Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alpha Mail: how Gammas "help"

People who spend most of their time attacking their own side. I have seen you mention this several times in the past. I just got done dealing with someone who did this exact thing, with their reasoning being that:

1. There is a higher standard and thus it's more important to criticize your own people.
2. If he attacks his own side, this forces them to "use their brain" and come up with better arguments/positions.
3. He's actually helping in the long run so no one should be mad at him.

I pointed out that it doesn't particularly help since all he is doing is presenting a fractured image that will embolden others, but he really seems to be riding the "I'm actually helping and we should be grateful" thing.

I suspect if I point out that his actions are almost identical to a traitors, I will be told that I just don't care or don't believe enough, or that I am shortsighted/ungrateful/dumb/whatever.

What is bothering me most is that, I follow the logic of what he is saying, but the attitude is strangely excited and zealous when it comes to this sort of thing. I'd except this sort of zest when arguing against someone else, not your own people.
The answer is pretty simple. Gammas are risk-avoidant social scavengers. It's dangerous to attack the enemy. They hit back. So, they always prefer to leap in, boldly and loudly, whenever someone on their own side is fully engaged, then stab them in the back.

This is relatively safe, provides them with a sense of moral superiority, and allows them to advance in social status at the expense of the victim.

The correct response, of course, is to throw the treacherous little weasel out of the group, which has two benefits. One, no one is going to miss a treacherous little weasel that no one liked anyhow. Two, it will teach the other gammas that there are more serious risks to be run by attacking one's own side than by simply fighting the enemy.


Harambe said...

It's like that girlfriend who would grab onto your arm as the other guy is punching your face in. Because she "doesn't like violence".

pdwalker said...

I'm surprised you're as tolerant as you already are with them.

Anonymous said...

"Advance in social status"
This x 1000. Being secret kings, they never pass at an opportunity to publicly put their fragile egos on display.

Chad said...

The way I always figure their line of reasoning going is that there is no higher morality than being honest about whether your group is engaging in hypocrisy. What they never seem to grasp is that there is a time and place for it and it's not when it sabotages your cause and makes you vulnerable to your enemies.

In politics they more often then not tend to be opportunistic turncoats. When an administration is sunk they'll sucker punch their former teammates and join the other team.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

There is a higher standard and thus it's more important to criticize your own people.

This logic only holds up when it is done in private. Usually we see the gamma cucks going to their political enemies and bragging about how they hold their people to a higher standard.

JCclimber said...

I'm going to turn this advice around.
It is important to exclude the gamma weasel. To throw them out.
Which you won't be able to do, precious sigma snowflakes, if you haven't engaged with other people. Acting like a strong silent type, resting on introversion comfort zones, and not building your own power in any organization means that the gamma may have more power than you do.

Obviously I'm not talking about the owner of this blog, who HAS engaged and built his power structures. I'm talking to those who out of fear of rejection, keep silent, don't sacrifice for friends, don't take on the unpleasant work of building an organization brick by brick.
"Oh, I'm not a natural alpha, I get nervous talking to groups unless I'm an expert, it takes too much energy, I'm too busy hunting/fishing/watching football/working for a living/raising a family."

Start building brothers. Start building NOW!

Anonymous said...

This whole "Destroy Milo" thing is a case in point. It's like the Cuckservatives are trying to prove VD's point for him by demonstrating again and again their cowardice and unwillingness to fight in the face of the enemy.

Nate73 said...

How does criticizing one's own side raise social status? Isn't the point of holding your own side to a "higher standard" that you would lose status by doing the noble, right thing of criticizing whatever it is?

Jed Mask said...

Hoho... Amen...

Austin Ballast said...

Start building brothers. Start building NOW!

Good idea, but harder to do than it sounds. Exactly how do you find such brothers?

Anonymous said...

We are right here Austin. I am going to start a blog to start making connections. Look at what Vox has done. Copy it for your own projects. We pool capital, time, and talent.

SirHamster said...

How does criticizing one's own side raise social status? Isn't the point of holding your own side to a "higher standard" that you would lose status by doing the noble, right thing of criticizing whatever it is?

The critic comes with the assumption he knows what is better. Moral criticism is a signal he has a higher level of moral virtue, and higher virtue indicates higher status just as higher wealth indicates higher status.

Obviously not all virtue signals represent real virtue in the signaler. One duty of real virtue is to call out fake virtue. Failing to do so is hypocrisy, and allows fakers to lead others astray.

Nate73 said...

Now that I reread the post, points 2 and 3 are simply the definition of Devil's Advocate. The concern there is that someone on your own side is using a faulty argument/weapon/premise, and by demolishing it they can improve and have a better one. I haven't been to law school but I'm told this is part of the training, to better advance one's own position by practicing arguing the other side's case. So in that sense it is definitely a good thing. The post is adding a layer of social context I'm missing. Is it like, the difference in a dojo between sparring and training with someone vs grabbing a lead pipe and busting everybody's kneecaps?

JCclimber said...

the building of your network of influence is almost entirely in meatspace, not cyberspace.
Cyberspace is useful for sharing ideas and honing your thought processes.

