Friday, November 27, 2015

Cowering, cringing boys

It's no wonder the SJWs are running rampant. Most young men simply don't have the testicles or the backbone to stand up to them:
I gave a version of a talk that you can see here, on Coddle U. vs. Strengthen U. …

But then the discussion began, and it was the most unremittingly hostile questioning I’ve ever had. I don’t mind when people ask hard or critical questions, but I was surprised that I had misread the audience so thoroughly. My talk had little to do with gender, but the second question was “So you think rape is OK?” Like most of the questions, it was backed up by a sea of finger snaps — the sort you can hear in the infamous Yale video, where a student screams at Prof. Christakis to “be quiet” and tells him that he is “disgusting.” I had never heard the snapping before. When it happens in a large auditorium it is disconcerting. It makes you feel that you are facing an angry and unified mob — a feeling I have never had in 25 years of teaching and public speaking.

After the first dozen questions I noticed that not a single questioner was male. I began to search the sea of hands asking to be called on and I did find one boy, who asked a question that indicated that he too was critical of my talk. But other than him, the 200 or so boys in the audience sat silently.

After the Q&A, I got a half-standing ovation: almost all of the boys in the room stood up to cheer. And after the crowd broke up, a line of boys came up to me to thank me and shake my hand. Not a single girl came up to me afterward.
This is why you treat feminists and feminism with nothing but open contempt. All it would take is one young man - one - to whip the little bitches back into line. But they are all too afraid and beaten down to even challenge their masters.

If you want to be a real rebel, then be one. Live it. And the irony is, you'll be the only man that all those young women will find attractive.


Hosswire said...

I thought the same thing when I read that. These young men... Including no doubt the football players & track stars & top math, science & tech students & musicians at that school were walking on eggshells around teenage girls.
And needed some Yale egghead to come give them permission to address it. Pathetic.

Student in Blue said...

We progressed from a "You never hit a lady" to "It's never okay to hit a woman, ever ever EVER" to "It's never okay to make a woman feel terrible, ever ever EVER". From "Don't hit well-behaving women even if they're frustrating" to "Don't ever, it's always physical abuse" to "Hurt feelings are emotional abuse"

What a delusional, progressive view.

kurt9 said...

It's no wonder the SJWs are running rampant. Most young men simply don't have the testicles or the backbone to stand up to them:

The very same thought passed through my head when I first read about this case. The guys described here bear no resemblance to those I went to high school with. Today's young guys need to grow a pair.

Perhaps the feminization of young men is due to the xeno-estrogens.

R Devere said...

Huge Blue Pill Alert! Those boys' fathers should be ashamed. But then again, sounds like the place is ripe for some good red pill to be made!

Terrific said...

You are assuming these young MEN have fathers at home! Not likely.

And even if they have darhers, this is the second generation of castrated pussymen.

Terrific said...

Sorry, misread the venue. I guess they are still boys. But I recall being called "young men" in high school.

Anonymous said...

Two things.

One, very unlikely they have fathers teaching or even at home.

Secondly, these are boys who are likely to be bullied into submission by those single mothers and 20-something teachers who are wholly unequipped to deal with energetic boys.

Sleepy said...

Is it certain that young men won't stand up to it because they're cowards? Or is it because their morality, wrongly given, but still there, won't let them?

To put another way, if all they knew of virtue gave them permission to speak out, would they still refuse?

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Ever notice that boys become guys or 'young men' whereas females are usually referred to as 'girls' into their 30s. There's something very unconscious about that.

maniacprovost said...

Tangential thought... Our traditional right-ethics based values, libertarianism, capitalism, the US Constitution... they all reject physical violence, punish it, and reserve its use to the State... but emotional violence is completely acceptable. I think this shaped the way the Decline and Fall is playing out.

Anonymous said...
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evilwhitemalempire said...

"Show of hands for those that feel unable to freely express themselves"

Very, very clever!

It shows openly the balance of power in the school without requiring the silenced groups to say anything.

But I suspect it's hardly necessary.

Either the right pushes back and feminism is toast....


the muzzies take over EVERYTHING and.....

...feminism is toast.

Anonymous said...

I fit into this situation too well - most of my bullies growing up were females, & being middle age still dealing w/ female bullies, it is still a huge issue in my life. To use Rollo's "Feminine Imperative" definition, my over-controlling shrew of a mother & Gamma/Omega father made sure that I gave up my masculinity & sense of self in order to fully serve the opposite sex. It's so ingrained that I get panic attacks when I dare try to think outside of the box. I have tried finding mentors/other men to help me, but these men, looking back, were also cowed into the Feminine Imperative as well; they ended up rejecting me & abandoning me, telling me I burned them out, was a drama queen, high maintenance, etc. That pain of rejection from men, while being bullied & used by women, has broken me in trusting others & still dictates that I live in fear, even after sacrificing at the Feminine Imperative altar.

