Monday, January 26, 2015

Gamma delusion in action

There is literally no reality that the Gamma male can't rationalize away. But it's not often that we get to see the delusional process of bubble construction laid out in print:
I had been reading a novel and reached a part where two brothers, once deeply committed to each other, experienced a profound fissure. The thought that this could someday happen with my own brother, whom I loved fiercely, unraveled me. Before I knew it, I was sobbing, all-out chesty heaves and whimpers. My girlfriend stared out the window with set, narrowed eyes. Nearby passengers and attendants stole glances my way.

If this wasn’t enough of a surprise — I hadn’t cried in 19 years, since I was 11 — I did something that unwittingly became one of the most important political acts of my life.

I stared back.

I made sure that anyone who looked my way saw my swollen, bloodshot eyes. They were going to have to turn away first, and I stared them all down. On the walk to baggage claim my girlfriend looked everywhere but at me. “What was that all about back on the plane?” she asked, her eyes still narrowed.

“I’m not sure,” I said, and I turned toward her, wanting her to see the dried, salty streaks on my cheeks, which encoded some message like invisible ink. She stared straight ahead.
Notice the way in which that the Gamma has internalized the feminist mantra of "the personal is the political". He has, in his own mind, turned his own weakness into a bold political act. So, he's not a crybaby, he is a fearless Social Justice Warrior.


MATT said...

What the faggots dont understand is that a woman crying is annoying as hell and unless shes hot, shes completely intolerable.

These "men" are so feminine, this point escapes them.

If its not over a dead parent/spouse/child/lifelong friend/war movie, then suck it up.

Sobbing over an imagined scenario..jesus

MATT said...

Even if it's over something truly terrible, the desire to "share your story" is still just a cry for attention. Most people have no interest in this. Girls hug each other and share their feelings begrudgingly. No one cares. Suck it up and move on or cry by yourself in a closed room. Your wife does not want to hold you. She married you for whatever reasons she has and being your shoulder to cry on is not one of them. Odds are she'll be disgusted and distant. I've seen a woman who proclaims love sit quietly and awkward next to her bf of 15 years while he sucked back tears the day after his fathers death
Crying is for the cryer. It helps no one else.

Unknown said...

This story should win a prize or something. The guy reminds me of a piece of crazy pussy.

Yohami said...

"I hadn’t cried in 19 years"

"I am crying because something bad happened in a fantasy world, what if it happened to MEEE????"

No you surely dont do that all the time.

Dexter said...

What a homo.

Old Harry said...
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Dark Herald said...

The name of the article is: ,One man’s quest to have male crying be socially acceptable

He failed it's not but it does raise an interesting point of Game.

In bad women's fiction you see this trope of the romantic male love interest blubbering all the time. Consequently the Gamma male is under the impression that women want to see men do that.

Women don't want to see a man cry. They absolutely and in all ways do not want to see that. Nothing brings out contempt faster.

However during the escalation process, they do want to see a window of emotional vulnerability in an Alpha, that will lead to emotional intimacy. Remember women are wholistically sexual. The emotional connection is a big part of escalation. How you manage to give the impression of a window of emotional vulnerability, while not compromising your frame is a problem for the individual male. Balancing this diametric opposition is important.

You won't do it by crying.

Remember t's not called the Game for nothing.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend stared out the window with set, narrowed eyes.

I'll bet she did. "Great. How can I get out of this? Should I give him the cold shoulder until he takes the hint, or just go for the slam dunk?"

Unknown said...

When is Jessica Valenti's bath day? Has she been notified?

Tank said...

Proof that this "dude" should be allowed to use the Ladies Room.

Anonymous said...

From the Family Guy:

Peter: OMG. I'm late. I'm pregnant!
Lois: You can't be pregnant.
Peter: It's not like I have a choice, I'M CATHOLIC!


Happy Housewife said...

Unless it's over the death of a loved one or beloved dog, there is nothing more uncomfortable or disturbing than being in the proximity of a crying man.

Anonymous said...

So what is this PTSD, where the P stands for pre. His behavior seems to play into Wright's analysis of Leftists. He felt guilt/shame over his behavior, and he isn't allowed to feel that.

