Thursday, August 13, 2015

Age ain't nothing but a number

You're probably never going to be this cool. Deal with it. He's old and bald and twice-divorced. What's your excuse?

"The 75-year-old star is married to musician Sunny Ozell, who is 39 years his junior."


JP said...

Aren't he and Gandalf fags?

pdwalker said...

You're only as old as the women you feel.

So, I've heard.

Clearly not hurting him any.

Martin Davies said...

Look on the face of the dude in the blue shirt....Priceless

VD said...

Aren't he and Gandalf fags?

No, they're friends. Gandalf is gay, Stewart isn't.

JP said...

No, they're friends. Gandalf is gay, Stewart isn't.

Ah, sorry then.

Harsh said...

I thought it as Kirk who got all the babes.

Stewart is a stud though. I remember way back when Next Gen premiered. Stewart seemed kind of old (3 years younger than I am now!) but he definitely had a presence.

Xmas said...

You should check out his "triple take" video his gf took a few years ago. He was stoned out of his gourd and still was as charming as hell.

Cail Corishev said...

When I was young and watching TNG, I didn't get it. "Why do they keep making the old bald dude the romantic and action lead?" Now that I'm sneaking up on the age Stewart was then, it seems perfectly natural.

He's also a liberal who's spoken out against the SJW thought police. Doesn't look like it's hurt him any.

If you want to see Captain Picard doing Shakespeare with hair, check out the 1966 BBC documentary Civilisation. He has a small bit in one episode. I never would have recognized him, until he spoke, and then he was unmistakable.

LP 999/Eliza said...

I love the girls clothing. Awesome, look how relaxed and happy he is.

Zach said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Stewart perform live as Prospero in a performance of the Tempest, about 10 years ago. There was a scene which he did shirtless, and looked respectably buff.

I want to age that well.

Trust said...

Women see this and conclude it is sexist that men can be desirable later in life. What they don't see is that most men never get to be alphas, and the minority that are stay there most their lives.

Women actually have an advantage here, even though they don't see it (they never acknowledge their advantages). While desirable women do not stay desirable for as long as desirable men, far more women pass through a desirable phase than do men. Problem is they use this time for the carousel, and as they hit the wall aging alphas replace then with younger desirables.

Women are very adept at interpreting their advantages and opportunities as oppression. They think it's perfectly fair when they ignore men, but then somehow find it sexist that the men they ignore stop being interested.

OGRE said...

Check him out in the "I Claudius" BBC series from the 70s as Sejanus. He had hair then, albeit it was already gray.

And yesterday i see this about Billy Joel at 66 just had a new baby with his 33 yo wife.


John said...

Observe the woman on the right as she displays a mixture of contempt and longing. The wall is inexorable.

hank.jim said...

He was always bald to me. He's been bald almost forever. He also looks middle age for almost forever. I guess thats bad when he was younger, but now its his advantage for his age is timeless.

skymuse said...

Uh, fame, anyone?

macengr said...

skymuse, Shia Lepoof er, LeBouef is famous, and I guarantee you he's not anywhere near as popular as Stewart. It takes more than fame.

Mindstorm said...

I'd rather emulate the style of Sean Penn. Less distance to cross, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Look how happy the girls are.

This picture pretty much captures the truth of SMV when you put together all the parts that other commenters have noticed. The relaxed and happy Alpha, the horde of giddy young women flocking to him, the stunned Beta in the blue shirt, the disapproving older woman in the red dress contemplating her quickening slide down the back-slope of SMV, and you could probably add the tall young kid with the mop of hair in the background looking on and hopefully taking notes.

Double E said...

age aint nothing but a number

..for men, anyway. it' definitely more than jut a number for women.

Beefy Levinson said...

William Shatner definitely looks his age. From a distance, Stewart looks as though he hasn't aged a day since TNG.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Stewart's first wife, Sheila Falconer, was six years younger than him, and the marriage lasted for 24 years.