For now, I have to ask - how does one stand up to these female bullies & shrews as a middle aged man? The more I read in the manosphere, the more I want to grow a pair. The fear of having the police called on me, other forms of retaliation, & other irrational fears keep me cowed though. How do I push through through this fear?

Unknown said...

JD, on the fear of police, start by asking yourself: Do I know even one man who has spent a single night in jail because a woman told the police he was being mean? I don't. If it were common, I'd know many. Or read the police blotter in the paper. How often do you see a man being arrested just because he yelled at a woman, or even did some pushing? Not real wife-beating, but just a man standing up for himself? It's pretty rare. Usually when couples have fights and someone calls the cops, the cops will tell both to cool it, or possibly arrest both if they won't stop fighting.

But on the off chance that you stand up for yourself and end up spending a night in jail, is it the end of the world? (Every man should be arrested at least once, just to know what it's like.) At least you'll know you're a man and have a story to tell. And if women know you'll accept that before accepting ill treatment from them, they'll respect you more.

The "other forms of retaliation" are probably mostly in your head, as you suggest when you say "irrational fears." The truth is, whatever women are going to do to you, they're already doing. They can't do anything to you -- to your manhood -- that they aren't already doing. If you stand up for yourself, there's a good chance they'll attack you less.

Not necessarily at first, though. When people have learned to think of you as a punching bag, they don't like to give that up. You probably will get more retaliation than a man who never allowed that treatment in the first place would. But you have to start somewhere, if you're not going to accept your fate as-is.

CostelloM said...

Oh I can hear the comments now... "Vox says hitting women is OKAY! WHAT ABOUT THE TRAIN?!! HOW IS THE TRAIN!!!!!"

Bastiat's Ghost said...

I'm thinking the Gorilla Mindset might be useful for guys in this case.

Anonymous said...

Paraphrasing something Camille Paglia said in the early 90s: the reason all those date rape accusations happen at Ivy League campuses instead of at the State U's is because the the former are full of nerds and the latter are full of swaggering jocks.


Hammerli 280 said...

I'm not sure it's that the young men can't handle the's that they can't handle the gamma males in positions of authority providing the women with cover.

hosswire said...

I think that the phrase "standing up" to the female bullies implies a confrontational stance that leads to at the very least drama & histrioncs and at the very worst the kind of physical altercations that make you police fears justified. In my humble opinion, neither one of those outcomes gives you the kind of strong masculine energy you want to embody.
For today's man, the mindset should be less of "fighting back" and more of a "brushing off".
You should neither accept abuse or respond to it. You are too awesome & busy for either.
This means having a strong frame of valuing yourself first, a strong mission that you are dedicated to, a cheerful aggressive boldness to initiate & control your interactions with the world, and a ruthless willingness to cut out interactions that do not reward you. No threat of conflict terrifies a woman more than the idea of being rejected & abandoned by a strong, dynamic & masculine man whose company she craves.
In terms of tactics in response to the resistance & shit tests that you will encounter, PUA literature is full of the proper ways to react: Ignore, Plow through, Agree & Amplify, Backturn, Dread, etc...
Something of the sort is appropriate for these high school guys too. They should be kicking ass in all their endeavors, putting their own missions first and creating a tight brotherhood with eachother that makes them impervious to the opinions of their school's mean girl cliques. Those things will make them irresistable to the girls of the school, and they can dole out their attention to whichever females are willing to be most feminine & nice to them.

little dynamo said...

"JD, on the fear of police, start by asking yourself: Do I know even one man who has spent a single night in jail because a woman told the police he was being mean? I don't."

I do. They'll drive out in numbers to your house too, if a female complains you are 'abusive' etc. They'll make up whatever lie they wish and dial 911. You might get caged and you might not, but either way, you will lose. Most males leave it at that and Learn Their Lesson.

It is very uncommon in America for males to stand up in any way against females, or even an individual female. As the OP well-illustrated.

American men are not willing to pay the price of non-submission to what is, religiously and culturally, a market-gynarchy. They keep their heads down and, usually, their mouths shut. My only surprise was that the author seemed so shocked at Nation Fem, which has been established for decades. Shows the depth of collective denial.

Unknown said...

Yes, Ray, we all know you piddle down your leg every time a woman frowns in your direction, and you want to convince all other men to do the same. I even thought of you when I typed that, so you're famous for being a bitch, I guess. Congrats.

That doesn't change the facts. Yes, somewhere there's an innocent man in jail tonight because a woman decided to use the power of the state to punish him for her unhappiness. That sucks for him, and it shouldn't happen. But your doomsday submissiveness won't change it. Pretending that it's an epidemic and men should walk on eggshells lest they be arrested at any moment won't change it either.

