Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Alternative to Cold Approaches

RM's post on cold approaches inspired me to write a post about the power of using familiarity to create attraction in the opposite sex. It has limitations, i.e. LJBF, but can also be productive. Don't overlook the potential of "consequential strangers."

If you're interested, it just went up at Hooking Up Smart:


Orville said...

There's an actual word for this... propinquity. Only useful thing I learned in sociology class.

Desert Cat said...

Familiarity Game worked well for me back in the day. But I think one of your commenters nailed it--it is way overused today and thus less effective. That and the rapidity with which young women apply the "creeper" label, makes it less successful than it once was.

Not that it can't work, but if this is advice to Omegas and Gammas, they've got to know the hazards. "Trying to be friendly" and at the same time being poorly socially calibrated will get that "creep" branding iron whipped out faster than a six-shooter in Tombstone.

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