Go younger, men. Same-age marriage is for BETAs.

Jew613 said...

A few Yeats back Stewart played Claudius in a made for TV version of Hamlet. He's still got his charisma.

Ian Ironwood said...

Go watch how he handled the Ice Water Challenge on YouTube. Pure Alpha. He's played plenty of gay characters, but that's part of his charisma. Straight actors get mad tail for a reason, and really good ones have an unending line of pussy. I bet he didn't have to put a lude into some girl's Jello Pudding to get it, either.

ray said...

This guy isn't even vaguely cool, but it's true that seventy-five is not problematic for attracting the opposite sex. If you're male that is.

Obviously that's unfair, and increasingly illegal. The way that God made us is misogynistic, unjust, and oppressive to females. No wonder folks hate him and instead follow after their own father, the Liar-in-Chief.

ray said...

"Look on the face of the dude in the blue shirt....Priceless"

That is the face of the Cuck awaiting his cucking.

ray said...

"Check him out in the "I Claudius" BBC series from the 70s as Sejanus."

Fine series and he was fantastic. John Hurt pretty much got his start there too. Brian Blessed also was memorable, as was Livia tho I can't recall who played her. She was busy scrambling for power and wiping out all threats to her own hegemony. It's just like us NOW! Yo Kindred, the Empire Never Ended.

David-093 said...

Vox, you've got this all wrong. Patrick Stewart is the real loser here cause he's spending his days having a fun with young hotties instead of maximizing his happiness by jacking off into an old tube sock and eating stale Doritos in his moms basement.


Weouro said...

He didn't do as well his third time around. She's relatively young, but she looks crazy, and his other wives were hotter. He peaked with his second wife. I think the ideal would probably be to marry a girl with a decent outlook in her early twenties when you are in your mid-thirties and don't get get divorced. Judging by Patrick Stewart's progression and not considering moral issues you can do pretty good with a second marriage but if you go for the third you're probably going to be slipping.

Cail Corishev said...

David, you're so right. Just think of how much time Stewart must put into looking that good at 75 -- and for what? So he can look good on stage for audiences that are at least half women? Time better spent on a man's internal pursuits, I say. And just look at the way he's letting his happiness be determined by the women's reaction to him. A shameful display of submission to the feminine will, indeed.

Rex Little said...

you can do pretty good with a second marriage but if you go for the third you're probably going to be slipping.

If you're twice divorced and even thinking about going for the third time, you're f**king insane!

Joe A. said...

He's a curious fellow. I remember him wearing that "this is what a feminist looks like" shirt.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Very cool. I remember seeing him around town at Harbour Island in the Bahamas several years ago. A very unassuming little chap in red bathing trunks.

Check out the clothes he's wearing: tailored suit in lightweight cloth, white dress shirt with the top button left undone, black belt with (presumably) polished black dress shoes (probably slip-ons). Simple, yet elegant.

I'm confident that if older men 40s-70s would simply keep fit (eat right, lift weights, take proper supplements) and dress well, a lot of the problems associated with old age could be avoided.

David-093 said...

Cail, absolutely. It's sad to see a man like him with so much untapped potential wasting it on women. He's another victim of the Female Imperative at work, but he's too blind to see it. I don't hate him, and I'm certainly NOT envious, bitter, or angry, I pity him.

Scott6584 said...

Not going to put much stock in a bunch of Vegas-style professional girls flocking to a celebrity and mock-kissing him. Looks more like a photo-op than an indication of real attraction. To me, anyway.

maniacprovost said...

Lt. Uhura looks pissed. Weird.

Anonymous said...

He's a curious fellow. I remember him wearing that "this is what a feminist looks like" shirt.

Like a billionaire wasting money. Such a shame...

Anonymous said...

Lt. Uhura looks pissed. Weird.

That's the old Uhura. The new one is younger and thinner. Both look good in knee-high boots though.

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