Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is no rape epidemic

Not in the USA, anyhow. Although I'm sure the importation of more Pakistani Muslims can correct that in a hurry.

Prof. Mark Perry comments: "FBI crime statistics reveal that far from an “epidemic” of an increasing frequency in rape in America, we’ve fortunately experienced exactly the opposite – the frequency of rape has been declining for more than two decades, and fell to a 41-year low in 2013."

What happened around 1990 that changed things so dramatically? My guess is that the rapid expansion of concealed carry laws has had a significant effect in reducing the frequency of actual rape as opposed to date rape, near rape, regret rape, and other forms of rape that take place only in the female imagination.


Michael Maier said...

Or women started mudsharking enough to defuse a certain segment of violence-prone men...

Alexander Thompson said...

DNA testing came about.

VHS and then Internet Porn.

Cataline Sergius said...

Well clearly and obviously, teaching men not to rape, just plain works!

Markku said...

What happened around 1990 that changed things so dramatically?

Men everywhere realized that raping was "so last decade".

Hanns Strudle extra gooey said...

Maury debuted?

Anonymous said...

eh, reporting fell off because slut shaming. Well, that's what the fembots will claim, anyway.The FBI can't claim numbers it doesn't have, after all.

I was a child in the 80s and too young to understand much about sex, but I did sense a loosening of standards and acceptable behavior. By the time I was in public HS, it was widely known and somewhat overlooked that kids would go to hourly rate motels for hookups and sex parties. Coming from 10 years of Catholic school and being a non-trendy dork, I was a bit shocked that such things were OK with parents. Boomer parents, I'll add, as a follow to your post on VP. The waters of Free Love eventually trickled down into the mud puddle. They didn't know, but they also didn't care, and assumed their kids were off doing the same kind of world-saving stuff the parents had done, or something of the sort.

So, forcible rape becomes less provable if it ever happened at all. I wonder how many prior "forcible rape" cases were prosecuted as such when they were really regret/date variety, reported by women of bygone eras who knew that fathers, brothers, and future husbands recognized and desired virtue. No, I'm not placing the blame on men at all, but loose women seemed to be able to use "rape" as a means to cover their virtue. Overall, we all stopped caring about standards, and women went partying on now that they didn't have to guard their virtue, as no one was going to hold them accountable for their bad behavior.

Also, widespread and anonymous availability of birth control. Yes, it had been available since the 60s/70s but was mostly given to married women looking to control their family size in that, you know, awful male dominated baby mill known as marriage. But by the late 80s and early 90s, all a girl over 16 needed to do was say she was sexually active and her doc would give her the Rx no questions asked, no parental notice. Planned Parenthood would give it away for free or a small fee. It became absurdly easy to have (superficially) consequence-free sex.

I don't know where this all ends up. Like the conquered Etruscans, I guess, but I hope and pray not. Biblical morality...this has all been seen and done before. It's almost like the Bible should have a subtitle that reads "Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt."

Double Minded Man said...

This fits in nicely with the leaded gasoline-crime link. There has been found a twenty year delay between the amount of lead in gasoline (therefor in the environment) and the rate of crime. It is presumed by its proponents that the lead negatively affected the development of so many who then later became criminals. The rise and fall does track quite well, on many different types of crime. Below is one of many such articles


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The so-called "rape epidemic" is simply an excuse for a power grab on the part of feminists and their white knighting beta-boy mangina hangers-on.

totenhenchen said...

"...I'm sure the importation of more Pakistani Muslims can correct that..."

White male perps or it didn't happen.

PhantomZodak said...

free internet porn became easily accesible in the 90s.

Retrenched said...

Probably the rise of concealed carry, along with higher minimum sentences for violent felons and drug dealers and such.

Retrenched said...

This was also around the time that boomers started progressing towards middle age.

1sexistpig2another said...

Well clearly and obviously, teaching men not to rape, just plain works!

LOL - Well played sir.

TurbineGuy said...

Internet porn.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk 90s porn. You were downloading 1 picture every 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile video porn had been available on VHS for two decades, and you could drop a couple bucks on Huster and get the same amount of content that it would take your computer all night to download.

So when you say 90s porn reduced the number of a rapes, what you seem to be implying is that the psychological profile of somebody that would pin a woman down and penetrate her really just needed the cost of visual masturbation aids to drop from $50/mo to $20/mo. And that beyond that, a large segment of potential rapists were well off (computers were running around $3k at the time if memory serves me) and were early adopters of technology.

jimmy-jimbo said...

No rape epidemic so obviously the science is wrong and we must fight it.

Jokah Macpherson said...

The y-axis of that graph is kind of misleading. The underlying point is still valid but it would show a truer picture to start the axis at zero.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

If you believe the Freakanomics connection with abortion, it's because the people doing the raping weren't born as single (black) women from poor backgrounds had the highest number of abortions.
So, the fewer poor black men you have, the lower the crime rate.
It's very morbid when it's presented like that.

Vincent Castrillo said...

I think around 1990, people (even those in bubbles) started realizing that going around blacks leads to bad consequences so many middle to upper whites began avoiding them everywhere. White flight stats point to around this date as the beginning of this cascade. Lower class whites who chose to stay around blacks often will not report crimes or see them as something other than an horrendous crime. Also, despite feminism's bs to the contrary, the Lifetime movies that so clearly show that men rape women and it is SO NOT YOUR FAULT, women have still internalized that maybe going out alone at night is a stupid idea. It's like many women act according to a non-existent patriarchy while pretend timing feminist ideals in public.

Or why game exists......

LAZ said...

I could see white flight starting then. 1990 was when they started shipping the poor (black) kids from across the county to go to my school.

Mindstorm said...

The solution: redefine rape to include less grave offences up to sexual harassment. /s

Mansizedtarget.com said...

We're locking up lots of potential rapists on long sentences for drug crimes. I know everyone hates the drug war i these libertarian parts, but that's a benefit. Concealed carry has only a marginla impact Even John Lott says this in his book More Guns, Less Crime.

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