Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Real men slay dragons

They don't serve and obey them. Dr. Helen corrects John Hawkins:
Most of the best men you’ll ever meet will never be heroes to anyone except a handful of people. They also won’t be perfect. Life knocks all of us on our ass at times, but the guys who persevere in the face of adversity, have a moral code and set an example by acting like real men will be remembered after they’re gone. It may only be in the hearts and minds of their families and friends, but in the end, aren’t they the ones that matter most? So keep fighting; keep working; love your country, your family; stand for what’s right even when it’s hard. Be that man of honor, that man who raises his kids right, that man whom people call for advice on something. Do your duty, be a real man and do what you can, with what you have, where you’re at. If you’re reading this, no matter what your failings, no matter how hard it gets, you can do it.

The article spends the first part telling how a man can get the shaft if he does his “duty” and then tells him to do it anyway? No thanks. Why love a country that hates you? Why spend all the time trying to help kids who will turn on you on a dime if mom tells them to? Why have a moral code that keeps you trapped doing the “right thing” that leaves your life and emotional health in turmoil? The right thing according to society is for men to do as they are told and keep their mouths shut no matter what the consequences. Is this a real man?
What is duty? I just finished reading Armageddon by Max Hastings. One of the central messages of that history of the last two years of the War in Europe was that the German soldiers of the Wehrmacht did irreparable damage to their society and contributed greatly to the rape and slaughter of German women by the Red Army as a direct result of "doing their duty".

Doing one's duty to an evil society is serving evil. A real man would fight against that societal evil by refusing to do his duty by it.


Aquila Aquilonis Fulminata said...

A Delta doesn't feel right unless he does his duty. The manosphere leaders, such as yourself, would do good if you could articulate to a delta what his duty should be and how he can fulfill it. A Delta is happiest when he his told what to do by someone he trusts, and respects, and that his "marching orders" match up with his internal compass.

Miguel D'Anconia said...

I agree, like voting. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

Eincrou said...

"Unknown" is purely rhetorical.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, VD. To my mind the central issue may be examined by looking at the choices of DeGualle. Here is man whose government, having put authority in the hands of a patriot, war hero and DeGualle's personal hero, still chose to walk away and go into--not only mere symbolic opposition--but *armed* opposition, with the arms paid for by a foreign government no less!

All men eventually come to their own decision point, their Rubicon. And, as you rightly point out, sometimes doing one's duty involves NOT supporting the government/country/society-at-large. Quite the opposite.

Matamoros said...

@Unknown instigated by a soviet jew with a bad case of anti-German hatred and genocidal racism.

Don't forget the genocidal Morgenthau.

VD said...

Go away, Unknown. I have zero interest in your whiny rhetoric or your historical revisionism.

Dexter said...

Germany was going to get the rape and slaughter anyway. Stalin was coming, whether or not Hitler attacked first.

The German soldiers did all that men could do, and what men should do - i.e., they made the bastards pay a high price for their fun.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

In this kind of society, the real men adopt the way of the dissident, the corsair, and the rebel.

Eric said...

Some duties come with being a citizen, but the vast majority are taken on voluntarily in exchange for something. Money. Status. Sex. Security. Something.

The problem now is as a society we're expecting men to adhere to a code which doesn't offer them any benefit, and that can't work in the long run.

jeffrey takada said...

Max Hasting's two books on 1945, Armageddon for Germany and Retribution for Japan (that should be next on your list Vox, if you haven't read it) are an INCREDIBLE look at the last year of the war. It totally revolutionized my perspective of the war(s) and Hasting's genius is in zooming in and out from the profane to the profound - a gang rape in a Berlin basement detailed by surviving witnesses seamlessly blends with Zhukov's final encirclement of the Wehrmacht. Not really a place for a book review, but if this group ever reads any book on WWII, I suggest this duo by Hastings.

Unknown said...

@Dexter: Thanks for seconding me.

@Vox: I'm here to stay. You can still block/ban me :-)

@Matamoros: Ilya Ehrenburg is the one I meant, a soviet "government artist" whose hate filled writing predated WW2. Wondering tongue-in-cheeck why that one didn't leave descendants.

@Eincrou: Criticism taken.

Sokrates said...

Doing your duty can be a wonderful thing - as long as you have other values too. Doing your duty is otherwise slavery and total obedience to an authority - even is this authrity is a Hitler.

from http://freedompowerandwealth.com

Mindstorm said...

