Friday, July 22, 2016

Calculating Cruz

An interesting, if quite possibly insane, physiognomic sociosexual study of Ted Cruz:
Settling Cruz's Rank

Cruz = Jeb ?!

Everybody knows Jeb Bush is a gamma. His body language screams girl 24/7. It's hard to put him in the same category as Cruz, who looks masculine and bangs hot girls on the side.

Plus, if we relabel every delta whose gamma streak flares when the right edge of his Overton Window gets stretched, we might run out of deltas.

Situational vs innate gamma?

You might say, "Well, Cruz screwed up the speech, and that ruined his reputation. But he's still way more of a man than Jeb. Put them in solitary confinement together, and Jeb would be the prison bitch."

True. A situational gamma is not the same as an innate gamma.

Cruz has publically defined himself as a situational gamma for life. That's always a risk with public betrayal. But is he also an innate gamma, or is he a delta?

Case for Cruz = delta

Deltas typically have unstable gamma streaks. They show the most variance of any group, and are the largest category.

However, deltas are also team players at heart, and a loyal part of the hierarchy.

Gammas refuse to accept their place, but they also lack the alpha goods to be the leader. Hence their dishonor - a perpetual pointless rebellion.

Separate categories of gamma

The gamma in Cruz is harder to see than Jeb's. In fact, it's a different category entirely.
Jeb and Cruz miss delta in different ways:
 1. Jeb - is a girl in a fat girl's body. Fails masculinization.
 2. Cruz - is an autistic snake in a televangelist's body. Fails honor.

Cruz can fake beta for cameras and chickz but doesn't have the delta goods to stay on the masculine team. Snakes get stomped.
It's an interesting explanation for why I can't stand Cruz and quite literally disliked him on sight. I couldn't possibly say it is accurate or not, but I did take an instant disliking to the man.


S1AL said...

Still hold that it's at least borderline sociopathy. Highly empathic individuals often instantly dislike those who don't display empathy. Combine it with some strain of autism (and the corresponding rules obsession), and the end result is wholely unsurprising.

Also explains why he doesn't show other gamma traits - for him the spat over his wife and father was actually grounds for abandoning the pledge, and he literally cannot grasp how other people don't see that.

tz said...

In the other thread, I suggested Cruz was like a man who is naturally heavily muscled so appears intimidating - and is physically strong. He can beat 90% of the population up. The test comes at the 91st percent - does he whine, etc.

Cruz is very, very smart. He has nearly total recall. He is a floodlight to Jeb's nightlight. But he was too smart in trying to duplicate the database targeting of Obama not realizing the rules changed. So he didn't appear Gamma as he was the king of everything starting with Iowa - but ending in Wisconsin. He probably thought he defeated Trump and since all he had around him were sycophants, no one pointed out problems. You can tell with the lead up to the crash in Indiana. Cruz - not someone smart - decided to announce Fiorina, argue with Trump supporters, etc. and hurt himself (It was the posting the picture of Gamma Rabbit moment).

Smart people can score high on the SAT. Most gammas are that way because they are only marginally good and have been given esteem lessons.

Cruz being able to legitimately win - most legal cases, most tests, most things requiring memory, IQ, and technical skill - did not merely suppress but reinforced the Gamma.

The worst part about Scalzi is that his books WERE published, publishers did give him advances, etc. And he isn't even that far above average.

Cruz is likely at least 5SD, managed to get a high-status wife (that is a chapter in a book), had his Father abuse him (apparently he spanks but I mean) by telling him he was God's gift to America - literally - and have other higher status gammas (Beck for one) worship him at his feet.

I have heard it is counterproductive to indulge psychopaths in their illusions. Cruz is very skilled but not a god. Delusions of grandeur from someone with great but not infinite ability.

Conversely, Trump is the blue collar, humble Alpha.

