Friday, September 18, 2015

Delta Man: Rise of the bots

Retrenched asked “If sexbots ever become available it will be interesting to see how they affect the average delta guys…?”
You can’t answer that question meaningfully by isolating the sexbots (and VR) from the culture at large. They are ultimately an extension of the sexual revolution and pornography in a new more powerful form. Our culture is pornographic at a low level all of the time. We see it on the magazines in the checkout line, advertising, and nearly every show with the “base line” moving upward every year. Sexbots and VR will be incorporated into society and be accepted at by many people as other sexual toys and pornography are accepted now. 

So I'd suspect that Deltas will make use of them, but to a lesser degree than Gammas and Omegas, with the highest use being Gammas. The wide spread use of them will likely create even more Gammas as actually meeting and copulating with a real, live, woman is a powerful incentive to leave Gammahood. Once this incentive is removed there will be little motivation to ever leave the house to actually meet a woman.

I think VR has a much greater chance of acceptance and be more of a temptation as one will be able to upgrade the system much easier and change out the women at will rather than a large, expensive, robot-doll to replace and maintain. The most expensive systems will probably incorporate both to some degree until fully automated robots are affordable. I'm sure there are people already working on some sort of VR and device combination right now, if it doesn't already exist. (I have no interesting in googling that.)

So what does this mean for Game, and even society at large? Gammas who can afford it will completely check out of dating, probably permanently, never reproduce, socialize outside of their male friends, and bother with women at all. The precedent is already there with the herbivores in Japan, and hundreds of thousands of single men currently spend their weekends in games, watching sports, and porn. Single Deltas who struggle with women will probably use VR/bots like they do porn now, which isn't healthy and doesn't help them any.

This will have a deleterious effect on women as well, and millions who currently getting some attention from men will suddenly get little to no attention at all. There will be a lot of outrage and moves to ban the bots will be made, but it won't work. The demand for them will be too high. Don't think men will be alone in using them, especially VR, as 1/3 of all porn viewers right now are women. I suspect there will be a variant for them. I suppose with some dark humor I can chuckle at the thought of all of the porn stars who will be out of work as the 3D models and bots will take their place. 

The outcome of this will be lonely people unable to make real connections with other human beings while spending their lives in childless self absorption. Push back will come from devout, traditional Christians and other religious groups, but it's a grim future of millions of people living sitting in a darkened room with a robot or a VR helmet on while masturbating.


I see there are several sexbots stories popping up and I am highly amused at the two complaints made by the same groups of busy bodies: 1) Sexbots will hurt women 2) Thank goodness the men who will use them will leave real women alone.


Rob said...

More for me.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Milo has written the best piece on the coming sexbot revolution that I've read so far:

Manu said...

Nothing positive will come of this. Although, as you say Deltaman, it is amusing seeing how the SJWs can't seem to decide if it's good that many men won't even look at women, or bad because it will effectively end feminine primacy.

This technological singularity, so to speak, has bothered me for a long time. Mankind needs to learn to resist the gluttony, the lust, and the excess. It is difficult, I fail often enough personally, but at least I make an effort. Most can't even seem to do that.

Christianity is the way out of this, in that it won't stop the sin (the very concept is lunacy), but it may reduce it some and curb the worst of the excesses.

The biggest problem is that so many men will waste their lives in virtual pleasure instead of creating meaningful achievements. In simple terms, how can we conquer the stars when most dudes will be stuck in their mother's basement, whacking to robot porn?

357Delta said...

There's an excellent black knighting opportunity here which is that anytime a woman complains about the sexbots point out that she should be thankful that millions of sexist men will never care about anything she ever does or have anything to do with her.

Rek. said...

I don't share your pov regarding gammas.

"Gammas who can afford it will completely check out of dating, probably permanently, never reproduce, socialize outside of their male friends, and bother with women at all."

Using sexbots would be an act of acceptance of low sexual market value, a step gammas wouldn't be willing to make, victims to their permanent self-aggrandizement. Sexbots is the stuff of omegas and low deltas.

Unknown said...

One thought I had: for them to be widely adopted, at least in Western culture, I don't think most of them could openly be sex-bots. If they're realistic and talented enough to compete for a normal man's affections in the bedroom, they'll also be able to do the housekeeping and bookkeeping. So they'll be maid-bots or hostess-bots or admin-assistant-bots, and some men will have sex with them when they don't have a woman -- basically the equivalent of porn and masturbation now. But no one will be able to tell whether your Kandi 3000 ever provides that service, and that deniability would be critical in getting normal men to use them.

It's still a huge DLV for a man to admit he has to resort to anything other than a live, willing, hot woman for sex, and I don't see that changing easily. It took a long time to wear down the stigma of masturbation -- when I was a teen 30 years ago, telling your friends you masturbated would have been as embarrassing as admitting you liked to wear your sister's underwear -- and it's still mostly a sitcom joke. It's rare for a man to admit he frequents prostitutes, and such men aren't respected outside a small corner of the blogosphere.

So I don't think Deltas will adopt them in large numbers until they're basically women without souls, periods, or bad habits. At which point, what measure is a (wo)man anyway?