I might have a small bit of sympathy for a man who's given up and surrendered out of fear. I have none for the man who's gleeful about it.

Anonymous said...

Most young men simply don't have the testicles or the backbone to stand up to them:

Kids these days, amirite?

Judge parents by their progeny. These kids are barely old enough to have agency man, it's the parents and culture around them that is cucking them into submission.

Sokrates said...

Beating them back into line would be so easy. The whole fear is nothing but fantasy.

Pirran said...

I wonder how self-selective these institutions become? There will be a number of fathers present (at this level of income), but the Alpha or Red pill aware men and boys who encounter this level of howling snow-flakery may instinctively get themselves (or their boys) out of there ASAP.

There's probably a distinct percentage of SJW entryism at which point anyone with a trace of testosterone leaves the building. As with other institutions, churches and societies, SJW's know this is all it takes. They don't need a majority to win, just enough to make healthy males turn away in revulsion. From that time forward you have pliant sheep ready for inculcation and no-one left to laugh at the absurdity. said...

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Artisanal Toad said...


I don't think you realize the depth of the indoctrination these days. Start with divorce and little boys are taught by example that the women hold all the power. Whether it happens to them or to one of their friends, it's a very powerful lesson in who holds the power. Then they go to school and it gets worse (the vast majority of the teachers are female). I went through a very ugly divorce and while all the children were harmed, one of my sons was hurt a lot more than the others when his mother used them as pawns in her war against me. Then he was thrown into public school (we were a homeschooling family prior to the divorce) completely unprepared and the result was predictable.

He was overheard by a teacher saying to another kid "My dad has lots of guns and he's going to teach me how to shoot." For that he was suspended for 3 days and when he returned he was met at the entrance every day (yes, every day for the rest of the school year), taken into one of the offices and searched. Because his dad has guns. That was the 4th grade.

The following year he wrote "Kill them all" on a water bottle and one of the female teachers saw it and flipped out. I forget what video game he was playing at the time but that's where it came from (according to him). He was suspended for 3 days and when he came back the school's police officer started giving him attention. By that, I mean he was literally stopped occasionally, searched and questioned. By the school's police officer, not by one of the faculty.

By the end of his 5th grade year he had been suspended 2 more times (once for getting in a fight, once for some BS that escapes me) and got the warning that the next incident would result in expulsion. His mother, of course, very vocally blamed me for all the above and in the process reinforced the lessons of the divorce. Ergo, no more visits from Dad unless he's willing to go to court, again, to demand the court enforce the visitation order (she has 100% legal and physical custody).

In the beginning my advice was for him to keep his head down but it became apparent he was being singled out for punishment for the crime of having testosterone.

I came to the conclusion that the only thing I could do was teach the boys game, but it's difficult to do over the phone. Probably the most important lesson was in the beginning, don't listen to what women say, watch what they do. I talked about that for months along with bits of the red pill and after they each had their personal epiphany and "got it" I started teaching them game.

One of the benefits of the conflict I have with their mother is the boys know they can't get caught talking to me so they take precautions and when we talk they have privacy and we can talk about anything. I explained basic concepts about teasing and agree and amplify and told them to practice on their sisters. A constant theme is male dominance and why women are repulsed by guys who suck up to them, but attracted to dominate men who don't put up with their crap. Later we talked about shit tests, negging, ignoring and pre selection bias. Currently we're discussing the concept of frame.

I knew it was really working a few weeks ago when one of the boys reported he was being chewed out by his mother, figured he was going to get punished no matter what he said, so he did a complete A&A with a big smile. He said her response was "Oh my God. You're just like your father." Then she *smiled* and walked away. He said "Dad, is mom crazy?" I said "Son, what have I been telling you? Of course she is. AWALT."

Teach them game.

Unknown said...

Artisanal Toad,

I do recognize the indoctrination. I don't see what that has to do with Ray's Chicken Little routine. You described the indoctrination very well, and then gave a call to action: teach them game. Ray just says we're doomed, and then....nothing.

I'm not saying he has to offer a solution. Some problems can't be solved, and predicting doom is a valid position to stake out. But then have the balls to recommend something: that we bang hookers, become monks or eunuchs, kill ourselves, something. Otherwise it just comes off as smarter-than-thou ankle-biting. Why keep pointing to the doom if you don't have something you want us to do in response?

Imagine if a guy points to a tornado on the horizon a mile away, but when you start looking for shelter, he says, "Don't bother, none of the buildings around here have basements, and it's too powerful for any of them to withstand." When you try to run, he just laughs and says, "Dummy, it's too big, there's no way you can outrun it." When you lie flat on the ground and grip the grass, he says, "You just look stupid down there." But he keeps pointing and saying, "Look, a tornado's coming! Look, look, look!"

