public feelz encouraging her self-immolation.

MichaelJMaier said...

Sucks to be them. But to some extent, you really do have to blame the parents for raising such a vile, egocentric bitch.

Who wants to bet she drops out of school too? This dindu is going to burn through "their" money in no time. Probably on strippers, gold chains and spinners.

Matamoros said...

By phone I answer personally! You are come to visit by the girl with a photo, that is I in person!

Yes and no. Don't forget that parents can raise the child correctly, but with the ever present brainwashing from school, tv, etc. she can decide to go against her upbringing.

In this case I would say that is what happened to her, as otherwise her parents wouldn't have cut her off.

Unknown said...

Race mixing is a none-issue, just like homosexuality & rape, none issue's are basically virtue signalling, in this case nationalist virtue signalling, also useful as a counter to race mixing propoganda

Or in this case maintaining the narrative

Race mixing, homosexuality, rape are virtually none-existent in western culture, jews promote all that shit so one blames them for all the wealth they steal from white people all day, every day

Rape is hilariously out of control in places like africa, proving rape is the superior form of reproduction & always has been for millions of years

If western civilisation had the brains to institutionalize rape, & maximise the reproduction capabilities of women, creating reproduction farms, we would see a boom in genius's & i.q

Western civilisation is too pussified to logically correct women as a bottleneck to all civilisation

Race mixing is just another form of women reproducing with the lowest common denominator, in order to destroy all civilisation women're inardvently inserted into by men

What's even more hilarious, men see having to control women & game them as a positive, instead of a negative in order to control womens delirious lack of logic & their batshit crazy emotions

Women, just like low i.q countries like africa, need to be caged, or fenced off from western civilisation until they die off or become obsolete

Low i.q countries can be fixed by creating natural selective pressures, which prevent the low i.q from making a living & remain as wage slaves, eventually dying out & replaced by higher i.q superior people

Mr.MantraMan said...

Lot of half witted tough talk on that thread, and little of it deals correctly with basic chick psychology.

Women are ceaselessly in conflict in the hierarchy and little Ms CB is falling for the little lies her competitors are telling her.

Harambe said...

Lot of half witted tough talk on that thread, and little of it deals correctly with basic chick psychology.

Yeah I miss LBF too sometimes.

liberranter said...

The great irony is that white liberals are more offended by white parents who cut off their daughters for dating vibrants than Arab parents who cut off their daughters heads for dating white men.

Although one may disagree with their specific motives for doing so, one can also understand WHY they do this. Given the dyscivilizational behavior encouraged in young women by today's degenerate society, it's difficult to argue with the potential threat point value in such acts.

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