357Delta said...


There will be some ideologue Gammas who won't use them on principal, but I think you are missing that for all of the Gamma pontificating about supporting and loving women they are already mired in pornography and treat women as object by idolizing them and using them for their politics.

But if you are right then the future is even more dystopian because women who want men will have to compete over a tiny pool of Alphas, Betas, high Deltas, and then a sea of Gammas.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

As soon as prostitution is legalized (which it will be), sexbots will become pointless. The real thing is always better than the alternatives.

Brad Andrews said...

I am still not convinced robots will get to the state they will seem real enough to replicate human contact. Porn can work because it is in the mind, but having a robot brings it into the real world and they will be nothing more than more modern blow up dolls.

They would work if we could get to the Blade Runner level of robots, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, if at all. Too many moving parts to replicate.

Robert What? said...

I don't know why the feminist SJWs hate sexbots. As Leftists one of their primary "goals" is massive population decrease. Well with the wide use of sexbots, reproduction will drop off precipitously. Even more so than now. Within a generation or two the West will be a veritable ghost town

Crowhill said...

Your grim assessment seems about right. I would add that women have the most to lose because while both sexes enjoy the pleasure of sex, women use sex for more than pleasure. Specifically, they use it to manipulate men. To the extent that sexbots and VR become readily available, women will lose that power. Not only will low-status women lose any chance of getting a mate, but even high-status women will lose their ability to manipulate men by granting or withholding sex.

Unknown said...

Using sexbots would be an act of acceptance of low sexual market value, a step gammas wouldn't be willing to make,

They'll reframe it. There's already a subset of MGTOWs which claims that Real Men are above considerations like SMV and eschew all dealings with women, promoting hired incubators for procreation and the like. They may not brag about it, but they'll be the first ones to buy a sexbot and tuck her away in the bedroom, telling themselves they're beating the game.

I don't know why the feminist SJWs hate sexbots. As Leftists one of their primary "goals" is massive population decrease.

Yes, but they want it on their terms, depopulating the right kind of people. And their other ideologies tend to trump their zero-pop wishes, as we see in the mass migration issue, where they gladly signal Africans to keep overpopulating by the billions. Keeping the relationship whip in the hands of women is far more important to them than population reduction, which they figure they can achieve other ways.

Feminists don't want unattractive men to choose to stop bothering them; they want to be able to force unattractive men to stop bothering them when they want. Everything must, must, must be the woman's prerogative at all times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are people already working on some sort of VR and device combination right now, if it doesn't already exist. (I have no interesting in googling that.)

It's called the Jockulous Rift.

Actually, I'm kidding. I'm sure something like that is under development, but I don't know what or where. But I'm sure it will be here before the sexbots. It will also, as Cail pointed out, be easier to pass off as not-a-sexbot. Just a VR gaming rig (you hide certain hardware accessories when Mom visits).

Whatever form it takes, we can be sure of one thing though, feminists will be even more shrill and unhappy than they are now, and cat food will still be a booming business.

Welp said...

You people are nuts. You're fruitier than the bloody Scientologists. Do you want a picture of yourselves? Imagine a million palms palming a million faces, forever

Arthur Isaac said...

Calhoun's "Behavior Sink".

Robert What? said...


Can you clarify? Are we nuts for saying that sexbots will be widely used? We didn't make that stuff up. That's what "scientists" are speculating. Are we nuts for saying the wide use of sexbots will have enormous social repercussions? If you think not, we know who the nut is. Please 'splain.

hank.jim said...

Who would admit to using a sexbot? This is a fetish. Likely the same people who would otherwise use a sex toy or frequent a prostitute. I suppose a small number of men that given up on women and have some disposable income will buy them. Poor men with nothing to lose will pick up the lonely cat woman. Maybe the safest thing to do is a false id and Untraceable phone number will shield most men from psycho women.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Leaving the real women alone proves painful.

However, I cannot blame the men, its feminism evil reaching the men at the weakest place; the visuals become available via bots.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Same for women, nothing replaces an available man to an available woman whom both share the same worldviews.

rcocean said...

I fail to see how this is a bad thing. Of course, it would be better if young people were all Christians and understood that loving God and having a Christian marriage was the way to true happiness. But that ship sailed long ago. We're now faced with as situation where women can now act the way they wish - which is chase after the alpha males and become their mistress or 2nd or 3rd wife. Meanwhile, a large number of lower class men are left with either terminal loneliness or importing some mail order bride. Having a sex-bot seems like a good option to have for these men or at least a more tolerable one.

rcocean said...

Of course some women will suffer, but the only way women learn is by experience. They have all kinds of "ideas" but its only when reality smacks them in the face that they change.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

I've read several of these sex-bot related posts recently, and I've yet to see a mention of AMC's Humans series in the articles or comments. The very attractive lead female android was able to cook, clean, do laundry, run errands, care for small children, and basically seemed to do it all with very little to no direction. She was also smoking hot and apparently able to give a man a respectable sexual release. Frankly, except for bearing children, she seemed able to provide better than 80% of what I think most men want in a domestic partner and all without any of the drawbacks of the average adult female. When that scenario can actually occur, I so think it'll be a complete game-changer, but I don't think we're within 20 years of that level of sophistication, so I'm somewhat surprised at the number of posts that have popped up about it recently. Is there really anything out there that says this is even close to happening in 5-10 years?

rumpole5 said...

