Sunday, October 30, 2016

The end of feminism

It isn't dead yet. It hasn't lost the hearts of young women, only the minds. But it has suffered a mortal wound from reality puncturing its pretensions:
This image from the Women Against Feminism Tumblr page really hits home the loss for feminism. This woman was raped. She is not running around spreading lies like the UVA RAPE HOAX story that Rolling Stone ran and had to retract. She justs wants to go back to living a normal life. She does not want to be angry at ALL men for the crime of ONE of them. She does not want to demonize all men in some sad attempt to get revenge. She does not want to be a victim.

Feminists have lost the female youth of Millenials, the very generation that is supposed to obliterate the patriarchy completely in the 21st century.
If Hillary Clinton is defeated, that will end feminism as an offensive force. If Hillary Clinton is elected, that will arguably be even worse for feminism, as rule-by-Hillary will set back the cause of women by decades, if not centuries.


Mr.MantraMan said...

Years ago I thought which officially sanctioned "ism" would die out first Atheism or Feminism. I thought feminism simply because the glorious people of color in general could give two shits about the taboos inflicted upon society by white feminists. But like a mortally wounded animal it had an adrenal dump and second life due to probably billions of dollars spent on go girl propaganda that basically ensconced 1% women at the top while selling a delusion to the dummies.

Trump asked during the Khan kerfluffle why Khan's wife did not speak, frankly her opinions on Western White Women of Privilege would be more interesting than hearing for the millionth time that MoHam was a pedo.

Anonymous said...

No, no, it can't be. Don't you know that feminism is the radical idea that women are people?

Well, so are despots, tyrants, dictators, murderers, and rapists, yet they are subject to judgment, censure, prosecution, and sentencing for their bad behavior, too, betimes.

I'm rather enjoying these developments. In the mid-90s I was deluged in this stuff, but it never really stuck, I came out of the fog quickly thank God. That the process is speeding up speaks not only of message fatigue, but also a sense of reality. The equality delusion is fading as the realities of wage stagnation, chronic high unemployment, low mate selection choices, and plain old desire to drown screeching harpies come onto view.

Michael Maier said...

"If Hillary Clinton is elected, that will arguably be even worse for feminism, as rule-by-Hillary will set back the cause of women by decades, if not centuries."

I don't know about that one. Is anyone really going to say "Blacks can't be president" because of Obama? Folks inclined to say such knew he was an empty suit passed his whole life BEFORE he took office.

VFM #7634 said...

@Michael Maier

According to Lee Drutman, positive opinions of blacks among Republicans rose over the last few decades and peaked in 2004, but have been in a nosedive ever since. They're now their lowest since 1970.

Obama was pushed by taking advantage of Peak Negro. Hillary is being pushed by taking advantage of Peak Feminist.

However, Trump himself is also an indication of Peak Feminist (and its male version, Peak Cuckservative). If he wins, it would indicate that feminism is rotting away from white America more quickly than suspected before.

Bob Loblaw said...

Obama was pushed by taking advantage of Peak Negro.

Obama created Peak Negro, in the sense that he's responsible for the decline.

Robert What? said...

I think it is going to be a long time (possibly never) when Americans have the stomach for another Black President.

Otto Lamp said...

Trump is peak alpha male.

The red pill has taught many that being a nice guy is not the key to winning. That the traditional Republican/conservative strategy of "be nice & the voters will love you" is for losers.

I think the the red pill had a lot more with people being willing to support Trump than anyone realizes.

John rockwell said...

I consider feminism truly ended when women's suffrage is defeated and coverture is restored.

As well as all attempts at gender equality and usurping Authority over men.

ChickenChicken Sweep said...

Good point raised in the comments of the linked article: Are these women against the actual real world manifestations of feminism, or do they simply want to avoid the 'feminist' label, whilst still reaping the short-term benefits? I suspect the latter group is by far the larger.

Reverend TimTom said...

Feminism has been around since time began. It is the usurpation of authority, period. Remember the story of Queen Vashti in the Biblical book of Esther. Vashti was banished from the kingdom because her husband, the King, along with his advisors, believed that when she refused to dance for them in her crown, she would cause other women to begin to rebel against their husbands in the kingdom if she was not punished for her refusal. Feminism is always present and seductive to women in the same way that children are prone to disobey their parents when they don't like what they are told. Regardless how many benefits there are to obedience, every person wants their own way. PS. Men are prone rebel against Christ, though he is our head.

Anonymous said...

Government programs in schools are aimed at destroying sexual differences between men and women (gender theory).

The next generation is coming....

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