Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hot white women and Jews most racist

I can hear Heartiste laughing from the other side of the ocean:
Among white women, one of the most striking findings is that white women who describe themselves as slim, slender, athletic, fit or average are nearly seven times as likely to exclude black men as dates as women who describe themselves as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large. [ed: :lol: ]

For white men, body type has no effect on their likelihood of excluding blacks or Asians. While political views also have no effect on racial exclusion by white men, white women who describe themselves as liberal or very liberal are less likely to exclude black men as dates than women who are not political, middle of the road, or conservative. Surprisingly, liberal white women appear more likely to exclude Asian men as dates, although this finding only borders on significance.

Finally, religion affects black exclusion, and Asian exclusion among white women. Specifically, we see that whites who identified as Jewish were dropped from the analysis of black exclusion because it was a perfect predictor; that is, all white men and women who identified as Jewish excluded blacks as possible dates; all white women who identified as Jewish also excluded Asian men as possible dates.
Yeah, that's going to be a useful study the next time some Jewish liberal is wagging his finger about antiracism. When it comes to dating, there is literally no one more racist than a Jewish woman.

This again explodes the myth that the media has been relentlessly pushing about the sexual attractiveness of Africans. The more attractive a woman is, the more selective a woman can afford to be, the less inclined she is to mudshark.


tweell said...

The Japanese are at least as racist as the Jews. They do it with manners, but consider Koreans mudsharking, let alone anyone else.

Anchorman said...

Since you (or one of the ilk) noted it, I have seen that Hollywood has not issue pairing white owman/black man on TV, but I don't know if I've ever seen white Jewish woman/black man on TV shows.

Of course, you could fill a thimble with the names of current TV shows I watch.

hank.jim said...

I consider dating preference to be excluded from what we consider to be racist in public life. Who you desire is just a base instinct. Liberals make everything about race so they are fair game for criticism.

People should marrying according to their religion. Jews should marry accordingly. There isn't much black or asian jews. Even less jew converts to christianity.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Awesome. We already knew this. I see very few White women with African males, and when I do, the female invariably turns our to be fat, obese, or both, with that fat, plain, round, flattish, pug-nosed face that is so common amongst lower-class Whites.

What I am seeing more of are White girls with Asian beta males. White women who hook up with Asian boys are settling, or marrying down, so it's jarring to see a White girl advertise her decision to settle (and thus undergo a loss of status) in such a blatant, public manner.

hank.jim said...

"it's jarring to see a White girl advertise her decision to settle (and thus undergo a loss of status) in such a blatant, public manner"

The horror. Wow. I suppose the alternative is settling with her cats, who will give her status a boost. Not all women get their first choice, but who knows what that is.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I saw a white man/black woman couple at the grocery store, with a mixed-race little girl in their carriage. The guy looked really poor, which does to a man's SMV what fat does to a woman's.

(man's assets => his dating options)
money + game => beautiful white women
no money + game => skanky white women
money + no game => hot Filipina women
no money + no game => black women

Anonymous said...

This comes as no surprise to me. I've noticed that pretty much the only black men that attractive white women are with are rappers/sports stars/politicians. I can only recall within the last year seeing *one* white women who I would have considered fairly attractive who was with an "average" black guy.

In pretty much every case, a white women with a black guy is some combination of unattractive. Largely the same with white women with Hispanic men.

Conversely, Asian women seem to dig white men, and the large majority of white-Asian mixed couples I have seen are Asian female with white male. Kind of surprises me, considering how endogenous Asians are supposed to be. Though, I have seen that Steve Sailor says that white men are, on average, more masculine than Asian men, without having a lot of the low intelligence/low education/prone to violence and shortsightedness problems that most black men have.

SirHamster said...

I consider dating preference to be excluded from what we consider to be racist in public life.

Too bad the "public" standard doesn't care.

Less black employees than population percentage? Racist.

Less dates than population percentage? Racist, obviously.

Anchorman said...

Conversely, Asian women seem to dig white men,

Anecdotal, but Asian women go all fluttery around me, far more than white women. Aside from the obvious, it might be the green eyes. They really can't keep eye contact for more than a few seconds without looking down, even the born and raised American-Asians.

Anonymous said...

Laguna Beach Fogey - "Awesome. We already knew this. I see very few White women with African males, and when I do, the female invariably turns our to be fat, obese, or both, with that fat, plain, round, flattish, pug-nosed face that is so common amongst lower-class Whites."

I don't know how things are going in O.C. these days, so I'll take your word for it. However, come visit us in Washington, D.C. and you'll find the exact opposite: if she is uber-feminine and quite attractive, she's with a very fit and athletic Black man. (And giving the eye to more thuggish looking Black men when she thinks that guy isn't looking).

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@ Jourdan ~ Cool story, bro.

Matt said...

Even the white women snagged by rich/athlete/famous blacks are second tier, usually. Doutzen Kroes is one of the exceptions.
But that physical. Once you read she dated several famous black men, ahea just disgusting.

Matt said...

Roissy said something similar to Jourdan but I'm still going to end this by suggesting Jourdan is a race cuckold.

Matt said...

Laguna Beach Fogey will show you how they do things in da O.C.

David said...

Just from my personal experience, I live in a town that's exactly half black and half white, and almost without exception the white women with black men are the unattractive or homely variety. I've yet to see the uber-hot blonde with a black guy, no matter how fit or wealthy he is. I've seen Hispanic and Asian men with white women of all degrees of hotness, but the mudshark supermodel? Not once.

David said...

And as for Jewish women being the most racist...please, shameless, unself-aware hypocrisy is what they run on.

Anonymous said...

Geez guys what's with the hostility? I'm just reporting what I'm seeing around these parts. In fact, I was just at Whitlow's on Wilson for a happy hour beer on the way home and there were only two couples in the place, both young blonds with black dudes. I'm sure D.C. is not typical.