At what point are you gonna risk the tornado long enough to stand up and slug him?

MichaelJMaier said...

The speaker at the school should have pointed out that bullies love having power and they will not relent in using it if there are no consequences and no opposition. In fact, the more the bullies shut down the opposition, the more incapable of dealing with opposition they become and the more shrill they will be.

So shut them up. The sooner, the better.

little dynamo said...

"Yes, Ray, we all know you piddle down your leg every time a woman frowns in your direction, and you want to convince all other men to do the same. I even thought of you when I typed that, so you're famous for being a bitch, I guess. Congrats."

You're quite the Mouthy Little Skank from the safety of the net, aren't you boy? Why don't you come on over and make your insults to my face? Oh wait you're too busy standing up for female liars, thieves, and false accusers. . . and then pretending you are some kind of Edgy Christian, preaching reason and moderation.

Be seeing you later little bitch. You won't be anonymous then and you won't be mouthing off either.

Unknown said...

Ray, against womanhood you counsel nothing but despair and surrender, but a man calls you out and suddenly you want to fight? Weird, but good to know you have it in you. I'm not that anonymous; you can find your way to my place in a few clicks. Stop by anytime; we'll go a couple rounds and have a beer.

Anonymous said...

Artisanal Toad said...
CailI don't think you realize the depth of the indoctrination these days.

it's not just the indoctrination.

it's also the drugging. how many boys are on Ritalin nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Artisanal Toad said...
a few weeks ago when one of the boys reported he was being chewed out by his mother, figured he was going to get punished no matter what he said, so he did a complete A&A with a big smile. He said her response was "Oh my God. You're just like your father." Then she *smiled* and walked away.

also, i'm not sure how many really recognize the cognitive difficulties women have with administering punishment and discipline.

you have to understand, most women are incapable of addressing discipline as anything other than a Social Dominance play.

to them, the only thing that being able to punish someone means is that Person A holds a socially dominant position over Person B.

not that discipline is necessary ... or even desirable.

we had an example of an attempt at this over at VP a year or two back when LL decided to leverage both her long time status as an Ilk but also ( primarily ) her status as the maintainer of Bane's blog to try and shit on me / constrain my behavior.

Vox 'warned' both of us.

but the fact is that if the situation had continued i would have forced Vox to ban me rather than kiss her ass.

this is a large part of why your wife grinned and walked away from your son. her "disciplining" him was never more than a Social Dominance play in the first place.

it is, of course, extremely fucked up that adult women would be making SocDom plays against children.

little dynamo said...

I tell you what's happening in the cages and courtrooms of the land to men, you tell me it doesn't and can't happen, and call me a bitch. On a public forum. Then imagine you will go a few rounds with me and drink beer after.

I hate beer, rarely drink, and don't appreciate casual slander for purpose of the ascendance of your ego. You put treacherous words in my mouth that I have not said, then think to be my pal. I choose my own friends and that sure isn't how.

Are you that Catholic boy I pissed off way back, by telling you that your Co-Redeemer was false? Please tell me you are not the same person, still following me around after all these years, like some vengeful, disturbed, brooding old woman? If it is you, well, I might manage a pity prayer.

Unknown said...

No, I thought you only posted about how feminism won and men are losers forever. If you go around starting fights about obscure theological points and keeping score, I guess that fits. My mistake for trying to handle conflict with you as men.

little dynamo said...

Your way of 'handling conflict' is to call others bitches online and to put evil words into their mouths. Out of the blue, you start a fight, and then demean others for not 'handling conflicts as men'. LOL! If you were in front of me bitch you'd get a real fight. A brief one. Obviously for the first time in your cocooned life.

Your problem has nothing to do with me, nor with religion. You are Butthurt For Years because I told you the truth about your fake goddess Mary, way back whenever. More than that, Cail Corishev, is that you are full of jealously and resentment at your own psych-sexual inferiority and inadequacy. You hate that you don't measure up, so you try to discredit and bring down those that you imagine have more groceries. Because that's what third-rate dirtcrawlers do. You're a whiteknight, playing the same passive-aggressive game as feminists.

joe camel said...

Is some butthurt interwebs warrior really challenging Cail to a fight after telling men to "learn their lesson" and saying he "hates beer" like some gay-ass bitch? since when do milk drinkers win fights?lolol

Anonymous said...

I tossed up whether to say this, but I think I should.

ray, Catholics do not worship Mary as a goddess. If you think that, you are misinformed.

Secondly, ray, you spent quite a lot of time abusing me on various sites for no reason that I could understand. You seemed to think my wife was a lawyer (she is a librarian) and you had some beef with me. In the end, I concluded that you were just confused as to who I was.

Maybe you should calm down.

Julian O'Dea

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