Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Worse than unbelievers

I heard of a very good, decent family who regularly shared how they were called to have "an open house." They hosted events, had people over for lunch, and enjoyed great discussions around the table with interesting people. All decent things to do.

Yet their desire to be hospitable went farther than it should have. They also rented a room to a foreign college student (they viewed this as a ministry opportunity), took in homeless men and let people in need stay in their home for months or even years at a time.

And their children paid for it. One of the sons was deliberately exposed to homosexual pornography as a young teenager thanks to their international renter (who, after leaving the house, came out as gay much to the Christian family's surprise). Another of the family's daughters left home early since she was uncomfortable with how one of the homeless men the parents helped had a habit of showing up in the yard outside her bedroom window.

Another time I heard the story of a Christian family who allowed a Russian exchange student to stay with them as a chance to "witness." The night before he returned to Russia, he raped their teenage daughter. 

Yet another Christian parent sent his young brain-damaged daughter to a special school program where she was raped by two boys who rode with her on the bus.

With tears in his eyes, he "forgave them."

To hell with that.

Too many Christians have glorious "calls from God" to do all kinds of things that sacrifice their own flesh and blood for the sake of strangers.

Guess what? That ain't God.

Paul called these people out in the book of Timothy:

"But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

With some of these people it seems to be pathological altruism. They simply do not understand how stupid they are. With others, they are low-status individuals seeking higher status through virtue-signaling. "Look at us! Look at how our family is so hospitable and loving!"

Meanwhile, their own children lose the family they should have had, and often more in the process. Sometimes they lose their innocence and even their lives.

Today Castalia House released The Last Closet by Moira Greyland.

Unlike Churchian parents who inadvertently allow their children to be sacrificed on the altar of hospitality, or diversity, or whatever else, Moira's parents deliberately brought evil into her home. They were evil - and they had evil people all around them who tore innocence away from children without a qualm of conscience.

Parents who would never dream of participating in or approving of the horrors Moira went through nevertheless set their children up for similar experiences with their stupid virtue signalling.

There are predators everywhere. Don't make their job easy. And don't be afraid of people telling you you're "mean" for not letting your kids go to sleepovers or for keeping your kids away from the Boy Scouts or the school camping trip.

Screw other people's feelings and guilt trip attempts. Your job is to protect your kids.


Aeoli said...

The world sees charity as weakness, and this attracts predators. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Keef said...

Very well said.

I'm excited you are taking up this mantle as Vox obviously doesn't have time and I'll be curios to see how your style manifests.


Revelation Means Hope said...

When seeing a white couple with some black children, you can always ask why they hate white children. Then you'll get a defensive rationalization about inequity, and feeling sorry for them being born in such a horrible part of the world, and blah blah blah.

The truth is, they ignored all the local orphans or unwanted births of their own race in their own state/country, and went through the months of paperwork and international adoption hassles to go somewhere else and adopt children that will always look at their parents and wonder WTF? And the children, for their entire childhood and life, will have to put up with "you're so lucky/blessed" to have those parents, never ever being able to pretend for a single second that they belong to a normal family.

These parents never consider that their adopted children may not want to have their very faces shout to the world that they were adopted, and never get a chance to blend in with their peers. Meanwhile the white children who aren't adopted get farmed out to orphanages, horrible foster homes, or gay parents because there weren't enough white parents willing to adopt them.

They will be shocked when you ask them why they hate white children, but screw making a friendship with them, they are pharisees who want to the whole world to see how generous they are, fake christians with fake charity.

Haus frau said...

So many examples of this sort of thing. Add 14 year old Elizabeth Smart to this list. Her parents often invited homeless people to work on their property which is how her kidnappers found her.
Rachel Dolazel's parents were missionaries in Africa and adopted at least 2 black children. Last I heard, Rachel was promoting a nudey mag she featured in.
The "light and salt" crowd who purposely throw their 6 year olds into the public school system to witness to the heathens belong in this category too. If a Christian family believes they can't home school for some reason then that's one thing but there are those who know they can or who can put them into private school. They choose not to because 6 year old Suzy is going to lead other kids to Christ all while being indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda. For some reason modern Christians are eager to sacrifice their own children as a public show of sincerity.What could be more precious than one's own flesh and blood? All the better to throw them on the witnessing burn pile. Very good article today.