At that point Germany had a choice of its occupant yet. It didn't have to be the Red Army, assuming that there would be no megalomaniac madman at the helm of German forces.

Joel Pastor said...

VD - can you elaborate on what "duty to society" means in this context? I don't know precisely what Dr. H means byit, but what do you intend? It's one thing to point out that German soldiers should not have participated in the Holocaust, but I can think of a lot of what might be termed social duties that aren't obviously nullified by the wickedness of a particular regime or social milieu.

VFM #0202 said...

I don't like the corsair thing. It seems self-indulgent. And of course no true dialectician would.. nevermind.

The lice partying around the asshole of a rhino thundering towards the cliff are making the best of a bad situation. Protected, plenty of food, hit the ground last. I get all that. But shouldn't they instead all be biting him on the left nut to try and get him to change course?

I denounce myself for my male-normative assignment of rhino gender. It surely doesn't apply to RINOs,.

justaguy said...

In a culture that has forgotten what it is to be a man, a woman calls on men to fall in line and continue to serve the feminist society. I understand why there is scorn for the useful idiot who is promulgating such propaganda. Although I think that some things Smith has said are okay, others show that she is too far removed from the real world in her ivory towers

However, culture, specifically western culture does require sacrifice from men. Basically to be a man is to sacrifice for others, not necessarily the left's version of the greater good, but certainly for God, Family, and County. This ethic, refined in the Greek City state phalanx continued throughout Western civilization until the nihilism and abandonment of God took over. Man sacrificed, but was rewarded with other status.

Todaythe Left wants men to sacrifice, and pours them out without the status or any of the countervailing privileges that went with the enormous responsibility.

Men of each generation have a choice-- they can be decadent layabouts, PUAs etc, and achieve nothing, or they can build something. Each generation has to renew civilization. The last two tried to change it, failed and have left rubble, but a firm foundation of western ideas, mixed with the ruins and rubble of feminist and marxist ideas.

Patrick Kelly said...

" Life knocks all of us on our ass at times, but the guys who persevere in the face of adversity, have a moral code and set an example by acting like real men will be remembered after they’re gone."

My initial take on this was different.

I read this as a call to resist evil and do good however I understand it at the time. That's not necessarily being a good lil' statist tool. Constantly maintain a state of becoming a better man. This blog, Vox Populi, the Red pill, working out, eating healthy, participating in the life of The Church, gunz, drinkin' whisky...all part of it.

rcocean said...

Who are there "German Soldiers"? You mean the top Generals, who should have overthrown Hitler? I agree. But its hard to see what the average German enlisted man or low level officer could have done except fight.

rcocean said...

BTW, Churchill and FDR didn't make it any easier for the Top German Generals to overthrow Hitler. They both thought - incredibly - that Hitler was a "tool of the German General Staff". To these two old farts, WW2 was just a continuation of WW1 and they weren't just fighting Nazism but Germany itself.

Derrick Bonsell said...

Exactly. Why should men, especially white men, serve a country that increasingly hates them openly? Why should black men serve a country that wishes to import cheap labor to displace them from the labor market and that is trigger happy against them in the inner city. Why even should Hispanic men who waited to come into this country via legal channels only to have the government tolerate the illegal entrance of the very same people they came here to get away from?

Al Cibiades said...

Just fucking "Like"

Dexter said...

At that point Germany had a choice of its occupant yet. It didn't have to be the Red Army, assuming that there would be no megalomaniac madman at the helm of German forces.

So the Germans could have "chosen" these savages instead of the Central Asian savages. Such a deal!

Anonymous said...

If Hitler won the war, we wouldn't be in this feminist, marxist, anti-white mess in the first place. So what if we'd be speaking German instead of English? Sounds like a fair trade to me.


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jason van said...

As a delta. Thru and thru, I echoes aquilas comment. I am not a leader. Never wanted to be one. In the absence of orders, i do what I consider my duty to my faith and family. If the alphas and sigmas want more than that. Perhaps they could lay out what we should be considering as our duty. Or perhaps, protecting our herd will be enough in the end.

The Remnant said...

How does this insight dovetail with a man's "duty" to be a husband and father? Is falling in line with that "duty" not also serving the beast rather than starving it? Perhaps it's possible to fulfill these roles without serving the beast, but I'm not sure how to do it apart from becoming Amish.

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