Trump invites people onstage to speak. He thanks everyone. He's kind (when not attacked). Cruz invites people to kiss his ring. He shows no gratitude (which was clear in his speech, not even "I'd like to thank Donald Trump and the RNC for letting me speak tonight".

It seems strange when the cognitive hierarchy is the inverse of the sexual hierarchy. But there are dumb alphas and smart gammas.

tz said...

Let me correct a typo around Indiana. It was unwise to announce Fiorina - but the polls, the virtue signal, the rest made Ted think it was the smart thing to do, as were other things. As he started to lose, he went full Gamma.

Scalzi wrote mediocre SF. When challenged and stressed he wrote Redshirts.

Challenge an Alpha and he will climb higher. Challenge a Gamma and he will panic, flail and fall lower even if there is no other sign of fear.

Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

There's a lot written in the face, and a lot of nonsense written about it.

Mastermind said...

Vox's original original assessment was right, Cruz is a sigma. He does whatever he wants and doesn't give a damn. He trolled the entire Republican convention and left smirking in the wake of jeers and shouts.

Elocutioner said...

Interesting write up, Leo.

One interesting part of this is Cruz has admitted which buttons his enemies need to press. (He'd better pray tell no cruelty artist takes an interest.)

I wonder if the Heidi angle is basic pedestalization or something deeper. I suspect the dad 'attack' was ancillary and thrown in for extra justification. Is it typical for gammas to be sensitive about insulting their fathers?

Anonymous said...

That was a rather fun if wordy analysis. I've come around to recognizing Cruz as gamma.

Here's how my reasoning went:

Arguments for Cruz being an omega:

1) Gammas are "sexual rejects, not social rejects", but Cruz is very much a social reject, like an omega, and is apparently not so much a sexual reject, which is perhaps the biggest reason I suspected earlier that he might have a sigma streak. But, being wealthy, ambitious, famous, and driven enough -- and slimy enough -- may, perhaps, give a high-functioning omega a sigma-like pull with women, even if weaker and shorter-term.

2) Omegas are "the social losers who were never in the game. Sometimes creepy, sometimes damaged, often clueless, and always undesirable. They're not at the party. It would never have crossed anyone's mind to invite them in the first place." Yes, all this does apply to Cruz. Everyone in Congress hates him, and people think he's creepy.

Arguments for Cruz being a gamma:

3) "Omegas are either totally indifferent to women or hate them with a borderline homicidal fury." This would NOT apply to Cruz; his attitude toward women has come out as much more gamma than omega.

4) Gammas like Cruz -- his most passionate supporters in the Republican Party are gammas -- or at least don't hate him as much as they do Trump. By contrast, gammas hate and despise omegas, possibly more than they do alphas.

Verdict: Although he has definite omega traits, his relationship with women and the reaction of other men to him vis-à-vis Trump are more gamma than omega. So: Gamma.

It's an interesting explanation for why I can't stand Cruz and quite literally disliked him on sight. I couldn't possibly say it is accurate or not, but I did take an instant disliking to the man.

Funny. I never had such feelings toward Cruz, but I do have a similar dislike for Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney too, to a lesser extent.

Adlow said...

Biggest giveaway for gamma was when he said "Leave Heidi the hell alone!" in response to Trump's insinuation:
1.) Tone/content inconsistent with his usual lawyerly sliminess
2.) Implicitly makes a stand on "honor" while attempting a comically pathetic tough-guy stance
3.) Visibly ruffled in the face of a much stronger competitor
4.) Starts a (separate) scuffle he has no hope of winning, that allows him to claim moral victory

Even his electoral strategy was predictably sleazy, rather than a sigma's unexpected shot from the blue. I think the reason so many got this wrong is that Cruz actually is as smart as most gammas think they are.

Jed Mask said...

Hmmm... So... I'm kinda confused...

I'm thinking Mr. Ted Cruz is more of a Delta with a Gamma personality of some variation of gammahood.

Still wouldn't say Cruz is a full-fledged "Gamma" but a low Delta with gamma mannerisms?