Drew said...

I call this "melting pot" theology.

Jed Mask said...

... This is truly sad and misguided. Must be praying for the wisdom and discernment of these fellow Christian families.

KJV 1 Timothy 5:8, But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Yes, yes... May modern Christians not "make a public display of false goodness" in the public but obey the Word of the Lord. Amen...

~ Bro. Jed

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Great post. I know a family from my old church who encouraged their daughter (a smart, good-looking blonde) to work in a dangerous, poverty-stricken Third World country. She died of malaria within a few weeks of getting there. They still seem oblivious to this tragedy, writing it off to "God's will." Huh?

Aquila Aquilonis said...

You are killing it here. Keep up the good work.

Panzerdude said...

We went through the "discomfort" of telling the parents of our kids' friends, who were sometimes also our friends, "no" to sleepovers. The usual response was, "Why not?", which suggested we were questioning their parenting or morals. We explained that nothing good takes place after midnight, so why put the kids in that situation. Every time over we had to say "no" over the years was tough (3 boys), but looking back, no regrets.

Unknown said...


Good work.

Artisanal Toad said...

The word "provide" means protection from harm because all provision is protection of one sort or the other, whether it be from hunger (food) or the elements (housing). Safety is a provision that requires the provider protect the one being provided for from being harmed.

The greatest example of the failure of the church in this area is the Islamic death penalty for apostasy and their penchant for attacking and killing those who preach the gospel in their native lands.

Pope Leo IV built a wall around the Vatican after it was sacked and looted by Muslims. If the church is not willing to build a wall and guard the gate to keep Muslims from killing the converts from Islam, the church will continue to be perceived as weak and Islam as strong. The church is a family. A church that is not willing to break the jaw of the wicked and rescue the victims from their teeth does not have much faith that what they believe is correct. Christians who will not take care of their own family and defend them from those who desire to kill them are worse than heathens and unbelievers.

The day that Islam understands the church will not tolerate its converts being killed, Islam will be destroyed because a flood of Muslims will leave Islam and join the church, which protects its own. If the church does not do this it will fail because the Islamic death penalty for apostasy is the key that has kept Islam together over the centuries. Without that Islam will wither and fade away.

The church must strike back at least twice as hard every time Islam enforces it's death penalty on a Muslim who chooses Christ. Take those responsible and wrap them in pigskins, drown them in lard mixed with menstrual blood and bury them in an unmarked grave. Video the procedure and publicly share it. Root out whoever was responsible because there is always more than one. Certainly a cleric or an imam, perhaps a family member.

Again, Christians who will not take care of their own family and defend them from those who desire to harm them are worse than heathens and unbelievers. The fact that we have parents who won't even protect their own children from those who would harm them is a good indication of why Christianity is failing in the modern west and Islam is advancing everywhere.

Luke said...

This post's title is inspired af.

Great content, great comments.

DOBA (where've you been on CH, man?) ,Toad, and the gang, keep it up.

PS I'm posting under my Google account, and thus can't reveal my identity elsewhere. Somebody tell Lee/Vox that anonymity is important in 2018.

Feather Blade said...

@Luke: Create a different Google account that has a pseudonym on it and don't like it to your first Google account.

It's not like they limit the number of gmail addys you can have.

Luke said...

@ Feather Blade:



Anonymous said...

@Luke @Feather Blade.

Never use the same browser that your google account uses if you want any anonymity. Too easy to track to you via cookies, google APIs, etc.

Use Brave if you want pseudo-anonymity, and a LiveJournal or WordPress account linked to a Proton email account.

Leave your Chrome browser for Google stuff.

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