Thursday, May 25, 2017

The danger in faking it

A warning to the faux alphas trying to fake it until they make it from NN Taleb's forthcoming book.

It doesn't do any harm to try to be something you are not in the interest of self-improvement when you're dealing with women. Just be sure not to believe your own bullshit or try to BS other men. They will see through you, nine times out of ten.


Gulo Gulo said...

There is a very small category who aren’t slaves, but these represent a very small proportion of the pool. You can identify them by the following: They don’t give a f**k about their least corporate reputation”

Having been unemployable for my entire adult life - this quote really hits home. Always putting my heart and soul into the job at hand, thinking of the best ways to improve the bottom line of the company that employed me, grinding out long days to insure that projects came together... yet my outsider status was always clear to me. My longest stint was 5 years. The final job was at a huge corporation. When a round of layoffs happened, I was shown the exit door. Made a decision at that point - to remain self employed until God calls me home. Have never regretted the decision. Gnawing stress is down, happiness is up and best of all a wholesome contented feeling about my place in this world is more present than it ever was when participating in the system as a wage slave.

Dexter said...

Too many guys "act alpha" to get the girl but then lapse into betahood once they are in the relationship. This is the equivalent of the woman who lets herself go and gets fat after the wedding.

dc.sunsets said...

I see endless Internet claims of being wolves (ZFG, no-insults-taken, no-holds-barred) but the only people who actually live like this are inner-city barbarian gang members, whose lives are nasty, brutish and (usually) short.

I once spent 45 minutes in the booth of a truck stop restaurant with a manager doing everything he could to goad me into quitting. I was the designated fall guy for a serious F/U with a customer (an inventory SNAFU, something for which I had zero responsibility) and the man insulted every aspect of my being over and over. All I could think was how easy it would have been to grab him by his collar, slam his face to the table, and beat him to death right then and there. I thought that for all 45 minutes. Naturally, I overrode the impulse and moved on to other opportunities on my own schedule.

It's possible to have wolf-like attributes but behave as a good dog out of the need to maximize the array of available benefits on a very personal level. I spent 25 (lucrative) years in corporate sales mimicking Golden Retrievers. Few colleagues ever gave the slightest hint they grasped what seethed just out of sight behind my eyes. Only once did it well up past the shields, and while the person on whom it was focused openly stated he feared an immediate assault, reason's hands never left the steering wheel.

Don't mistake a man's self-control for weakness. You don't know the limits of his mastery of impulse. [This is the mistake young bullies make in beating the "big kid" until one day when the big kid's impulses win and he almost kills the bully.]

A lot of men who get away with goading others do so only under a "lots to lose" system. If that system ever hiccups, a lot of us have scores to settle. That manager went on to become a VP in a decent-sized corp. Nice Guys do finish last, and assholes prosper. But in the minuscule chance we crossed paths when restraint was unnecessary, I'd still settle the score. With luck, Karma will let him find one of those he slighted, at the right time, and he reaps the whirlwind.

dc.sunsets said...

PS: There are no (open) wolves in corporate America. The ambitious aren't wolves, they're (100%) sociopaths who know they face no real risk from their viciousness as long as they don't step on any of the 3rd rails (sex, race, etc., harassment.) The only wolves in the modern corporation are dog-mimics, any in 25 years I never saw anyone remotely like this move to and stay in management. No true man can tolerate the politics. This is reason #349 why American society is circling the drain. Virtue & honor are immediately disqualifying attributes for advancement in any organization.

Patrick Kelly said...

The real Alpha's or Sigma's see through it, the gamma's not so much. They get the same puzzled hamster spinning look on their face I see in women.

Timmy3 said...

Faking only helps to slightly move the needle if you don't stray too far from your status. At best, you learn to close the deal.

Gunnar Thalweg said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I'd like to read the rest.

Anonymous said...

My shorthand for gamma as "alpha ambition without the alpha goods" works with that passage.


Laramie Hirsch said...

Looks like an awesome book. Taleb's great. I really enjoyed Antifragile.

Dos Voltz said...

So you're saying I shouldn't get female breast implants into my biceps and triceps? That won't actually help me lift a car over my head? You mean it would be only for show?

But it's so expensive!

(Yes, check out the online pics - weird and gruesome and sad)

Anonymous said...


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