Two words - Old Yeller and maybe, Where The Red Fern Grows. No other books have done that to me and certainly no as an adult.

Books unravel too slowly to get me like this. Though I have had to suppress the urge during a couple movies. "Up" comes to mind.

DJ | AMDG said...


How do you interpret St. Paul in 2 Cor 12? I recognize that this man in the article was being pridefully arrogant about his tears. As you said, turning "his own weakness into a bold political act." I do not believe St. Paul is speaking of what this man did when he writes in 2 Cor 12, but I've always had trouble with that passage. How does one manifest that? How do I reveal my weakness as strength? I recognize that Paul is speaking in some part of how his weakness fails to limit his work with Christ due to his submission to Christ and Christ's power to see him through. However, Paul seems to be going a step further in this declaration. How does one who is working to implement a degree of "alpha" in their lives also embrace 2 Cor 12? Sorry if this is too OT.

deti said...

"He has, in his own mind, turned his own weakness into a bold political act."

Note, however, that his weakness is not weeping.

His weakness is weeping in public and then demanding that everyone else not only witness his sobbing, but also embrace and celebrate it. Then he had the stupidity to write about it in a major daily newspaper and expect to persuade other men to feminize themselves along with him.

Sadness and despair, whether experienced by men or women, are deeply personal, private, intimate things. They are not to be splayed all over a daily publication or an airplane fuselage or a bus terminal or a workplace. And they are certainly not to be celebrated.

I can remember discomfort and annoyance at some young woman crying and heaving sobs at work because of idiotic boyfriend or baby daddy troubles. They would be off to the side in some hallway with another young woman consoling her. Needless to say that that stupidity was quickly dispatched. The cryer was either discharged or found another job.

David said...

Rabbits simply are not made for this world.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What a contemptible little p*ssy.

deti said...

Men may cry only at the death of a loved one or a dog. That's it. And even then, if you must cry you do so privately, away from others -- even away from your wife or girlfriend. And under no circumstances do you heave sobs.

Blake Law said...


In 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Paul's concern is that no one would be distracted from honoring Christ because of his own ministry and great accomplishments. Verse 6 gives us insight into this, " that no one may think more of me than he sees in me or hears from me." Paul did not want his "brand" to run away from him and become more important than his message. To that end, Paul says he will boast gladly of his weaknesses because he sees God filling up what is lacking in every corner. This is opposed to false security in man's strength, which would be foolishness and weak.

Ron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron said...

Powerful rebuke.

Anonymous said...

That was literally painful to read. It's a wonder he's been able to attract a woman long enough to knock her up.

But the cold contempt of the girlfriend did bring tears to my eyes...

Anonymous said...

...tears of joy, that is.

hank.jim said...

Crying in public is simply a sad thing. The idea that men don't cry in public in a genuine tragedy is untrue. The weird thing about the article is it becomes yet another political statement that gets trivialized. The tears will flow if you genuinely feel it. Otherwise, there is no point in exposing others with your ordeal like we care, which we don't. Evidently, his girlfriend didn't either. Women care even less about other people who cry. They only care about themselves and know how the CRYING GAME works.

Miguel D'Anconia said...

Holy crap, what a pussy! WTF? Grow a set bitch!

Pirran said...

@lostsailor32 said...

...tears of joy, that is.

No need to explain, man. We all feel your deep, deep pain of joy and are here to (sniff) support you. I.....I....(blub)...just can't begin to express....(wail) feelings of mutual support over this.....

Black Poison Soul said...

Brainless: check. Narcissistic: check. Attention whore: check. Millennial generation: check. Pathetic: check. Herd to the bone: check.

Conclusion: prime piece of male vagina.

Recommended fix: go to Thailand for a sex-change operation. Then she'll be useful in this world in two ways:

1/ Helping to relieve the sexual thirst of other pathetic men.

2/ Further reducing the "value" of female vagina.

Anchorman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anchorman said...

I brought this activist agenda to my love life, too. Peeved by dating Web site profiles that echoed the sentiments of one woman who declared, “No weepy mama’s boys need apply,” I changed my own vita. It included this line: “I’m a man who isn’t afraid to cry. You woman enough to handle that?”

He clearly sees women do not want weak, easily manipulated men.

