Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nagging kills

Women may not actually be trying to kill the men in their lives, but it appears at least some women are literally nagging their husbands to death:
Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen said having a nagging partner can significantly shorten one’s life, and could result in three extra deaths per 100 people per year.

The study also said people nagged by their spouses are more likely to get heart disease and cancer.... The study also says men in particular are at risk. Men who said they faced ‘many’ demands from their partner or family and friends were more than twice as likely to die compared to women in the same category who were 34 per cent more likely to die.
In other words, a woman placing many demands on her husband increases his chance of death by 68 percent. She might want to think about that the next time she loses her temper over his failure to take out the trash. Perhaps she might consider simply taking it out herself rather than increase her chances of being stuck doing it herself for the rest of her life.


Matamoros said...

Maybe they want their husbands to die so they can inherit. Less stigmatizing than divorce.

Anonymous said...

I am sure they die from wanting to die. Not too much makes a man want to die more than a nagging bitch at home. Funny enough solipsism of the bitch means she's also angry at him for dying and leaving her alone, instead of realizing someone DIED to get away from her.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I know of a really good way for a chap to avoid being nagged to death by his wife.

Salt said...

There's also suicide.

Anonymous said...

Of the many things I'm grateful to my husband for, one is that he broke me early in our marriage of my propensity to nag. It is awesome to be free of that unnecessary anger and bitterness.

Acksiom said...

Nagging drove my father to a massive hemo stroke and crippled him for the last 14 years of his life.

The same night he got out of constant care after six months from critical to intensive to etc. the goddam cunt started physically abusing him, picking up his useless left arm and throwing it at his chest, screaming, "YOU'RE FINE! YOU CAN MOVE YOUR ARM! STOP FAKING!"

Moved us out that night into corporate housing. Ended up taking care of her too, finally, when she had an unidentifiable CVE.

I am pretty much a no-nag zone, and I don't mean just directed towards me. I don't fucking care who you are, I will get right up in your fucking face about it, because I am more than happy to displace all the rage I had to swallow while caring for her onto someone else.

ThirdMonkey said...

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband,
But she who shames him is like rottenness in his bones. - Solomon

I've watched my mother bitch at my father for 35 years. He's 60, and has advanced osteoporosis, and will probably die in 5 years. Because he can. My wife has heeded Solomon's wisdom, and she would never speak to me on her worst day the way my mother speaks to my father on a normal day. Zero tolerance for that crap. On the flip side, I treat her like my bride and not my housekeeper, so she's less inclined to do so. She's figured out that if I haven't done it, it's not important for me, and she better do it herself if she wants it done. If she's pleasant, ask nicely ONCE, most of the time I'm wrapped around her little finger. A guy will do most anything for a pleasant, feminine woman.
A man who lets his wife lead him around by the nose is nothing but a bitch. A woman who keeps her husband's balls in her purse is nothing but a bitch. Live a long and fulfilling life together; don't be a bitch to or for each other.

Whiskey said...

Women only nag men who they have lost sexual desire for.

See the Other McCain's post on the Rad-Fem lunatic who wants to exterminate men (and their technology):

"I’ve known all along that patriarchy would collapse. It confirms what we have been hearing more or less explicitly for some time now. It also confirms some visions that women have shared with me. I myself have been saying it out loud for a while, that men’s system will collapse, maybe not so much online. My only question was whether men would destroy the rest of us in their demise or if some of us would survive. We now have the answer. It appears that men will take everything away with them.
Men, homo rapiens, you scum, you filth. There is no word to describe the extent of your evil, you are pure evil, pure lechery. I hate you, how I hate you. In the 250,000 years of your rotten, defunct existence, you have managed to kill 5 million years of life on earth. . . .
The unstoppable death-machine has always only been orchestrated by the homo rapiens. By men. YOU. Women are not and have never been responsible for the atrocities committed by men, for men’s global industrial rape and death system. By lying and deceiving you are continuing to be part of the problem, because you are masking the fact that the obvious solution all the time, long before the extinction of all life was impending, was to depopulate the earth of males or to reduce them to manageable levels again — only by doing so would have men’s patriarchal and industrial necrophilic sado-system come to an end without destroying the rest of life."

tl:dr version: too many icky beta males make her angry. Where are all her sexy Alpha males?

As far as nagging goes, that seems a champ (though directed at all men save Clooney and Pitt). Guys want to be appreciated by their women, not shown disdain and hatred. No wonder they die early.

What men need to do in order to be loved though, is be sexy. Nothing else matters if the sexy is not there. So, make sure guys you are always being sexy. That's job #1. Everything else has to go afterwards. Particularly if you are married. Game has never been so important, as when women don't really need men or a husband (see comment above).

When women needed men, for protection and sustenance, the sort of insane anti-male ranting above would have been impossible. Now, it's feminist orthodoxy. The craziness subsidized by wealth.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey - When women needed men, for protection and sustenance, the sort of insane anti-male ranting above would have been impossible.

I agree with you Whiskey, I changed when it finally dawned on me - 1) my husband is bigger, stronger, more determined, and louder; 2) he doesn't give a rat's ass if he's put a dish in the dishwasher - at all - let alone the way I want him to (even if he says he will, he doesn't!); & 3) he makes all the money. As mentioned above, getting over myself and bent to micromanage (i.e., to be perpetually dissatisfied) was one of the most liberating changes I ever experienced. It's another gift I got by being married to a man who knew if he wanted he could get another woman and he didn't take me particularly seriously. Really, the stuff you read here about how to behave as an Alpha, it works. Actually took me reading here to stop being "confused" by my husband's behavior: i realized him ignoring me, not responding to me, walking out of the room when I was talking, was ALSO why he was a damn good man.

What I don't get is my parents. My mother was totally dependent on my father and a BITCH. Why did he let her do this to him? I suspect in private, she behaved submissively, but when there's even one other person in the room, she was lippy and ugly.

Retrenched said...

'It's another gift I got by being married to a man who knew if he wanted he could get another woman and he didn't take me particularly seriously.'

And that, in a nutshell, is the essence of relationship game. A woman cannot love or respect a man unless she knows that he could get another woman tomorrow if she left him.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother.

the dude said...
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Ron said...

@Laguna beach

How did he do it?

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Men must make every effort to not let women stress them into a migraine, heart attack or stroke. It happens every day, the woman is an ungrateful, toxic pain in the butt. Endless demands, impossible goals, all vexations, all a waste. But the wife or GF stressing the man out costs him his health.
Most women are covetous, moody and never happy, the men try and lose their health, sense of self, happiness all for the henhouse harpy with the maturity of a child but the hypergamous iq of something evil.

Anonymous said...

I immediately sent this to my mother, on mother's day no less. She needs to know that she's a risk factor for my dad getting another stroke, lol.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@ Some dude ~

Don't get married. This can all be avoided.

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