Friday, December 2, 2011

The high art of pigs

This is what happens when you educate women and then ask them to produce art:
She admits she has a fear of germs. But for her new art installation, Miru Kim has decided to live with pigs for 104 hours, non-stop. The former medical student is staying in a pen at the front of one of the galleries at Art Basel Miami 2011, and visitors can watch her, naked, through the window.

'When I mingle with pigs, I feel my existence more than ever,' she said Spending four days naked inside a glass box living and sleeping with pigs might not be everyone idea of fun, but the performance artist calls it high art. She will eat and sleep alongside the animals for the next four days.
Note that Kim is a "former medical student". This is a woman who is more intelligent and better educated than the average woman, almost certainly more so than the average woman inclined to have a conniption over the rational conclusions to be drawn from Kim's artistic vision. What is now condemned as the historical sexual oppression of women produced Mozart and Monet. Liberating women, educating them and encouraging them make their own choices has produced Miru Kim sleeping naked with pigs. What an exemplary vision of human progress!

Can there be any doubt that after 30 more years of highly educated women high art will consist of women with PhDs being fucked by pigs in public?

I defy any delta or gamma who places women on pedestals to deny that reading the linked article doesn't put a crack, however minor, in his pedestal.


Vae Victus said...

You are far too optimistic. Women will be having sex with pigs for free and in public in no more than 10 years.

rycamor said...

She is not even the first woman to have such a high artistic calling.

Mike M. said...

"Former medical student" = Idiot admitted to pre-med program to inflate their diversity numbers, then flunked out as a freshman.

Giraffe said...

MMM. Bacon.

South TX said...

Good Lord. You can't make this shit up.

Daniel said...

"Fear of germs" drove her to pigs the same way they drove her to medical school. It makes me wonder what sort of diseases her rationalization hamster might be carrying...

JCclimber said...

I realized while viewing this that we are bearing witness to a psychologically damaged woman. Very damaged. Unfortunately, I met some women like this during my pre-Christian single days in San Francisco.

You can be talking to them, (and some of the absolute craziest ones look stunningly hot), and suddenly all the subconscious signals that have been bothering you for the last 2 minutes click into place. And you realize you are talking to someone so fundamentally damaged that you wonder how even God can save them.

Yet He can.

RVT said...

She's just an attention whore. Women love to hog the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

"Kim, the daughter of a Korean philosopher, has gained notoriety for stripping off and photographing herself naked in strange places"


Anonymous said...

Female art is always so dionysian.

And of course women will be persuing porcinophilic sex, did you not see Leda and the Swan? Of course, men are not entirely blameless.

All in favor? Neighhhhh.

SarahsDaughter said...

Okay, so it hasn't been touted as "Art," however:

"Liberating women, educating them and encouraging them make their own choices has produced Miru Kim sleeping naked with pigs." - Really?

I would care less that you make this blog an absolute joke, however, we have had our 15 year old son read it in order to come to understand his internal struggles better. RM - Thank you.

VD said...

"Liberating women, educating them and encouraging them make their own choices has produced Miru Kim sleeping naked with pigs." - Really?

Yes, really. You appear to be having a difficult time understanding cause and effect. Do you think a woman without a high level of education would even conceive of living naked with pigs, calling it art, and doing so successfully? And do you truly imagine that a woman like Miss Kim would be permitted to indulge in her art in any Islamic culture or any Western culture prior to women receiving the right to vote?

I would care less that you make this blog an absolute joke, however, we have had our 15 year old son read it in order to come to understand his internal struggles better.

This is not a joke. If you wish your son to be undeceived about reality, then you must first undeceive yourself. The fact that you may not think like Miss Kim does not mean that many other women he will encounter will not.

SarahsDaughter said...

That is where I am naive. Miss Kim is Korean, it is not a stretch of my imagination that she sees herself as artistic, having lived in Korea and understanding their ungodly culture. I can not conceive of this shit as art. However, after much discussion, redlegben has convinced me that this may be what our east coast and west coast feminists might enjoy as art. And you're right, by no means is this acceptable without the abomination that is feminism/woman's suffrage.

I am sickened that this is the mentality of today's women. I cringe for what my son might encounter. I'm extremely thankful that we live in the midwest, though I know it will be tainted by this abomination in no time.

It is so disgusting to me that I had a true emo/hamster moment about it. After talking with redlegben about it, knowing he is far more "cultured" than I am, I understand better. I am no less disgusted.

rycamor said...

SD - click on my link above to see that such a thing can indeed happen in Western culture. In some ways that was worse, because the woman actually posed naked with *dead* pigs and called it high art.

And yes, of course, such decadence is not solely female (thinking of Robert Mapplethorpe, or the guy who displayed rotting carcasses, or any number of post-modernist fools), but the women who embrace this sort of expression seem to take it to the most ridiculous extremes of puerile self-abasement.

modernguy said...

In this culture, this is art. This is a game blog. If you're not opposed to people screwing each other like animals, which is what game enables and tacitly encourages, then why would you be opposed to people actually screwing animals?

VD said...

modernguy, if you can't stop ankle-biting, you'll be banned here too.

You have repeatedly demonstrated that you have no Game, have no understanding of Game, and thus your attempts at criticizing it are simply irrelevant.

Fifi [Feeling is First] said...

This post commits 2 logical fallacies. First, ad hominem (circumstantial). Because you find this art installation disgusting & stupid, the artist must be disgusting & stupid. Second logical fallacy is category error of composition, arguing that all women are disgusting and stupid because Miru Kim does installation art with pigs.

Your conclusions are shrill and irrational. Women's liberation did not lead logically and irreversibly to sleeping with pigs.

I agree that this installation is disgusting and stupid, and I think Miru Kim should wear shorts & a tee shirt.

Daniel said...

She's smart enough to lay down naked with gilts - a boar would have gone hog wild.

When a highly educated woman undresses for swine and lays in their filth, the liberated society will call it art. The sane one will call it what it really is.

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