Yeah, I leave it there. Either way, God LOVES Mr. Cruz and all the people. Amen...

~ Sincerely,

Bro. Jed

Tarrou said...

Love the unfalsifiable system you got going here. Everyone you don't like is or will become "gamma", by the time your rationalization is over.

When Cruz had a shot at the Republican nomination, you had him as a "sigma". Had he won, I suspect you'd have upgraded him to alpha.

Clay, Bill Clay said...

'1. Jeb - is a girl in a fat girl's body.'

That brought tears.

little dynamo said...

Cruz is autistic? lol He's about as autistic as the alphabet.

Daniel said...

Gamma: he assumed the post of a photo of his wife = calling her ugly. An alpha or sigma would have laughed about it, knowing that a bad picture of a hot wife only meant he had a hot wife...

I think there is subtext too, in that the photo didn't make her look ugly so much as crazy. She has a mental illness of some sort, so that is why it cut him so personally.

No sigma or alpha would have reacted to a tweeted bad photo like that.

Anonymous said...

Another tell is which of the candidates have endorsed Trump and which haven't.

The Betas and Deltas have all endorsed Trump, even if reluctantly.

Not a single one of the Gammas have. Rather, they endorse the Gamma who appears to be closest to winning.

And from this, we can surmise that Kasich and Pataki are Gammas like Jeb, Graham, and Cruz.

Unknown said...

Another tell is which of the candidates have endorsed Trump and which haven't.

And how. There were some decent people in the Cruz camp initially. But as the campaign went along and things became more and more heated, the notable figures who stayed on the Cruz side (or more accurately, the anti-Trump side) are a real Who's Who of cuckservatives, pro-war neo-cons, and outright losers. Trump's enemies are one of the best arguments for supporting him.

Krul said...

"It's an interesting explanation for why I can't stand Cruz and quite literally disliked him on sight."

My mom reported the exact same visceral negative reaction to Cruz. She was all "I told you so!" after Cruz's RNC speech when I visited her yesterday.

I wonder what such immediate gut reactions say about people. I had no such reaction to Cruz, but I have reacted that way to other people. For example, I instantly disliked Cenk Uygur before knowing anything about him or his organization. My gut reaction was confirmed in spades when he started with the leftist bullshit.

rumpole5 said...

I cannot forget that Trump called Ben Carson, of all people, a psychopathic pedophile. Trump 's Nah, Nah, n Nah, Nah pile on of Cruz at the news conference this morning was unnecessary, distasteful, and over the top. I am going to vote for Trump, but I foresee a big fall at some point for Trump if he keeps that behavior up. Cruz was booed by almost everyone in the hall. Point made. Let it drop Trump.

Gulo Gulo said...

Honestly who gives a shit what he ,or anyone else, is ?
That said - I can't seem to stop myself from reading this stuff

Gulo Gulo said...

KAssitch and Fairy Graham are most likely "light in the old loafers"

Aeoli Pera said...

My analysis was better AND shorter :-P. He thinks he's Napoleon.

Lol @ "girl in the body of a fat girl", that was awesome.

Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

Perhaps that is true from your perspective, Aeoli, but I cannot usefully unpack anything from it.

Much that appears to be devious or brilliant maneuvering is actually only the natural outworking of hardwired personality. For good or ill, the "intelligence" primarily responsible is whatever was encoded into the relevant genes by reproductive selection.

Cruz's debatebrain miscalculated due to Asperger's obliviousness and crook-nosed bent. But his motive was widespace - he genuinely believes the rant given when his wrath against Trump was hot. Even if he had known the RNC reaction, he might've done it anyway - to stop Trump.

In other words, he basically endorsed Hillary. Trump's psychology is so alien to him that he's genuinely afraid Trump the real-estate developer will convert continents into glass.

Trump's demeanor is simply not very widespace-friendly.