Re: " I don't think we're within 20 years of that level of sophistication"

You forget that the RATE of tech progress is increasing. Hence the change of the past few years is not a good measure for what we are going to experience after a singularity.

As an aside, It might be a good idea to supply a few of these "bots" to the brothers in the 3rd world.

justaguy said...

Re: " I don't think we're within 20 years of that level of sophistication"

We are not even close to 20 years of that level--that of the SF and TV shows. AI became a SF pipe dream decades ago and now we work to advanced expert systems. Repeatable scenario, limited variety, intensive programming and work--yes can be automated. Intuitive, varied, deal with unknown--no way, not possible even in conception stage.

Sexbots- fits the limited scenario so easily done with expert system but currently problems with materials, longevity, and other engineering concerns. Maidbots--not even close beyond ROOMBAs and look at how lame they are.

Harambe said...

It's not like a sexbot would be most guys' first choice, but at some point you get tired of vicious rejections and just say "fuck it!" and spend money on hookers or a sexbot.

Hammerli 280 said...

Ladies, you might want to develop some Girl Game. At least a pleasant, affectionate attitude.

Or get your Crazy Cat Lady starter kit.

Andre B said...

This will probably create polygamy. The only men playing the field will tend toward Alpha and they will have many concubines. If they desire, they will father many little alphas with different women.

Big IF there, I know. Why would they even want to father children when they have a harem for themselves? No idea. But maybe women becoming extremely bitchy and insufferable is an eugenic mechanism to produce this environment, where the weak-willed aren't even bothered to try to break their egos?

Harambe said...

I sometimes wonder if the point of war wasn't to cull all the undesirables. If no one wants to shag you and you've got nothing to live for, you might as well go take it out on another guy who feels exactly the same. If you die, your pain is over, if you survive, you probably moved up into Delta or even Beta status.

SciVo said...

@ Rek.: Using sexbots would be an act of acceptance of low sexual market value, a step gammas wouldn't be willing to make, victims to their permanent self-aggrandizement.

I respectfully disagree. I see gammas as fantasists. They walk around in a kind of natural "augmented reality" -- a perceptual overlay that re-interprets everything so that their socio-sexual rank should be higher than it is -- or they wouldn't be gammas. I expect they will be the most vulnerable of anyone to VR addiction, since they're already halfway in a different world.

A good test of this hypothesis would be to see if gammas are the most vulnerable to MMORPG addiction; if not, then I'm wrong.

SciVo said...

On re-reading, you were just talking about sexbots, not VR. The subjects are intertwined in that VR could incorporate a sex toy element, but that's distinct enough from full-size sexbots that we might both be right.

E. William Brown said...

As a professional programmer with some personal knowledge of both AI and VR programming, I feel I should point out some technical issues that the media never seems to pick up on in these areas.

Yes, sexbots are coming, but as the author notes they're going to be expensive. Right now it would probably be possible to build at attractive-looking robot that can walk, talk (using a chatbox program), respond to voice commands and pretend to enjoy sex. The problem is, the price tag on that bot is going to be comparable to a new car.

So yes, the Japanese will probably be building them soon, but they're going to be a very niche product. Also, a sudden breakthrough to true AI or even flexible non-sentient servants is highly unlikely. Odds are you'll see a slow but steady improvement in capabilities from year to year. It will probably be 20-30 years before anyone can make a bot capable of doing housework or being an active sex partner, and they'll remain too dumb to trust out of your sight for another decade or two after that. In the long run ubiquitous robot servants that can double as sexbots are probably inevitable, but that's definitely not going to happen in the next decade.

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated VR revolution has even bigger problems. Ever notice how common it is for 'solid' objects to go right through each other in video games? That's because simulating a world of solid objects that can touch each other takes several orders of magnitude more computing power that just painting pretty pictures. Add in the fluid mechanics and soft-surface interactions needed for a good sex sim, and you've got a computational monster that would choke the biggest supercomputers in the world. Home computers won't be able to run that kind of thing for at least 20-30 years, possibly longer.

And that's only the first challenge immersive VR has to overcome. Modern technology is good at providing visual and aural stimulation, but there's nothing on the horizon that can even begin to fool your sense of touch. If you want to be able to fondle those perfect VR babes someone is going to have to spend decades inventing a whole new technology to make it possible, and the ideas that have been floated so far all involve major brain surgery (for neural interfaces) or fantastically complex micromechanical bodysuits (just as pricey as those sexbots).

So if we're considering societal effects in the next 20 years, we shouldn't be picturing a sexed-up Matrix or supermodel gynoids. Instead we're talking about 3D porn clips, animated sex toys, and other modest advances along those lines. The cool SF stuff is all a lot further away than that.

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