They may make the public declarations for the "nice guy," but they don't even pretend to want weepy manginas.

Double down on the delusion, bud.

Midknight said...

@deti - I wouldn't draw quite that hard a line, but yeah.

The guy is a pussy.

There are things that have made me cry short of those, but significant loss and anguish were always part of it, it was always in private, and I didn't go inflict it on anyone else like a narcissist.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I've read that Paul actually had a disease where tears would flow uncontrollably into his beard like a discharge. Can't remember where I read that.

My wife has seen me cry twice. When my father died and when my dog died. I had him longer than I've known my wife.

macengr said...

While I agree that the guy in the article is clueless, I just want to note that Jesus wept, in public, at the death of a friend, Lazarus. In front of Mary and Martha, no less. If the Son of God can cry in certain situations, thee is no reason other men can't.

That said, the guy in the article is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Realizing the lack of it in his own life, being moved to tears over some well-told story of loyalty and fraternity - of love - is human and even manly. *However*, being blind (willfully so) to the unattractive and bizarre spectacle one is presenting in public is gross and selfish. Have those feelings; have those tears; don't make a self-loathing confrontation with the reality that people may reject you for unbecoming conduct. To write self-praising stories about your "most important political act" is just perverse. Is the proper response "hey, those people seemed disturbed and turned off by my lack of composure ... [so I should try to respect that in the future, especially when around people whose regard is important to me OR and those people are wrong to not love+accept me no matter what and you know what i'm *proud* of it]"?

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

I already took my issue to MK and he had a good answer. Also, the issue is a distraction from what is my true focus.

In general, what to do when a gamma and his what I think might be a alpha male best friend went from nicey nice to mini monsters stating I ruined the dudes life by rejecting him after all this time he invested in me? After I sent them to Game blogs and Vox Day, still they didn't get the hint. The best friend hates me and the gamma wants to be pals with the 3 of us. I am profoundly disinterested at the thought of them. They brought the police into the matter and the police told me to not worry, they know all 3 families', ignore all contact.

Regarding the investment of time, we all invest time in everything, investing time in 1 of 5 or however how many girls they string along was a meaningless topic to me - did I miss something here? I cannot worship and kotow to a orbitor. I revert back to my Heather's line, "I've nothing against them and nothing for them."

Game was denounced the moment I said you should NOT allow any woman to stress you out. I am blamed for stressing them out b/c their friendship suffered b/c I became the main topic of discussion. I don't buy the guilt trip, I dont believe them.

I told them to present your case against me in the open public of Internet discourse and let the judging begin. the best bro started yelling at me saying I ruined his bro's life and I am a piece of trash, I said, "dont yell at me and you are going to give yourself a heart attack over a woman. I cannot help the bro or the gamma."

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

I even tried the line, "I got 99 problems and a bitch aint one of them."

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

If the 2 really had a problem with me they would have trashed me online but chose not to, not out of privacy but out of possible fear that I might be right - I don't care. If it were not for MK I would have been upset about all this because its adding to my problems, not subtracting my grief. I sincerely tried to send both men to game outlets, even to Vox's page to expand their minds. Instead of a thanks, it was, "your crazy L." See, no good deed goes punished.

Revelation Means Hope said...

It is pretty clear in context that Paul had vision problems "See how large I write in my own hand" where he finished one of his letters by himself.....
I'd say that he was suffering a permanent reminder of his encounter on the road with Christ, a reminder of his 3 days of blindness. Could also explain why he'd pick up a piece of firewood that had a deadly snake on it.

Jesus didn't cry for Lazarus - I mean come on, He knew that in about 10 minutes that Lazarus was going to be fully restored to life and health. He was crying about the lack of faith and understanding of God's power over death, and Christ's true mission as the Resurrecting Savior.

Men can cry. I cried (privately) after I had to kill my beloved dogs. Every couple of years, a preacher can really hit me with an excellent illustration of Christ's death on the cross, and I have no shame over that, but neither is a it something to shove in people's faces "see the manly tear streaks on my face" style.

Anchorman said...

Jesus didn't cry for Lazarus - I mean come on, He knew that in about 10 minutes that Lazarus was going to be fully restored to life and health.

