Thursday, November 20, 2014

It is remarkably true-to-life

Barbie: Computer Engineer


She then proceeds to give her computer a virus while failing to email her design ideas to the boys who must help her, and can’t figure out to reboot her computer. If that’s not bad enough, she also puts a virus on Skipper’s laptop, losing all her important homework files.

And yes, there’s more — a whole lot, including a scene where the boys tell Barbie she can fix things faster if they help, and the end where Barbie takes the credit for all the work she didn’t do and gets extra credit to boot:  ‘I guess I can be a computer engineer!” says Barbie happily.’
That is actually pretty much how one of the two female computer engineers "worked" at the first company I worked for. She was finally let go about five years later, when a department review turned up the remarkable fact that she had NEVER finished a single assignment over the entire term of her employment. Literally NONE of them. She would basically ask the different male programmers for help on different pieces of it, then try to kludge them together unsuccessfully until she managed to get herself transferred to a different project. Rinse and repeat.


Midknight said...

Predictably, the usual suspects are frothing at the mouth about it.

Shimshon said...

I haven't worked with female coders in a while, but the ones I have seemed competent to me. One even worked at the NSA before moving to Israel for a time, in the 1990s. These were observant married Jewish women with families to support and no axes to grind. They weren't great. They weren't likely to start their own business. But they kept up, pulled their weight, and could be relied on, taking into account that they tended to have kids every 2-3 years.

Don't know about today. This was back when CGI was still common (and slow) and no Javascript, CSS, or even cookies were still reasonable targets to develop to. Technically, there's a lot more to keep up with now. And with many concepts seeming to drop entirely from CS programs (pointers really seem to be going the way of the dodo), I wonder about the quality of both women AND men entering the field.

Did you see Andreessen's interview? He had a lot of good things to say. It's just too bad he buys into the gender-gap propaganda.

Personally, my experience has always been of one where a meritocracy applies more than in many other fields. Still, FIVE years!

Yohami said...

Sounds like a project manager I hired. For the first two months she shone saying everything was managed and up to deadline, only to fail and reveal she never tracked anything. Stayed for an extra week promising to turn things around (I was blue pill, wanted to save her), then came with a lawyer with the pretense she'd been working for me twice as long as she had and wanting money. Kicked her out, then she did the same con somewhere else.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Most female co-workers I have are in QA.

There is one who lives in Mexico (the current company I work for is international) and she is fairly competent. There is a Software Architect here as well and she is very competent.

But generally, there are very few female coders here.

Crowhill said...

The women's studies, SJW type is exactly the sort that loves to criticize the air-head, gorgeous "Barbie" type of woman. They know perfectly well that women like that exist in the world. They just don't want them to exist because they don't fit with their model of how womyn should be. So they can't argue against programmer Barbie by an appeal to reality. They can only say that it's bad because it's not the way they want the world to be.

The fact that little girls don't want to buy dolls styled after women's studies majors must drive the SJWs mad.

1sexistpig2another said...

From the link:

Basically this book enforces all the bad stereotypes about women/girls not being capable enough to compete with men/boys when it comes to careers in technology. Fantastic.

The criticisms are clear enough. No deviations from the script will be permitted (regardless of accuracy in the deviations). Women can do anything boys can do, and none dare say otherwise. Or else!

Mud huts anyone?

Crowhill said...

Women can do anything boys can do, and none dare say otherwise.

It's worse than that. Any and every woman has to be portrayed as capable of doing anything that any man can do. So, while in the real world there are people who are designers and need the help of programmers, no woman can be portrayed that way. She has to be a designer and a programmer (and anything and everything else as well).

1sexistpig2another said...

Neither can they be portrayed as having lower PTs and test scores just to compete with men. Yes indeed it is worse.

1sexistpig2another said...

As a matter of fact, it turns out that all of the little dirty secrets revealing the inadequacy of females in male spaces (including those that were understood to be male spaces in decades gone by) are taboo for reports, discussions, or even stories.

Henry said...

The book should have been called "I Can Be an IT Department Supervisor". Much more accurate. Barbie delegates projects to H1B visa holders working for minimum wage, and watches them crank out Javascript while collecting $80K per year.

anotheronetakesthepill said...

Not to mention that no programmer girl would look like a Barbie in the real world (or if she looked she surely wouldn't be worried about all this feminist nonsense)

Bob Loblaw said...

I've been writing software for 25 years. One of the best programmers I know is a woman. She's very much an outlier, though. Most of them are far below average, and the few who aren't tend to go into management or sales within a few years because either they can't handle the hours or can't handle the lack of human interaction.

Dexter said...

I have had plenty of female coworkers who affix themselves to a beta orbiter host and expect him to do her job as well as his. Often as not, when the work suffers, he gets fired (ironically, sometimes for "harassment" of her even though he never had any hope of getting any) and she moves on to a new host.

Anonymous said...

I have had plenty of female coworkers who affix themselves to a beta orbiter host and expect him to do her job as well as his.

Whereas if you're ALPHA, your female coworkers will do your job as well as hers.

Dexter said...

If you are alpha, you do not want incompetent females interfering with your mission.

Make me coffee, stand there and look pretty -- yes.

Do my job for me -- no.

Because you can't!

Unknown said...


In the final chapter, she sleeps with several game journalists to make sure her game gets exposure and good reviews.

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