Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome to America

Now that's a good deed for the day. And, of course, a sad testimony to the reality of Game.


Matt said...

Even sadder he helped a damn foreigner.

Anonymous said...

And no reason to help him at all. Picking sides on someone else's game doesn't make sense.

ajw308 (#98) said...

You've realized you can tap into a magical power. Would you levitate a strangers car out of a ditch, maybe not so much to help him, but just to see if you could?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Bloody foreigner. But at least he was (presumably) White.

David The Good said...

Helping your fellow man: priceless.

VD said...

Oh, come on, it's just funny.

liberranter said...

Even sadder he helped a damn foreigner.

How is it "helping" any man, foreign or not, to introduce him to an American woman? I'd say that the guy who posted this has a cruel streak in him.

David The Good said...

I thought it was hilarious.

Not everything has to be about saving Western Civilization, right?

I mean, this blog isn't actually... oh...

Dang it, people - stop taking things so seriously!

D. Lane (#0067) said...

Tough crowd.

David-093 said...

Bunch of killjoys.

pdwalker said...

Heh. Very funny.

Just think of it as game in action

Artisanal Toad said...

Bro's before ho's. Classic.

What I think some of the commenters miss is that women will do this stuff automatically. Men, rarely.

Vincent Castrillo said...

This almost certainly bs. Everyone, especially ditzy American girls have Google...on their phone. 15 years ago sure, but unless he is playing up his famous doppleganger from the beginning and the chick bites onwhy a celebrity would be hitting on her in a dinky airport, this is surely "a fairytale".

Vincent Castrillo said...

And if you want to kill two stones (foreigndeath and get a chick) do exactly what he did up until the point where you can get him in an obvious lie, tell him to buzz of, and then laugh about it with the girl after sitting yourself down right at her table. I'm no cassanova, but I have picked up three women and a stewardess in airports over the last twenty years. It's ADVENTURE!! so much easier and romantical for these dummies.

SirThermite (VFM #0025) said...

How is it "helping" any man, foreign or not, to introduce him to an American woman? I'd say that the guy who posted this has a cruel streak in him.

Nice reframe- even more so because it's true

Anonymous said...

Jack Amok's variation: ask for his autograph, then after he signs it, let him know you believe him when he says he was set up by the cops in that kiddie-porn thing...

Michael Maier said...

I wouldn't help him either. You either lift the weight or you don't. This guy didn't have the game to pull it off. Sinking probably would have taught him more.

Daniel said...

Wrong, Vincent. All he had to tell her was that his name was Daniel Hendler or whatever Uruguayan he vaguely resembled.

Besides, you think women think like men. When they hear "movie star" the first thing they DON'T think about doing is fully verifying the fantasy, esp. when a total stranger comes up for no other reason than an autograph.

Tim_W_Burke said...

I don't understand. How is this not "qualifying himself to women"?

Owen said...

Dunno. I remember a video showing a guy walking with an "entourage" through a mall. complete nobody, but they acted like he was important. I think they even had a "camera crew" follow him.

They flocked.

Vincent Castrillo said...

Owen, that is because in a group it's easier to believe and their is no time to get a name.

Daniel, try reading what I wrote. I actually commented on the exact thing you brought up against my argument. It's only a few sentences.

Vincent Castrillo said...

Or maybe Daniel you don't understand the definition of doppleganger?

David Power said...

The fact that so many commenters here are criticising this guy, for simply DHVing another guy, shouldn't come as a surprise, as it tallies with several gender bias studies.

Studies which, unexpectedly, found that the majority of men have a very negative automatic own gender group bias mechanism. i.e. They are generally biased against other men.

While in contrast, the vast majority of women were found in similar studies to have a very strong "automatic own gender group bias mechanism". i.e. Women are overwhelmingly biased in favour of their own gender.

IMO. This, under-reported and even less understood phenomenon, is largely responsible for the relentless advance of the anti-male movement (contemporary feminism) and why most men are blind to its adverse impact on them and society, until it effects them on a personal level. At which time their views can easily be dismissed as mere but-hurt bitterness.

PS. In an attempt to avoid the conclusion that women are innately sexist, there have been many attempts to explain away the Female OGGB phenomenon, (without criticising women, which as we know is taboo) but alas as yet, no satisfactory answer has been found.

Here are a couple of female "academics" desperate trying to reframe this obvious anti-male, female bias into something more palatable.


Notice how they phrase the question as "Why do women like women, more than men like men". You can bet that if this little discussed phenomenon was in reverse, as they had expected, their question would have been "Why are Men more sexist than women".

Vincent Castrillo said...

David Power - the reaction here is not coming from an anti-male perspective, it's coming from a healthy pro-my people stance. While the Uruguayan might be similar in some sense, he is still not of us and hence we have an innate gut reaction to someone playing the field with one of our sisters, daughters, etc. Yes it is paternalistic, but it is also a healthy mechanism for preserving one's culture and people that we are now abandoning. Go around the world and tell me if men don't act this way with their women.

You could argue that allowing the other access to your women is very pathetic and those who say have our women bro are simply cucks. I am more than willing to help the game of one of my countrymen, but to assist aforeigner is gay.

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