I disagree. Yes, He knew Lazarus would be back, but He wept because He was fully human and felt the loss human's feel when a loved one dies.

Jesus experienced emotions. He was fully human and fully God.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

...yet without sin.

Revelation Means Hope said...

How delusional does this boy have to be to double down in this fashion?

I could see faking for awhile to accrue power for world domination (not that it's worth the price of a soul), but what kind of a pussy crusade is this limp wrister on?

Res Ipsa said...

About 8 years ago we buried my niece. She was a week old when she died of SIDS. The church was packed and I don't recall a single man in the place who didn't have a tear in his eye, many of us were weeping openly.

No one thinks any less of a man for shedding a tear publicly a baby's funeral, or at any deeply emotional event.

When you cry, in public over a book and then go on to make a "political" issue out of it, there is something seriously wrong and you should consult your OBGYN immediately. Jeez I'd understand getting a little choked up maybe, but proudly staring down other people over it? Most of them were probably wondering what the heck happened that was so bad that he would cry over it.

Dexter said...

I wanted to cry one time when I got rear-ended and the barrel of my hunting rifle in the trunk got bent. But I was too busy being pissed at the fool who did it. It was a very personal sorrow anyway, nothing to share with the vulgar public.

Revelation Means Hope said...

ah, Dexter, that comment needed a trigger warning.
Reminded me of the time I skidded my sports car into a parking garage support pole. I felt like sobbing, but was too mad at myself to cry.
Thanks for bringing back the memory.

Anonymous said...

Crying over a death is understandable; even perhaps a moving piece of music like the Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhaeuser. Crying over an imagined event is profoundly feminine - it's no different than when your girlfriend is emotionally shaken when she wakes up and complains you cheated on her in a dream.

I wondered why he persists in this despite the fact that it clearly repulses women, and was reminded of the Weininger quote: "All sin seeks to multiply itself: all qualites of inferior life must be explained by this."

Anonymous said...

Man, what a giant vagina. I bet his girlfriend was looking out the the next available real man who could rescue her from the pussy he had become.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I was wondering why that girl kept on staring at me through the train window.

Robert What? said...

I guess I am (partially) lucky. The last time I cried in front of my wife was about five years ago and her revulsion was palpable. However my mistress tried to be comforting the couple of times I cried in front of her. Never cried in public though and certainly never for show or displays of sympathy.

I agree that if it is a parent, child, etc, then all bets are off. But if finding yourself in public when overwhelmed, best to find a quiet spot out of view of the crowd. Doing it for show just cheapens it.

Ron said...

@Robert What

That's not why he's doing it. He says it himself, it's a political act. He is too much of a coward to atain power through honest effort, so he does it using something he thinks will not get him smacked. After all, how can you get angry at someone who is crying? Even if he is "staring right back in your face" which btw is a very aggressive act, at least where I come from.

A Traveller said...

Without looking at any of the other comments first....

WHAT THE FUUUUUDGE (and he didn't say "fudge")

A Traveller said...

I believe that transcendent beauty is a good reason to cry...
Think of the wilderness and the staggering display of the Almighty's acts and try not to mist up...
Think of the sacrifice at the Cross and the Redeemer's love for you and remain stoic...

That, and wife/kids/parents. I've not cried over a dog yet.

Robert What? said...


Points well taken. But I was really taking issue with the comments that you should never cry in front of a woman. My point was that it really depends on the woman and the situation.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Subversive Saint'

If you didn't cry when your dog died, you don't have a soul.

Sensei said...

I believe that transcendent beauty is a good reason to cry...

C.S.Lewis has proposed (in "Transposition") that at transcendent moments our mortal bodies don't know how to react because we lack unique ways of expressing the overpowering sensation and so we "borrow" other means of expression, like crying or feeling sick, to express the overload.

A Traveller said...

@Conscientia Republicae

I've been told as much on many occasions.

Markku said...


Take a look at all the examples of what "weakness" Paul is talking about:

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake

All of them are circumstances. Weakness in this context doesn't refer to inability to emotionally deal with them. It refers to the added challenge they represent in remaining faithful to God. That keeps you humble, as you are constantly faced with your limits. If you always just coast and never face any challenges, it's easy to start thinking oneself as superhuman. Since that assumption is never tested against reality.

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