Sunday, March 5, 2017

Creepy = Not Attractive

If women find you creepy, well, the problem isn't necessarily your behavior:
A bodybuilding enthusiast named GermanLifter decided to conduct a social experiment to see how much easier life was for attractive dudes.

He created a Tinder profile using pics of the guy from the “Call me Maybe? music video” The model has an ideal body type, and is well, a gorgeous male model....

No matter what this guy said, he never got called a creep. As far as we could tell, he didn’t even get blocked or unmatched. I can’t help what wonder what would happen if a dude wearing a fedora sent the exact same messages?
It's the confidence. See, women like confidence. Isn't that what they always tell us? It can't possibly be the cheekbones, height, and hair. Remember Tom Brady's rules for avoiding sexual harassment.

  1. Be handsome
  2. Be attractive
  3. Don't be unattractive


Rob said...

"But why male models?"

-Derek Zoolander.

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Jokah Macpherson said...

If you're on Tinder and the the whole impression the girl gets of your value is a two-dimensional image, then yes, you'd better be attractive.

But in real life when you have other ways to demonstrate to her how fucking cool you are, its importance greatly diminishes.

One upside of this experiment, though, is that it shows that it's not necessarily the words you say that get a woman attracted but the underlying message being communicated.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Like the Simple Pickup dudes, for instance, say offensive shit to girls all the time in their videos, and they're definitely not male model material, but because they have strong frame and outcome independence, the girls are fine with it. Sure, they're not like, "Let's fuck," but they're almost never creeped out, either.

Nate73 said...

Lol... I know a woman who flat out told me she's with her partner (or whatever the new buzzword is for cohabiting non-married couples) because of looks. Part of me suspects women go through 3 phases. Phase 1, they want effeminate lesbians like Justin bieber. Phase 2, they want muscular dudes like Arnold. Phase 3, they want a rich confident high status guy who can physically protect them. (I think phase 4 is like cats or some such).

Jokah Macpherson said...

"Lol... I know a woman who flat out told me she's with her partner (or whatever the new buzzword is for cohabiting non-married couples) because of looks."

First rule of red pill is to literally believe everything that women tell you. Because they are so self aware.

Dimitri Kissov said...

I've been told I look like Lurch from The Adams Family and Herman Munster more times than you can imagine, by people from teachers to superiors. After 50 years on this planet, I think it's funny when the security people at work come to me and say that a woman reported a strange 'creepy' looking man holding the door for them and that it was me. It's happened at least 2 dozens times in 10 years, I even have a badge on with my picture. It's the women's own overestimation of their attractiveness that makes them think that everyone wants to 'get" them. I'm glad the woman at the security office knows me from the VFW or I would have been canned years ago. Discrimination knows no bounds in the eyes of a feminist.

jlw said...

Ah, **confidence**. I'm confident as hell but I am a kv incel FA omega male and always will be because:

Physically, I'm short, scrawny, middle-aged, and so ugly in the face that people react/comment on it in the street. In the 90s, I made the mistake of uploading a picture to an early internet website and for many years afterwards it was used as an example of an exceptionally ugly person and was featured on websites like and other sites specializing in early internet snark. I can still find it today if I look.

Emotionally, I am a solitude-loving, extremely selfish and, when I believe I have been wronged, an exceptionally vindictive person. I am miserly and do not like to share.

Socially, I am a member of no group. I am not religious, not part of any ethnic group, not interested in watching or participating in sports, not interested in group activities in general.

Geographically, I live in an area that is predominated by retirees and ethnic groups, both of which I do not identify with.

Professionally, I am the holder of a position which really requires no interface with other people outside of a computer.

Sexually, I never wanted to father children. In addition, I am endowed with a borderline microphallus which I suspect would limit any interest by a MOTOS in me. Furthermore, my sexual appetite has never been high and now, in my forties, has diminished to the point where I hardly even masturbate anymore.

