Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The cat has escaped the bag

Whenever you hear a feminist babbling about equality, keep in mind that she has the picture on the right in mind. Equality is a ridiculous concept anyhow, it does not exist in any material, legal, or spiritual sense, and it is not even a coherent abstract ideal.

There is no such thing as equality, and those who claim to believe in equality are absolutely and unequivocally evil.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

Gotta love the hypocrisy: feminist for equality ends message about equality with "MALES CAN DIE". No man-hating there at all...

Robin Capuani said...

What. The. Fuck. There are so many things wrong with that.

Mr.MantraMan said...

It must really suck to be less then Victoria's Secret model hot for a white girl in this day and age. It seems if you can't date a Tom Brady it becomes the two Cs, chocolate and cats. Yesterday at the WRSA website they had a music interlude video from Skynyrd from a 70s outdoor concert, and my god all the good looking white girls who basically were just average girls off the street but not the Idiocracy era land whales of our day.

So instead of girls like in the video we get emotional basket cases like this turd who wants all girls to be Springer rejects.

JP said...

One of the big Red Pill moments for me was when I read of a British women on welfare who got a brand new Mercedes-Benz van from the council so she could drive her (i think) 5 kids around. Those vans are fucking sweet. But I can't afford one even on a software dev salary and this bitch gets given one for being a deadbeat.

Thomas Howard said...

I'm picturing the guy standing in a hole, while the others are standing on the mounds of freshly dug earth. Slightly more descriptive of reality, in a Harrison Bergeron kind of way.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The belief in equality--sexual equality, racial equality, social equality--is probably the most pernicious error of the modern era and has led to tens of millions of dead, cultural destruction, and untold despair.

The equality agenda contradicts human nature, in fact it seeks to destroy it, and therefore always involves killing the innocent.

skymuse said...

More realistic right side -- male in handcuffs and cut off at the knees. It's not about lifting themselves, it's about cutting us down.

Iowahine said...

Equality and tolerance: equally bankrupt.

Iowahine said...

Equality and tolerance: equally bankrupt.

Trust said...

Seperating skill, gifts, and effort from outcome always ends in tears.

I think we should apply this picture to the sexual hierarchy. Women should supply sex to non-alphas in the same manner the state supplies money to non earners. "Why should we have sex with men we don't want to have sex with?" She asks. "Why should men support women who are banging someone else?"

Women love capitalism when they earn, and love socialism when someone else pays.

En-sigma said...

Any guesses regarding who put the boxes there? You can't expect WOMEN to be responsible for making themselves equal, men have to do that.

Double E said...

Paging Harrison Bergeron

Polynices said...

As Jerry Pournelle routinely appends to his posts: "Free men are not equal, equal men are not free".

Greg Doyle said...

I'm sure the user with the name "Feminism for Fairness" and the subsequent post "Males can die" has society's best interests in mind when she talks about "equality." /s

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Gammas and beta-boys put those boxes there (on the right). They were only too eager to do so in the hopes of getting some pussy scraps thrown their way.

Trust said...

Therein lies the contradiction in equality. The only way to equalize outcome is for the state to infringe on freedoms to make outcomes equal, and the only way to make this happen is for some people to have the power to enforce this over others who do not have the power to resist. Therefore equality depends on inequality, and therefore defeats itself.

The nice thing about my freedom is it doesn't depend on depend on oppression to exist.

LP 999/Eliza said...

I dont understand equality, logic fail. I'll go back and view the visual, re-read and marinate. None of what feminists say make sense. Their visuals are weird, what the heck am I looking at? Crazy stupid women.

It is like a henhouse.

Was I supposed to become an equalityfeminist? I dont understand.

Whatever it is, I reject feminism.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses regarding who put the boxes there? You can't expect WOMEN to be responsible for making themselves equal, men have to do that.

Back in the college days I used to listen to hardcore music, punk, it's various offshoots. Took a real liking to Sonic Youth - those distorted guitars laid over pounding bass and loud drums grabbed hold of me, yet they could be melodic. Most of my old record collection was converted to digital and I have them on my music player for workouts. "Kool Thing" came on while I was working out the other day. I really listened to the lyrics for the first time in years. I wonder if feminists understand the irony of the lyrics. Kim Gordon wants her negro Kool Thing (Chuck D of Public Enemy) to "liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression." All said in cooing kitty voice, heavy with the promise of sex once the liberation has taken place.

