Friday, March 14, 2014

What women want, part 2

This is taken from a newly published book description. Any questions:
Grigore Lupei is the youngest member of Alpha Trio, the secret Shifter police squad. He’s always been the joker, the charmer, the fun one.

Lately though, seeing with his older brothers with their gorgeous Mates, wallowing in happiness and reeking of sex, is starting to take its toll. It’s getting harder for him to pretend he’s happy with a string of meaningless conquests when what he really wants is something like what Drei and Em have found.

But spending time at the bottom of a bottle is a dangerous prospect for a someone in Grig’s line of work, especially with the vampires plotting to kidnap Cat, Em’s human Mate, to use for their nefarious purposes.

And an ambush one night when he’s drunk and alone might just prove to be his undoing...and threaten the Alpha Trio forever.

Until a vision with silky black hair, plump red lips, and a deadly blade shows up to save him. Kall says she can help Grig and his brothers stop the vampire threat once and for all – but can he trust the mysterious, dangerous stranger?

Will she bring peace and safety to the Alpha Trio...or something else entirely?

Fans of Stephenie Meyer, Bella Andre, and Kristan Higgins will love this quirky action-romance series with strong, independent women and sexy alpha heroes.
Strong independent women? Check.
Sexy alpha males? Check.
Unhappy with string of meaningless conquests? Check.
Envious of monogamy? Check.
Necrobestial sex? Check.

Ye cats....


CarpeOro said...

Ahh, but is the strong woman's hair cut high and tight? It can still be dark and silky of course. It would make her all the more alluring for being a strong enough to be different.

Anonymous said...

@CarpeOro: Like this chick?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Long ago I got the hint that this stuff sells. And if a chap dedicated some time to writing a halfway decent story that checked all the right boxes, he could probably make some money.

Anonymous said...

That strong independent woman will ultimately end up being a conquest for the sex scenes. Otherwise, women wouldn't like it.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Yes, my question is if it was LONG silky black hair, or just silky black hair.

Because we've been repeatedly told that having long hair is very difficult to maintain, especially for a working warrior woman.

Peregrine John said...

Maybe, climber, but somehow every detective, ninja, superheroine, and Stalker Of Bad Things manages to maintain it.

Trust said...

Come on authors, listen to what the ladies want and write books about nice guys who treat them well. This nonsense about observing what they respond to gets old.

Sarcasm over

Anonymous said...
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Black Poison Soul said...

Stalking the Night Fantastic, heheheh! Sex, glam, sex, violence, sex, discontent, sex. I wonder how many pages of description of the Alpha Trio and the Vision of Lust there are. Oh, and sex.

Vampires are like cats. If they didn't have *grace*and *style* then everybody would dislike the little bastards for the cruel little shitbags that they are.

Now, I wonder how well a vampire book would sell if the strong, independent, sexy heroine were offed by her vampire lover in a moment of sexual bloodlust-and-frenzy. The Alpha Vampire would brood over her mutilated corpse for maybe thirty seconds then shrug and say philosophically: "Ah well. Just another dead human woman - there's millions more out there."

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

plump red lips

Bitchez gonna botox.

Anonymous said...

Who reads that off the back cover and thinks, I should spend $6 on this?

Bob said...

Women who describe 50 Shades as "Two lost souls who find eachother"...
I'm fucking serious. Also Christian Gray is "protective, loving and caring" and no creepy / psychopathic, heh.

Female mind is fucked up beyond repair.

Bob said...

Also something I've noticed recently here in England is that a lot of young girls (20s) seem to have secret "Masters". There's at least three I've talked to recently (and a 4th who even wanted me to be hers) who have either previously, or currently been "owned" by "their dom", (usually quite weird / fucked up guys). This isn't always just in sexual ways too, another was kept on a leash, and in a cage and alsorts, and she loved it.

These otherwise would be normal, decent (but not the shy, sweet, lovely kind) girls on first appearance / speaking to. One amusing experience was with one who came over as she suddenly wanted to fuck, turned out that was because it was really "her dom" who was effectively renting her out, as he liked to watch vids of other guys cum on her socks after seeing her sucking them off. Yes, really..

Of course I did it anyways, then fucked her brains out after too, but it was still amusing when I thought to myself that it was a bloody good job I hadn't been letting myself see anything more in her beforehand. Even better was when I saw her online a few days after, proclaiming to people not to expect sex from her as she didn't fuck on the first date etc, right after she'd done exactly that with me! Gave me a good laugh.

It's been a big, big eye opener now that I've started noticing it. I can only imagine the amount of girls who are like this, and that's not even counting the ones who have normal boyfriends, ongoing fuckbuddies (EXTREMELY common), or just other blokes they have lined up ready. They pretend they're sweet and nice and "looking for love" and so on, but otherwise with other guys, they're complete whores. Basically for women, sex is "on tap", they can have it delivered like a pizza at a moment's notice.

Kinda destroys the old aspiration of looking for a good, sweet wife / girlfriend, knowing that they either have been, or are still like that..

Duke of Earl said...

And by reading that blurb you pretty much know the entire story already.

Unimaginative, very unimaginative.

Markku said...

Heh, just in my clan in Clash of Clans a guy (an OBVIOUS playa judging by his Facebook page) said "women usually call me Master".

I thought it was a joke.

So naive...

Matamoros said...

A good article on the problem. Worse Than the Black Death? The “Second Demographic Transition”

Bob said...

"Heh, just in my clan in Clash of Clans a guy (an OBVIOUS playa judging by his Facebook page) said "women usually call me Master".

I thought it was a joke.

So naive...

Yeah exactly, I knew SOME girls were into that, but not on this scale, and the ones who you'd think were perfectly normal otherwise. I try and make sure to slip the subject into things somehow after a bit of talking, it's amazing what they come out and tell you, as if it's attractive.

Just imagine the prospect of getting with what you think is a nice lass, and really she's (or was) someone else's "property", still seeing that person as "their dom" because "it doesn't count". Or just finding out your sweet gf was previously rented out to guys for blowjobs and vids of random guys cumming on their socks, then fucking their brains out at the first meet..

It's really seeming to be common here :/

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@Bob ~ If you put your experiences into written book form, I'm sure you'd make quite a packet.

I'd get a chuckle if some enterprising Manosphere writers started publishing books detailing their exploits with the opposite sex, under female names.

Markku said...

I didn't mean it like that; the sexual dynamic makes complete sense to me. I just didn't come to think of the option that it wasn't a joke.

Bob said...

@Laguna, I'm no classic "Alpha" (though I'm trying to recalibrate a little), and just I'm seeing all this stuff. Imagine what the actual preselected Alpha guys see and get, from all manner of women. I'd be switched off from romance for life heh.

And Marrku I get the master / slave thing in the sexual way, and the lady being submissive too, but these girls are doing it with ANYONE, not well-balanced, strong men. The "masters" that these girls have seem to be absolutely fucked up and really missing something. The type to self-harm and wear makeup (yes, as men) etc.

Markku said...

Yeah, I kinda figured what kind of people the men would be. Still, it's the kind of societal dysfunction that has its internal logic. One that, when you figure it out, you go "of course it would be like that".

Akulkis said...

Bob, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the "masters" are BPDs (Borderline Personality Disroder)... they are the personificationof the "dark triad" types, and tend to be both "naturally" seductive (ironically due to severe neglect or abuse going back to infancy), and abusive themselves.

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