Monday, November 17, 2014

The Tragedy of the Trans-Commons

As a transage activist, I couldn't help but shed a tear after reading this tragic account of the terrible suffering of a transfat individual publicly harassed and abused by a transphobic cismorph exercising his thin privilege.


Shimshon said...


pdwalker said...

This is a joke, right?

AJ Popo said...

The whole transfat thing sounds like trolling.

Anchorman said...

It does seem like a joke, but I thought that years ago about "street cred."

Doom said...

Did you write that, Vox? Oh, I know you could. And I think, if it hit you right and you had two seconds you might. Hell, if I were more inventive, I might. Though probably not that into the part. Then again, after having escaped a city full of such lunatics, I know it is out there. NOTHING surprises me as to the degradation of man-boy-things, or women, these days. Usually, though, women just become slots and drug addicts. They aren't nearly as inventive. Feminists and lesbians can be had, pennies to the pound, with little effort. So I know most of that is just them not having access to real men, if some of that is deep hatred that can't as easily be undone.

I'm a gonna wash my eyeballs though. Won't help, but it will feel better. Nothing like pain to... keep things in check. Pain would fix a lot of stupid thinking. We live in a soft world, for now. The dues are coming though. Lord knows, I hope they are arriving soon.

Robert What? said...

Three words: har har har!

Although these days it is getting tougher to distinguish satire from "real life" when the latter has become satire.

Must be very tough coming up with new stuff at The Onion.

Sentient Spud said...

Fake. Nobody that far gone can escape the asylum long enough to catch a bus. They put trackers on that kind of crazy.

Anonymous said...

11/10 Brilliant troll. The subtlety of the "Transfat" identifier is brilliant. Made even more perfectly hilairous by the fact that Transfat has been banned or removed from so many places.

Shimshon said...

This individual (I'm a collectophobe for even using the word) deserves a SJW Hero Award for truly checking their privilege. The genuine pain and humiliation they feel is admirable for the self-imposed transfat status they adopted.

I'm weeping at the authenticity of it all.

Anonymous said...

Fake? I don't know . . .

~ Stingray

Anonymous said...

Offtopic: Aussie TV anchor wears the same suit for a year, female coanchor reveals that most of the 'sexist' criticism over her outfits comes from other females, "can't explain why".

Sentient Spud said...

This blog is about my struggle as a person with thin privilege, (physically, I'm 5',6" and 135 lbs) but also as a transfat, (internally I am about 5'8" and somewhere around 240 to 310 lbs) with this identification, I suffer from fat discrimination as well, a concept known as oppression duality.

Is there a term for people who are actually comic book characters? I've always identified internally as Bruce Wayne.

Jeff Burton said...

Vox, you should have linked to the site and the comment. We are through the looking glass, here, people. At first I thought this comment was an obvious parody. When I found the blog on which the comment was hosted, I thought the whole blog was a parody. Now, I am not sure of anything. After trawling through a lot of posts and comments, I see that it is tearing SJW's apart. If either are parodies, those responsible are brilliant 5 star psy-ops grade provocateurs.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Very entertaining.

LAZ said...

"Fake. Nobody that far gone can escape the asylum long enough to catch a bus. They put trackers on that kind of crazy."

You haven't met my cousin, who has spent half her life in the psych ward in 3 month stents. It's like clockwork, gets out and everything is fine until one day a couple months down the line somebody pisses her off. That kind of violent crazy is around you every day and people don't even realize it until they come face to face with it.

Sentient Spud said...

That kind of violent crazy is around you every day and people don't even realize it until they come face to face with it.

Indeed. Reminds me of an encounter I had with a crazy fellow a few years back. Dude was chatting it up with some nurses in an ER waiting room like an ordinary guy. I figured he was there visiting a patient. Five minutes later, he's is agitatedly broadcasting to the entire building how me and my visibly sick mother thought we owned the building because we chose to use the only available seating, near a telephone he spontaneously decided to use. (Apparently, we wanted to spy on his conversation.) He apparently didn't much appreciate my ignoring him for my smartphone and threatened to get violent.

Interestingly, when the administrator showed up for the obligatory customer reassurance/damage control speech, she noted that he wasn't "normally" that bad. He was apparently a loquacious regular who hangs around the ER primarily to chat up the staff.

They are not merely around us every day, they are quite literally enabled by medical professionals.

Bob said...

heh obviously that's taking the piss.

Remember reading one from some weirdo who identified as a fucking lizard or something. That one actually looked sincere. Look up the 'kin stuff. Crazy shit.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Cool, posts like this push me to workout that extra hour or 2 Lord willing.

Bob Loblaw said...

This is funny as hell.

Mindstorm said...

Otherkin? More extreme version of furries. Some even go as far as cosmetic surgeries.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

so to rebound it will be 4 big chocolate pies for dinner

Old Harry said...

That was funny. I'm betting that one of The Ilk wrote it.

Jason said...

I can't tell if this is a joke. My initial thought is to dismiss it as a joke but then I remember watching InternetAristocrats Tumblrisms videos. This seems positively well adjusted by tumblr standards.

Anonymous said...

D.Lane said: "Fake. Nobody that far gone can escape the asylum long enough to catch a bus. They put trackers on that kind of crazy."

Uhhh, Harry Reed is in the Senate.

Sentient Spud said...

Uhhh, Harry Reed is in the Senate.

There's nothing unusual about a clown being part of a circus.

Unknown said...

It's courageous and brave people like this that inspire me to spend every waking moment at the gun range.

I'll check your privilege for you........

Harambe said...

Jason said...

This is gold and the one that makes me unable to tell if this is true.

Internet Aristocrat on Ableism

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