(NB: Human beings are causal noodle soup, so case studies are necessarily jazz riffs.)

YIH said...

as Cruz, who looks masculine and bangs hot girls on the side.
I wouldn't go that far. Ratlike face (hence the nickname El Rato) and the girls he's (allegedly) banging on the side ain't that hot - and one of 'em was a whore.
But yeah, by the ''secret king'' standard, which he displayed in the primaries such as announcing a Veep candidate before they were even finished (and his nomination was, to put it nicely, seriously in doubt) I'd go with Gamma.

Aeoli Pera said...

(NB: Human beings are causal noodle soup, so case studies are necessarily jazz riffs.)


But Asperger's is not the only possible cause of delusion. Compare Cruz's demeanor and biography with other known cases of Asperger's. Nothing sticks except 1) intelligence and 2) social oblivion, which have other possible causes. The confidence doesn't make sense. The legal career doesn't make sense (aspies drop out when they learn how cases are actually won). The political career doesn't make sense. The aggressiveness doesn't make sense. The calculated dishonesty doesn't make sense. The televangelist mode doesn't make sense. Even the voice is wrong. Can you imagine any environment that would cause Cooijmans (above) to act like Cruz?

Too much of his behavior and biography are contradictory under the Asperger's theory. Neither the definition nor the spirit of Asperger's fits.

Aeoli Pera said...

The theory that fits all of these data points and the sexual success is that he is an extremely smart megalomaniac who would have become a cult leader if he weren't smart enough to succeed effortlessly through ordinary channels. I imagine he believed until very recently that he had the mandate of heaven to save America. He's calculating and he's nuts. That's off-putting to people with good instincts. The delusion caused him to do something very stupid because delusions will do that. But what has happened so far in his life to disabuse him of this belief?

Zuckerberg is an example of the sort of Asperger's you're describing. Smart, confident, psychopathic, successful, wide-spaced eyes even. Compare the mannerisms.

Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

Cooijmans doesn't look like Cruz. Zuckerberg has a narrow face and isn't in the same class of widespace as Cruz.

Widespace appears megalomaniacal about its sociomoral correctness in the same way deepsocket appears megalomaniacal about its abstract intellectual correctness. But it's actually loud altruism.

Physiognomy-naive psychologists must forever rebundle their definitions. Cruz has a partial but pathological resemblance to the aspieface morph. Let's continue this discussion elsewhere.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

This is the greatest post Vox has ever done. He dragged a huge, juicy piece of red meat through gamma cuckville. And all of you are running after it.

Anonymous said...

KAssitch and Fairy Graham are most likely "light in the old loafers"

Gammas have a feminine mindset, so it would make complete sense that many of them are mistaken for fags.

I had suspected for some time that "golly gee whillikers isn't this just crazy" Kasich was Gamma rather than Delta, but his non-endorsement of Trump pretty much seals it in my mind.

Aeoli Pera said...

Let's continue this discussion elsewhere.

I'll copypasta to Ulric's thread for others to reference.

Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

I concede that massive ego was perhaps a 50% factor in the RNC move, for reasons elided.

Kat said...

One look at Cruz and my ovaries went into total lockdown mode. Not as strong a reaction as I get from the PM of Canada, whom I am certain is a rapist, but pretty strong. Icky.

John Williams said...

Cruz, who looks masculine and bangs hot girls on the side.
Are the girls banging him or would they bang anyone in his position. Do they stick around or are they creeped out (like Cruz's old college dorm mates are)? Cruz is the gamma drummer in a successful regional band. He might get some hot groupies, but can't figure out why he can't keep one.

SciVo said...

Cruz has the most punchable face. I bit my tongue to keep from alienating his supporters, since I didn't want to make it any harder for them to support Trump after his inevitable victory, but damn it was hard. Whenever I watched Cruz talk, even when I liked everything he was saying, I still had the visceral desire to punch his ugly mug for no particular reason. And it's a relief to be able to admit it now.

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