I wonder if Gordon herself was aware of it. She's panting and begging for a black man to do her dirty work for her. But the song sounded so kick ass! when I was younger. I chuckle sometimes that the very same sex-positive feminism she champions destroyed her marriage. She remained faithful, her husband did not, and so the couple and the band broke up.

Funny how the exact opposite of what they want tends to happen.

When their rights and freedoms are infringed to make room to equalize minorities and criminals...oh, the delicious howling. "But, that's not what we meant!"

Anonymous said...

And I'm aware of the origin of the song. But what you mean and what people hear aren't always the same thing. Knew many a person who took it as a fight song for feminism, even if it started as criticism of someone who disagreed with Gordon.

I heard her interviewed on the radio not long ago, some book she wrote. What a limp dishrag.

hank.jim said...

Leaving out the kid (not an issue), both left and right pictures are wrong. Women want equal treatment (left picture) with equal outcome (right picture). They can't have both. Women will get a hidden extra box that must never be called out. Thus, they are actually floating in the air like magic.

Matt said...

Well to her credit, the bottom left of the picture does say "jk", so I guess she's "Just Kidding"...

Trust said...

This concept would make an interesting hypergamouse comic if applied to the carousel.

ray said...

"There is no such thing as equality, and those who claim to believe in equality are absolutely and unequivocally evil."

Not even confrontational evil. But self-serving, skulking, hypocritical evil. The inferior should dominate the superior. Except for me, of course! I'll insulate myself from the dynamic by loudly championing Equality and sharing in the guilt-loot with the Groupers. Then I'll backstab my betters to show I'm on the right side of history.

JAY WILL said...

Is there any reason why the little one is walking and the others aren't?

The more fundamental problem that people who talk "equality" are sensing is the truth that there will always be the feckless and the weak, what happens to them? Maybe they sense it in themselves, that they are the weak and they fear being abandoned by the group. "Equality" means using outside forces, for example government, to insure that your not abandoned. You can see this fear of being abandoned in the school games where everybody gets a medal, its fear of rejection by the group not simply being positioned lower than you want. Psychologically coming last produces the fear of group abandonment. I would guess that it is out of the norm to protect the weak and feckless in human history, much more likely that the weak have usually been killed or abandoned due to far more difficult environmental challenges where "carrying" people could damage everyone.

The solution is not to reduce competition but to understand the fear of abandonment and make clear to children that they have come last, but that its ok and they are not being abandoned.

The free market, atheistic, materialistic, anti-spirit age has no answer to the weak and the feckless. Hence, eugenics or some sort of "cull" philosophy are never too far away, we see subtle forms of it now with abortion, old people being put down -"choosing" to die laws (granny doesn't want to be a burden, but she's too proud to tell you the truth, and secretly it would be a lot easier wouldn't it). The general answer seems to be a permanent class of grazing dependents.

ray said...

Listen to Obimbo make one of his Teleprompter speeches. Constantly yammering about Equality. It's the religion of America. Along with Womanism.

Socio-legal 'equality' between male and female began in historical Babylon. It was used as a tool of mass iniquity and malevolence there, just like here. So the scum could rise to the top, and stay there.

Mr.MantraMan said...

"Males can die" I bet if asked if she meant males of color she would shriek in horror and then say only white males, then she is yours, just ask her if she is a racial theorist and ask her to explain. In short these progtards are really stupid. "So you're a racial theorist, hmm interesting"

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

There is no equality between the sexes, just as there is no equality among the races, and among the classes.

maniacprovost said...

To be fair, the Mexican midget in the picture is the one who stacked the boxes up, but the tall dude is the one who manufactured them and then payed the midget. The conventionally attractive white blonde liberal woman in the middle better put out after that.

Mindstorm said...

Could someone interpret the meaning of the symbol in the upper left corner in the picture? Just before the 'word' feminism4fairness. Lesbian fem-dom? :)

1sexistpig2another said...

There is no such thing as equality, and those who claim to believe in equality are absolutely and unequivocally evil.

... and very stupid.

1sexistpig2another said...

I'm sure the user with the name "Feminism for Fairness" and the subsequent post "Males can die" has society's best interests in mind when she talks about "equality." /s

She's probably attends the same coven as that blond chick who offers the idea of a national castration day and eliminating 90% of the worlds male population as a solution to all the worlds problems. Yes this girl really exists, although it looks like the incriminating video may have been removed.

Arthur Isaac said...

So, long story short, women want to be treated like feeble minded infants with no agency.

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Equality and tolerance: equally bankrupt.
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