I am simply not attracted to any of the MOTOS in my league. To expand on that point, the imaginary MOTOS I have in my head during masturbation may as well be from a different genus and species than the women I could get in real life. It would not be fair to myself or that person to feign interest.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I'm quite happy with the way my life has turned out. I do not desire to change.

jlw said...
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O CanastrĂ£o said...

Looks and physical appearance clearly play an important role in determining male attractiveness. It is the fault of the PUA industry that the false idea "looks doesn't matter, all you need is game" became so widespread. Looks matter. Money matters. Fame matters. Social standing matters. You personality matters. Luck matters! All of these are variables that will either play for you or against you.

Jokah Macpherson said...

The blog's subtitle says, "Breaking the chains, winning the games, and saving Western Civilization," but based on this post and comments I think it should actually say "Becoming a slave to social conditioning, whining the game isn't fair, and making excuses why Western Civilization is doomed."

Anonymous said...

By using the male model's pic, he came off as a good-natured playful frat-boy type who was direct and knew what he wanted. Based upon his appearance and attitude, the girls figured he had to be at least a high Delta, most likely a Beta or even Alpha. If a man who looks Delta or lower did that, he'd most likely be blocked immediately, unless the woman was herself less-desirable and desperate.

The rule appears to be that tall, good-looking men can get girls quickly, whereas less-impressive men have to pass more shit tests, which in most cases means not tripping her Gamma-dar, before she'll consent to get with him. If a hot girl keeps saying "I'm surprised you're not scared of me" to you, that's a clue she thought you were Delta or Gamma from your initial appearance but you surprised her on the upside. (Or, as has happened to VD, if she goes nuts for you after rejecting you wondering why you were so cool about it.)

This also leads, ironically enough, to tall, good-looking men often coming off as more beta (i.e. more "romantic" and "sensitive") than average men, simply because the girls have a higher tolerance for that behavior from them. On the flip side, of course, there is "little man attitude" or "Napoleon complex".

Uncle Maffoo said...

So what's the lesson here for men who aren't tall and/or who lack a handsome face? Lift weights & get jacked, clean up your diet & get ripped, take care of your skin and hair (this point isn't emphasized enough), and manage your T levels. Good Looking Loser, PD Mangan, and Cernovich have addressed this already.

Uncle Maffoo

Dark Herald said...

Read the article.

It is funny as hell and there are no surprises in it to students of the Game.

Although the hilarious part is that if this guy was real these girls would be bitching like hell after their first "date" about his inability to emotionally connect.

Read the texts, does it sound like this guy can make an emotional connection?

Admittedly most of this troll's success came from the fact that he was trying to be offensive and accidentally got it right.

p_q said...

@Jokah Macpherson
>"Becoming a slave to social conditioning, whining the game isn't fair, and making excuses why Western Civilization is doomed."
That's quite the leap, the post isn't whining it's just recognizing the facts.

There's always an overreaction when people talk about the physical preferences of women, from the "i'm ugly it's hopeless" crowd to the "looks are meaningless except online".

The argument is ripe for a youtube video on it, they should take a guy who's an ugly FA incel then grab a handsome PUA expert and they could coach the loser and uglify the PUA guy and help lay to rest the debate. I find it ridiculous to think looks don't matter or to ignore the fact that looks have a strong impact on outlook and attitude though ugly men tend to overestimate the hopelessness of their situation.

If you accept red pill concepts like alpha widows, why would a woman who's gotten a taste of alpha or any really attractive man readily accept the advances of a low-status/ugly man? Women date up and men are less discriminating in looks the more sex they have (and women are more discriminating the more sex they have), there's no reason to deny that success is more difficult for men on the lower end of the totem pole. The person who's more ready to walk away usually gets the better end of the deal, women want sex less than men so so far as sex is concerned they can wait around for good deals.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of an experiment my brother and I did online to attract women. This was about 15 years ago, when chat rooms were all the rage. So we made a fake profile but couldn't figure out what pic to use. Then my brother came up with a brilliant idea. He looked up for pics of fit guys with big wieners, picked one, and used it as a profile pic. And oh boy, it's amazing how many women of so many shapes and sizes sent us nudies. And most were fat ugly 30 and 40 something year olds bending over. Down there, most looked like bulldogs eating peanut butter. Amazing how horny and desperate these women are that they don't realize they might be getting punked by teenage boys just for the lulz.

