Sunday, January 4, 2015

The dark depths of feminism

Feminism is like an iceberg. Its demand for "sexual equality" is merely the exposed top; it is the marketing campaign feminists use to draw foolish young women and even more foolish young men into the ideology. But the further down you go, the uglier and more monstrous it gets.

And, like an iceberg, it sinks every ship careless enough to run into it.


Unknown said...

Can't put lipstick on a pig.

Dark Herald said... is the marketing campaign feminists use to draw foolish young women and even more foolish young men into the ideology

Since Lena Dunham waddled her way into our consciousness I've realized that damage starts (thanks to the kid's parents) pretty much at birth.

Alan and I were ecstatic — but also a little bit nervous. Raising a gifted child is a huge responsibility. And we were determined not to squander Ben’s talents. We vowed then and there that we would do all we could to ensure he achieved his full potential.

The first step was getting him into the right preschool. We figured it would be a breeze, given Ben’s obvious star quality. But, to our great surprise, he struggled with the interview requirement. At Trevor Day, a teacher asked him how old he was. Instead of saying “three,” he gored open her stomach and then pinned her to the ceiling with his mind. We were able to get him an interview at Trinity, thanks to a family connection. But when Ben saw the crucifix in the lobby, his eyes turned black and the walls wept blood. Why was Ben behaving this way? There was only one logical explanation: attention deficit disorder. We took him to a specialist on Park Avenue, and within five minutes our son had his first prescription for Ritalin.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Another pretty little lie is that feminism started out with noble intentions but lost it's way.

This was always the plan from the beginning.

Dexter said...

It's like any other variation on Marxism -- sounds good in theory, untold horrors in practice.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


hank.jim said...

The graphic is so accurate. Its a wonder why people still call themselves feminist.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Pre-corporatw shill Rand Paul (or was he always this way) used to have this great idea to just let the Democrats have everything want while the rest of us bunkered down for the oblivion. I think we should do that for feminists. If anything, those of us who still reproduce should have some combo of genes and controlled environment to resist that sort of self-destructive nonsense.
we just might not win in this generation is the downside.

Unknown said...

All feminists are trans women of color? Did not know that!

Unknown said...

There's a simple test for immediately finding out if a girl you are out with is actual dating/LTR/wife material or just a toy. When she asks some form of what do you do for a living or what do you want out of life, respond how you see fit but add in sarcastically and even with a little hint of the effeminate "I'm an independent maaaaann!!" and look at her initial reaction.

If she laughs, you have winner. If she blank stares because she doesn't get it, you may have one you can tran properly.. If she fake laughs to be polite or straight up shakes her head like you shouldn't have said that, congrats you have a toy and nothing more.

It's easy. Try it.

Unknown said...

"Dexter said...
It's like any other variation on Marxism -- sounds good in theory, untold horrors in practice. "

Reformed liberal? Blue piller that grew a pair? Marxism has never once sounded good in theory to anyone with a grasp of actual reality and a real man card. Ever.

The feel gooders that this shit sounds good to initially are always the sheep, the damaged, and the brainwashed. So basically liberals and women. Which one are/were you?

Trust said...

@ Vincent Castrillo said...

Of course, many of us who understand the world know how ridiculous Marxism is. But the "sounds good" slogans have a point because those of us who see through it are hardly a majority. And even if 90% of all men had "a man card" and saw through it, you still have an uphill battle with women who dependably confuse liberty and marxism.

Trust said...

I remember a clip from one of the talk shows, the talk or the view, doesn't matter. They were talking about Catherine Becker cutting off her husband's penis and running it through the garbage disposal. The hostesses were cracking jokes and the entire audience (of women) were busting their guts.

A male show with male audience would never have cracked jokes and busted guts at a man destroying a woman's vagina. And if one did, it would be condemned from doghouse to white house. But hey, women are naturally kinder and more empathetic right?

gamma secret kings reddit said...


There is no Plan B, nearly no hope of undoing the evils of feminism that shall take every man and woman into the abyss that Dark Souls 1 and 2 speak of, the chaos of the abyss with no hope of ever returning to rational logical thought.

Who, what do these stupid men and women (not males and females) think they are doing to themselves when they hurt their fellow man, hiding their hand doing evil to him? J Cash wasn't kidding!

We women must encourage, support and listen to our men...and of course SUBMIT. There is a leader and follower in everything, men lead, the women will follow. Compromise one woman to turn to the system, turn to their equally moronic girlfriends and you've lost the woman and the kids.

gamma secret kings reddit said...

DOWN WITH THE VIEW, DOWN WITH THE TODAY SHOW! Disgusting FALSE portrayal of women, and what do they teach women? Drink at 11am, be a whore and hate men.

Those baby boomer women are on their way out in time, not my time or my wish. Recall that I want everyone to be happy, healthy, wealthy and I add of sound mind.

Retrenched said...

Feminism is supposed to be about making women happier, and yet there are no people on the planet more miserable than feminists. Even poor people in Africa are more positive and upbeat about their lives than western feminists are about theirs.

Weouro said...

Either that or it's: "The meaning of feminism is so broad that it can't REALLY be conclusively defined. Also, that broadness/meaninglessness is why feminism has something to say about every possible circumstance humans encounter." Feminism is such bullshit.

Matamoros said...

Earl Thomas said... Can't put lipstick on a pig.

Yes, you can. But then you have a pig with lipstick.

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