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19th century Philosopher Game

Schopenhauer explains why it is a dangerous game to take women at face value:
[I]t will be found that the fundamental fault of the female character is that it has no sense of justice. This is mainly due to the fact, already mentioned, that women are defective in the powers of reasoning and deliberation; but it is also traceable to the position which Nature has assigned to them as the weaker sex. They are dependent, not upon strength, but upon craft; and hence their instinctive capacity for cunning, and their ineradicable tendency to say what is not true. For as lions are provided with claws and teeth, and elephants and boars with tusks, bulls with horns, and cuttle fish with its clouds of inky fluid, so Nature has equipped woman, for her defence and protection, with the arts of dissimulation; and all the power which Nature has conferred upon man in the shape of physical strength and reason, has been bestowed upon women in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman, and almost as much a quality of the stupid as of the clever. It is as natural for them to make use of it on every occasion as it is for those animals to employ their means of defence when they are attacked; they have a feeling that in doing so they are only within their rights.
Now, the obvious female response will be an instinctive one that tends to underline Schopenhauer's point, which is to accuse him of having been a misogynist and promptly refusing to pay any attention to what he has written. It's an understandable and perfectly natural reaction to what will almost surely be viewed as an attack. But this would be a massive mistake, because as it happens, Schopenhauer's conclusions are hardly singular when one considers the various great thinkers of human history who have addressed the subject. As a general rule, if you find yourself on the opposite side of the issue from individuals whose intelligence has been highly regarded for centuries, it's probably a good idea to take their position seriously even if you completely disagree with it at first glance.

What is interesting about this conceptual unity from the modern perspective is that these men were writing about sexual equality before the equalitarian era, which has subsequently confirmed in almost every way those statements that can now be reasonably described as prophetic assertions. Consider this statement, which could easily be written today in response to the female relationship with the welfare state:
That woman is by nature meant to obey may be seen by the fact that every woman who is placed in the unnatural position of complete independence, immediately attaches herself to some man, by whom she allows herself to be guided and ruled.
The situation actually played out rather worse than Schopenhauer anticipated here, however, as women will readily attach themselves to an authority or even a mode of thought and obey it as slavishly as any man. This is why the great authoritarians of the world, including Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, and Mao were all strong supporters of sexual equality in politics.

But these are macro level subjects that Schopenhauer addresses, how do they apply in Game-related terms on the practical level? To give one example, Roosh explains the significance of the statement that "to pay them honour is ridiculous beyond measure and demeans us even in their eyes."
This is a fact that white knights will never understand. As any game practitioner knows, a woman does not respect you if you respect her. Call this sad or unfortunate but that’s the reality of human nature. Women do not like you if you attribute value to them that is not actually there. Complimenting a woman beyond her appearance, such as on her personality, courage, intelligence, or what have you, is a sure-fire way to not sleep with her. Even complimenting her beauty has become dangerous.
I think Roosh takes it a little too far initially and then dials it back to the correct observation. Men habitually praise women for things that do not merit praise in men. Being sensitive to dishonesty for the reasons Schopenhauer mentioned, women sense this and find it supplicating and contemptible in much the same manner men would. There is nothing wrong with granting respect to a woman, or to a child for that matter when it is merited, but it is fundamentally unmanly and dishonest to grant praise or respect for pedestrian actions or nonexistent qualities.


indyguy77@work said...

"Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and not given to dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, and for this very reason they are so quick at seeing through dissimulation in others that it is not a wise thing to attempt it with them."

Too. Awesome.

And only vibes with the view that the truth thrust rudely into the faces of women always works better than any deceit.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I'm always impressed with how our forebears had a much better grasp of the true nature of women (and men) than we have today.

when I was younger I was always contemptuous of the butt kissing compliments many men gave to women. I rarely complimented a woman. On a subconscious level, I learned that not giving two sh*ts about their opinions meant I ended up juggling women. Beta males were always tearing me down to women. It simply enhanced my appeal.

The moment I started thinking of women as 'equals' (whatever that means) was the moment my appeal diminished. It took some time to correct (I had to 'review' my past experiences to understand on a conscious level what I instinctively understood before I ruined it with 'equality' notions.

- Apollyon

Markku said...

If you respect her, she, consciously or subconsciously knows that you don't understand her. Therefore you don't even objectively deserve her respect.

Markku said...

It just means that you've bought her bullshit.

mmaier2112 said...