S1AL said...

I'm curious what the effect of being raised in a mixed-race neighborhood is. I'd bet that growing up as "part of the community" has an effect.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I call bullshit on your story Jourdan.

Prof. Spudd said...


Sorry, but even in big cities, I have rarely seen a non-obese white girl with a black dude. The only exceptions I see once in a while are on college campuses in parts of the country with few blacks, where black dudes are imported to play on the feetzball and bas'etball teams.

Prof. Spudd said...

And hilariously enough, black male imports on such highly-white college campuses, if there are next to no black girls, actually tend to end up with nonwhite nonblack girls -- Hispanic, Asian, or mixed-race girls. Sure, they do get with white girls, but it's not nearly as common as you'd think.

Noah B. said...

There are weird subcultures like this out there. I've seen them too. Still, from what I've seen, you're talking about decent looking girls (6's-7's) and not supermodels. Girls you'd still talk to if action was slight but would quickly pass up on most occasions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure D.C. is not typical.

A wild guess: Obama's people brought in a lot of blacks from boosters like ACORN and Goldman Sachs to fill patronage jobs, and more filtered in looking for the same. So you have a disproportionate number of educated-looking, well-dressed black guys in town, who may have some connections to the halls of power -- or who at least claim to be a Friend Of Barry to impress girls.

It wouldn't be surprising if ambitious, attractive girls hoping to snag a husband with future political potential would chat these guys up, even meet them for dates. That doesn't mean they're marrying them, or even sleeping with them, necessarily. If they are, it's probably for the aforementioned reason of power-chasing, not because something in the D.C. water leeched out the general preference for white men that white women in every other city still have.

Unknown said...

I wonder how many of these "7-8" attractive white women that are dating outside their race are actually 5-6s with heavy makeup. Looks are deceiving as hell.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

About 5 or 6 years ago on Dr. Phil there was a fame seeker, Josey. She made the point of stating she is of and from a proud Jewish household and she must have a Jewish man who is rich, will better her career (worker bee status or something in reality tv, I dont know) and take care of her forevermore. The audience was appalled along with Doc Phil. Her and her mom were clear, must be a Jewish man, she is rich, their family is rich, she wants to combine the wealth in a Jewish wedding/marriage, will stay posh in cash and. I understood how she believed. Amy Schumer of comedy central made jokes of dating black men and it wasn't well accepted by crowds, it was very awkward/misplaced of her.

Matt said...

@LP999/Eliza I remember Tina Fey, while hosting on of the awards shows with Amy Poehler, was talking about "Captain Phillips" and made a crack about the Somalians going to her hotel room and repeated a popular line from the movie, "I am the captain now", and it got zero laughs. I dont know what made her think an interracial gangbang joke would get over. Especially from her.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Isn't Washington DC about 85% black? I mean those living within the city limits?
And I wonder what percentage of the remaining 15% were other dark-skinned minorities.

On my business trip there, it was pretty obvious that almost all the white people were commuters.

So, Jourdan could be plausible, especially if he isn't hanging around the white power elite clubs.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Every white woman/black man couple I've seen the woman is either obese, full of tattoos, or gives every slut tell in the book. The only time I've seen attractive women with them in pictures is if they are younger (~16-18 range)

tweell said...

In Jourdan's favor, there is a subset of hot white women who will associate with average blacks IF the black is a drug dealer. Nose candy is expensive, and an addict will do a lot for a fix.

Anonymous said...

There was Seal and Heidi Klum. But that was definitely an outlier.

Prof. Spudd said...

There was Seal and Heidi Klum. But that was definitely an outlier.

Attractive European women (and American women from parts of the USA with few blacks) are more susceptible to negrophilia, probably because they aren't used to seeing them and their TNB every day, which leads to their succumbing to suggestions from the idiot box. The opposite of "Familiarity breeds contempt."

Dexter said...

"there is literally no one more racist than a Jewish woman."

A while back I belonged to a gym and my buddy was an exercise instructor. From time to time he'd point his female customers in my direction. One time he told me a nice Jewish girl said she was single, and he pointed me out. Her very first question: "Is he Jewish?"

He said "no, I don't think so" - which was correct enough - and that was as far as that went.

Anonymous said...

Jewish women don't go on blogs using insulting racial slurs like "mudshark", you white racist hypocrite coward who can't own up to your own personality flaws.

I see this attitude all the time, white men always trying to blame every other race because they can't admit they deserve to be hated for all the hate they've put out throughout history. You'll all burn in Hell.

Dolarandgold said...

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Anonymous said...

White women are the root of all evil in this world. There pretty skinny siren faces plastered everywhere to tempt every other race in to wishing they would be dating a white girl. Secretly white women know this and even more so if they're pretty. They act all coy and portray this "look I am docile, harmless, innocent, I am the cream of the crop attitude." Some of us are on to the game and see right through the bullshit. Everyone step closer and pull back the veil of lies. The real truth is White men manipulate the world with the social media, to perpetuate the hate and lies secretly poisoning our minds with the false view of the world as only white people would want us to see it, using the attractive white women as their weapon. In today's age 85% of white females are racist, narcissistic, entitled, vain, selfish, and believe they are better than other women thanks to the perpetuation of White men and the social media controlled by white men. SORRY I AM JUST CALLING IT AS I SEE IT!

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Unknown said...

Simping white males are now being called rape apologists misogynist and CIS scum by the very women they seek to place on the pedestal of white supremacy. White women are twerking and wearing Queen of Spades jewelry to cuckold the same men. Jewish women are the most racist in order not be semitic but European. They all want to get tanned in the summer because tanned skin is preferable to paste. Go figure

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