Monday, February 5, 2018

Poor innocent woman!

Modern feminism has made life increasingly ridiculous.

Women are strong and empowered, stronger than any man, capable of forging their own way in life!

Until they're afraid of losing their jobs, then they'll trade the boss sexual favors to stay employed.

This except from a story on Steve Wynn supposedly chasing a grandmother almost - almost - made me laugh out loud:

“You have so many new and young girls to choose from, and you know having sex with you makes me feel terrible,” the unidentified grandmother told Wynn, according to the sworn statement from Wiggins. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?” 

Wynn reportedly responded that he had never had sex with a grandmother, court records allege. 

Three other waitresses who were part of the lawsuit told the Review-Journal last week that the unidentified grandmother had recounted her story to them shortly after Wynn allegedly made the comments. “I remember telling him I don’t like it,” the grandmother said last week. 

Despite her protests, she said the harassment by Wynn continued. 

Twice, the woman said, Wynn walked by her and slapped her butt in passing in front of customers and other staff as she was working on the casino floor. 

“That was embarrassing for me,” she said. You have so many new and young girls to choose from Steve Wynn Wynn often singled her out to bring him drinks even if he was in another server’s section, she said. “‘I have eight children to support. I need this money. And it’s not right for the other cocktail waitresses,’” she said she told him.

"He only laughed. That’s what he does — laugh.”

Eventually, after one of her shifts, Wynn told her he wanted to talk to her and invited her into a hotel room, she said. In the room, they talked, she recounted. 

According to the woman, Wynn then asked her for oral sex, which she says she performed on him. After that, the two had sex on multiple occasions, she said. “He didn’t force me or anything, but I did go,” she said. “But I felt so uncomfortable.”

You know, she could have just quit her job like a respectable person would.

"So uncomfortable!"

Not uncomfortable enough, obviously, or her virtue would still be intact.

Of course, she was already a single mother with eight children, so maybe not.

Either of my grandmothers would have slapped Steve across the face and marched home if he tried these shenanigans - not gone along with it.

But remember, kids:

Indiana University law professor Jennifer A. Drobac, who specializes in sexual harassment, said the woman was coerced into sex if she believed she could lose her job.

“Acquiescence is not consent,” Drobac said, adding that courts have made that distinction. “Even if someone goes along, it doesn’t mean they’re willing and enthusiastic.”

Great, thanks Jenny. I got your number.


Anonymous said...

A single mother of eight kids? That's one heckuva slut. Her only saving grace is that it wasn't eight abortions. No wonder Wynn saw her as an easy lay.

Haus frau said...

While i find unbelievable that this woman could not immediately find another comparable job in the service industry if she really felt that bad about screwing her rich boss, you would think Wynn could do better than a geriatric who's popped out 8 kids. That had to be one lose goose.

Bob Loblaw said...

It used to be there had to be some indication of a quid pro quo. To be in legal jeopardy you had to say something like "blow me if you want to keep your job" or even "that promotion could be yours if you were a little nicer to me". Now even if you didn't say it, as long as she hears it in her mind you're SOL. Sweet.

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