Friday, July 31, 2015

Feminist Guidebook 2015

The anti-feminist memes are not only growing, but they are showing definite signs of #GamerGate influence. This is a good thing.


Mindstorm said...

Hey, why does it utilize the lamia character from Monster Musume?

Mr.MantraMan said...

If you're OK with feminists creating a hostile environment for men you might be a Cuckservative.

How many decades were wasted while conservative intellectuals thought or at least scammed us into believing that an honest debate could be had with fems and fem like men? Just a thought, in Lind's entertaining and informative "Victoria" the unrepentant feminists were sold to the muslims (sorry Tommy suck it)

Krul said...

"The anti-feminist memes are not only growing, but they are showing definite signs of #GamerGate influence. This is a good thing."

Yeah, but... Well, one does grow tired of seeing cartoon girls everywhere. Personally, I blame Ex-Army.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Kagome, from Inuyasha will always be my first (anime) love. So beautiful and feminine. I don't mind the archery skills either. I'm sure she could feather a feminist from 50 yards. She's had lots of practice fighting other monsters.

Anonymous said...

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Morpheus said...

6. Whenever possible introduce the term "rape culture" into the discussion. Ignore any requests to define the term or give specific examples.

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