Which brings me to my second point. A couple of weeks ago, I finally (with the same brother's encouragement, since he's now married and can't get access) installed Tinder. And while a bit overrated I must admit it's pretty entertaining. For one, there are way more single moms in there than expected. And some will put the whole "my kids are my life and they come first if you want a hookup swipe left" mumbo jumbo on their profiles. It's as simple as, given Tinder's bad reputation, you would think these women would look somewhere else for Mr Right, especially considering they are looking for potential father figures for their kids. Which, as anyone who grew up in the inner city will tell you, leads us to believe they hooked up with the bad boy which led them to be single mothers to begin with. You know, like the veritable troll from the article.

Prince Asbel said...

Manhood Academy has exposed Pickup Artists over and over again. Anyone who thinks PUAs are trustworthy experts on snagging women are ignorant of the truth:

I recommend visiting their forum thread here on that whole topic:

papabear said...

Whom do you believe, your lying eyes or some website that calls itself manhood101?

Harambe said...

It's the women's own overestimation of their attractiveness that makes them think that everyone wants to 'get" them

You know why they think that? Because sometimes high status men fuck homely chicks for one reason or another. So a good looking dude fucked her because he was going through a dry spell and now she thinks she's the cat's whiskers.

Matt said...

Ehh..Tyler from RSD does all kinds of creepy stuff and still gets good reactions.

Unknown said...

I nominate this as the most "duh" post on the site. While there are plenty of attractive men who should be seen as creepy by an sane woman (Justin Trudeau is a prime example), only a vanishing small minority of women are equipped to identify and be repulsed by sociopathy. "Creepy" is in practice nothing but an emotionalist smear.

Jokah Macpherson said...

"If you accept red pill concepts like alpha widows, why would a woman who's gotten a taste of alpha or any really attractive man readily accept the advances of a low-status/ugly man?"

Because women are emotional and only know the feelings you provide them. The low-status/ugly man doesn't have a neon billboard floating over his head saying, "I'm a short, fat, hairy garbage collector who has a tiny penis and no friends and spends all my free time on WoW," so if he behaves in a confident, entitled manner, and has a self-image that is congruent with this behavior, then that's all the woman sees; she doesn't know any of the negative stuff. When she finds it out over-time, she'll likely rationalize it away as actually being attractive.

It's just like we men tend to find a lot of the stuff a hot chick says cute and endearing even though objectively in the back of our minds we probably realize that if a fat, ugly chick was saying it, we would be bored out of our mind. So the attraction trigger isn't actually the words she's saying, it's the slender waist, clear skin, ass, boobs, etc. With women, the height/muscles/square jaw can be an initial attraction trigger because it's easily visible but it's not the main one; the emotional hits you provide are the real trigger.

My biggest beef with the linked article is that because the author is freed by assuming the fake identity, he's using decent text game that's very congruent with the alpha stereotype he imagines this dude to be. It shakes the girls out of their calm center of comfort that this good looking dude is saying so directly I'm gonna fuck you, but you don't have to be 6'3" with 10% body fat to do stuff like this.

"I find it ridiculous to think looks don't matter or to ignore the fact that looks have a strong impact on outlook and attitude though ugly men tend to overestimate the hopelessness of their situation."

I agree that they have a strong impact on outlook and attitude. Because social conditioning tells us that we don't deserve nice women unless we're rich and tall and well-dressed and have hundreds of cool friends and all this other stuff no one can ever achieve. To me, the whole point of "game" is to escape this and say, no, I'm made in the image of God, I have value just as I am, now how do I best demonstrate it?

That's why it's so disappointing when I come to blogs like this and the message is, "Actually, all that stuff society's been pounding into your head from birth is true." I get the nuanced point that it has elements of truth, but if I want to be reminded I'm supposed to be rich and jacked I can just go to the other 99% of the Internet. There's nothing here that gives an actionable game plan.

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