Saturday, November 17, 2012

MMSL tl:dr version

Athol makes it short and sweet:
(1)  You can’t fix Batshit Crazy. Only medicate it, or run.
(2)  If you are being beaten by your spouse, or they are smashing up the house… film it and dial 911.
(3)  You aren’t a doctor. Don’t start, stop, change, or throw away any medication.
(4)  If there was no sex at the beginning of the marriage… don’t expect any now.
(5)  If you take a cheater back, do it only once. Otherwise you’ll just be cheated on forever.
 I laughed, I did.  Read the rest there.


Angel said...

It is amazing to Grandpa that this has to be written.

Anonymous said...

It's also amazingly good advice. I'm going to post it *credited and linked of course* on my Facebook.


Templar said...

I thought that was all common sense! On an off topic note - an article by a woman in Denmark wondering where all the big Vikings went! Instead, they have metrosexuals.

crazyivan498 said...

all except never call the police

Anonymous said...

Agree about not calling the police with a caveat: If the police are going to be called anyway, either then or sometime in the future, make sure you are the one to do it, after taking appropriate precautions (filming, recording, etc.). Same goes for divorce filing. Otherwise, she gets to choose venue and her story becomes the narrative, which means you are truly and totally screwed. Of course you could be screwed even if you are the one to call/file, but best to give yourself as much of a fighting chance as you can.

Athol Kay said...

Thanks for the link love Vox

rycamor said...

I agree with the list except for the M.Deity concept of doctors and drugs. Having a nurse for a wife, I have heard and witnessed some truly hair-raising stories about doctors and the willy-nilly, careless prescription of drugs. I take Ronald Reagan's classic advice to heart: "Trust, but verify."

Americans comprise about 5% of the world's population, but consume about 50% of the world's pharmaceuticals. 1 out of every 2 Americans is on at least one prescription drug. 1 out of every 5 children is. This can't be right. It really is up to the individual to do his own homework, because the medical system will own you if you let it. And it's only going to get worse with O'MamaCare

Yes, I know there are people who really need medication, but I suspect that 95% of those currently on drugs would be fine with adequate diet, sun, and exercise (and freedom from the stresses of modern corporate/government meddling).

Brian said...

I got mt gf, who obviously did not have ADHD, off Adderall. Best thing for her. I wouldn't even bother to medicate batshit crazy, just run. Otherwise, these are correct.

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