And it isn't easy. That's why I said everyone should move it from "important but not urgent" to "Important and urgent", because it takes time. Join or found a group, club, organization, that aligns with your interests. If it is already converged, it is likely that most (not all, most) quality men have already quit. So don't bother joining or remaining a member. You will waste your time.

Ha, just had a realization while typing that last paragraph. I was asked to join the Board of an organization this year. I'm already over-committed, so I declined and said I'd help here and there (where I could gain some valuable experience in fund-raising) without joining. Now I realize that the organization is probably fully converged and it would be a complete waste of my very precious time to join. I'll learn what I can from them and exit gracefully.

Anyway, those of us who lead organizations are DYING for quality men to join and participate. We'd love to mentor and develop talent of like minded men. There are a couple that I'd love to hand off leading to a trustworthy successor.

MichaelJMaier said...

@Vox: I have to admit, I have thought you have been really harsh with folks these last few months. But my patience has worn through (not THIN). Cleansing with fire is too kind for these traitorous fucks.

Stephen Ward said...


Backstabbing isn't usually a Devil's Advocate sort of situation, since devil advocacy requires taking the opposite side arguendo. What usually happens is that someone makes an attack and then the gamma criticizes a detail of the attack as a means of disqualifying the attack itself. the gamma is saying "Oh, I don't agree with the other side at all. I think the attack should have been made, but it just should not have been done in that manner. We don't need to sink that low."

It's as if, in the middle of a battle, the squire prevents his knight from using a sword because a mace is the only weapon for a _true_ Christian Knight.

So it's mostly a matter of context. What a gamma does in public before the enemy _can_ be appropriate if done in private, at leisure, as an aspect of training, with the goal of improving your side. But even that has limits, since it's possible to castrate yourself before battle is joined as well.

The internet is NEVER private. Email is.

Gulo Gulo said...

"Start building brothers. Start building NOW!"

This X 10. Even if its something as simple as saying what needs to be said in a large group - no matter how politically incorrect or offensive. Or going to the statehouse to testify for/against some bill. Putting yourself out there and taking a stand is hard to do the first time. However, practiced over time it becomes much easier. You will be amazed at the number of people who will come up to you privately and let you know how much they agree and how glad they were to hear someone say it.

Gulo Gulo said...

"Good idea, but harder to do than it sounds. Exactly how do you find such brothers?"

Join a trade group ( assuming you are in the trades) and speak your mind at the appropriate times. Like minded fellows will gravitate to you.
Become a member of the state chapter of a group like Gun Owners of America. When they have a need for volunteers to testify etc... volunteer. You will then be around ( and able to connect) with groups of guys who are independent freedom lovers like yourself.

John Rockwell said...

Gamma's are like "Let's you and him fight'' hence destroying the local K-strategist competitors and increasing his mating opportunities.

Austin Ballast said...

I was thinking of local ones Bard. Internet connections are fine, but not always what is needed. My aim is to develop a close group of men in my local area, but reaching that is proving quite challenging.

Austin Ballast said...


Exactly. Though how do you start a group and make it clearly the right way? Especially without endangering your career until you become more anti-fragile. (I am working on the latter and probably could find work even if I lost my current job due to my experience and field.)

I like to play board games, for example and would love to get a group going doing that, but I am not sure how to advertise such in a good manner and avoid SJW attacks along the way. I am not afraid of them, but I don't want to invite them into my house either. A local group in this area is headed by a very SJW type, from what I have heard. I may play games there, but I will not put effort to supporting it if someone leading it is in a key role.

Building a core network of solid local friends is quite challenging today. Pointers on exact steps that work would be good.

Unknown said...

Gammas will generally defend such behavior by stating "iron sharpens iron"

JCclimber said...

I used to love board games, still have most of my Avalon Hill ones. I would not expect to build any group that could be effective based on that activity. There are any number of reasons, here are a few off the top of my head:
- more likely to attract socially awkward people who will never want to band together in public to take any kind of action
- A larger percentage will be naturally gamma and/or SJW because of various reasons
- Men tend to bond more tightly by doing physical type of activities rather than passive.
TV watching (sports) < board games < poker night < fishing < camping < overnight hunting < building something or joining a team
- low investment of time and energy, low investment in trust

Look at the SJW model. They join an organization, start helping, begin getting more and more responsibility, and finally some type of leadership position. All this despite being generally ineffective and lame and insane/on meds. You can do it much better.

Also, it is 10X easier to start a new group as a branch within another larger group.
Member of a church? Start a camping group that initially begins with that church and related nearby churches. Use the others in that group who are interested to share the workload. Pretty soon it becomes its own entity.

Always be positive in both public and private, and be ready to share your vision for the group. Invite the input of others to refine your vision, so they can fully buy into it and help you protect it. But never, never, never let the core of your vision go or be refined out of existence.

Don't have a vision? Good luck getting anyone to join, much less volunteer to help.

Austin Ballast said...

I have plenty of vision JCclimber. My hard part is putting things into practice. Finding the right steps is the toughest. I will keep pushing and find a way eventually.

You may want to look at the more recent games, they are far different from the older Avalon Hill ones you remember. Plenty of introverts in that field, but not all are.

(Check out thezman blog for someone who had his own business and who still works in the field that seems quite alt-right.)

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