So what if a woman actually shows tenacity or discipline that you actually DO admire?

One of my best friends shames me with her selflessness and compassion.

Another girl I know is a gym rat / runner and keeps her body smoking hot after losing a third of her body weight (her claim, at least).

How do you encourage or admire such traits without discouraging attraction?

More to keep in practice for myself and push towards positive outcomes in them, especially since both the women in question are going through seriously hard times personally right now.

But without some positive feedback, why shouldn't they just be of no character and slut it up or be a slob or whatever?

Especially when it seems like both women have other women telling them to "take it easy" all the time.

Anonymous said...

What's that quote from "Two mules for Sister Sara"? Something like "every woman I've ever known was a natural born liar."


SarahsDaughter said...

There is enough in this essay to provide a Game blogger material for months.

I recognize I'm an outlier/snowflake/NAWALT for understanding and agreeing with it. I posted on my FB the tips you suggested for women to do to combat feminism and was unfriended by 3 feminists in the process. I posted Danger & Play's link now. This should be interesting.

I feel a personal responsibility of helping women turn the corner to being honest with themselves of our true nature. It must be of great importance, I've experienced a backlash that can only be described as Satan's fury.

mmaier2112 said...

"and was unfriended by 3 feminists" I believe that should fall under the same heading as "if you loan a friend $30 and never see them again... isn't that worth it?"

Stingray said...


It's not that you should not show a woman respect. It is that the respect needs to actually be earned. Like Vox said, Roosh takes it too far. You cannot praise a woman for silly, everyday things or things to just blow up her skirt. A lot of women will feel shame when a man does this (and then it switches and becomes tedious), mostly because we truly know that we are not that good and simply don't deserve it.

However, if there are things that we do deserve, such as what you described, then yes, respect can be paid. Do it concisely and sincerely. Don't dwell on it too long or she will think you don't mean it. Also, I think it important to stick to her actions and not what kind of person you think she is. I think woman actually like to have their actions pedestalized, but never themselves.

Stingray said...


Does one have to have a Facebook account to read your page? I don't do Facebook, but I would be interested in seeing your page. I have no idea how it works, though.

Cryan Ryan said...

Another great post. Some day I hope to see Alpha Game in paperback. I would buy a copy for every young man in my family, and for the sons of every one of my friends. I'd buy a whole box of books.

indyguy77@workwastingyourtaxdollars said...

"Do it concisely and sincerely."

I got that part down. I tend to be to the point (to a fault). And I don't tend to gush about anything, except awesome guitar players like Paul Gilbert.

Stingray said...

I tend to be to the point (to a fault)

I don't know about most women, but some of us do find that an admiral trait. It's shocking at first, and then quite refreshing.

indyguy77@work said...

Seeing the shock is half the fun. Watching women desparately flounder for comebacks makes for good times too.

My weakness is forcing women (and emotional men too) to address the issues at hand instead of letting them draw me into emotionally-led sidebars.

Keeping frame... that's something I need to keep working on.

indyguy77@work said...

The other issue is how EASY it is to do all this.

When you never do it, you sort of expect a shitstorm when you first actually put it into play.

But that simply doesn't happen often, and if it does you just stay focused and don't allow yourself to react to emotionalism.

And MAN am I pissed!! I just realized something while typing this. It works so well I hate myself for not taking all of this to heart a decade or so ago.

ESPECIALLY because I specifically noticed how nice my sister in law became when I decided to STOP taking her shit in stride and allow myself to noticibly bristle and stand up to her instead of going along to get along.

For a semi-smart dude, I am a seroiusly dense moron at times.

Markku said...

"Unfriended by a feminist"

That just has inherent comic value. Bet you couldn't say it with a straight face.

Stingray said...

The other issue is how EASY it is to do all this.

Yeah, no kidding. Try being a woman who does this. It is fun to see the looks on their faces, but they don't respect you afterward, they hate you.

mmaier2112 said...

I could try being a woman that does that... but I like my various parts too much. And it's probably hard to walk in heels.

Stingray said...

Oh man. Please don't try. Really. It's not worth giving up those parts or walking in heels. Those bastards hurt. ; )

SarahsDaughter said...

Stingray, as far as I know, you do need a FB account to view pages. When you're ready to take the plunge, let me know, I'll be your friend. :)

Stingray said...


Heh, can't see it happening any time soon, but thanks!

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