Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alpha Mail: are gays misogynist?

 The question is asked:
Ever heard of Redstockings? They've argued precisely this, because if you're gay you're denying sexual attention to women and thus being a misogynist.


Honestly, (radical second wave and third wave) feminism has thrown gay men under the bus. Why? Feminists (of these types) argue that there is no such thing as homophobia against gay men. They argue that gay men are discriminated against because they're socially perceived as feminine... ergo, gay bashings are just the Patriarchy backfiring onto men!

Feminists really need to make up their minds... are gay men seen as women by society? Or do gay men get treated like men are and thus possess "male privilege"? Both of these statements cannot be true at the same time, yet feminists (of these kinds) simultaneously hold to both: gay men are victims of the patriarchy because they're socially perceived as and treated as women, yet apparently because of their penises they possess "male privilege."

But we don't give chivalry to gay men, and "never hit a woman" hardly saved Matthew Shepard's life. And several stereotypes of gay men may be effeminate, but several other stereotypes of gay men are in fact hypermasculine ("all gay men are sex-obsessed sexual predators" for example).

Of course feminists want to enlist gay men to fight for their cause (and take them shopping) but the simple fact is that gay men, like all kinds of gender-non-normative males (including nerdy men and camp-straight men etc.) are socially treated as a third gender.

But feminism doesn't want to accept this. If it did, its entire model of unidirectional class-based gender oppression instantly becomes untenable.

So feminism throws gay men under the bus.
All we really need to know is the First Law of the Female Imperative: do they help or hinder the free flow of resources from men to women. To which, the answer is obviously: hinder. Therefore, homosexual men are intrinsically misogynist regardless of how they regard or behave towards women.


Conan the Cimmerian said...

Matthew Shepard was killed by two other fellow homos. Just to keep the facts straight (rim shot).

Peter said...

As feminists like to say, "Intent isn't magic." It doesn't matter why you don't want to sleep with, marry, emotionally support and materially provide for women. It doesn't matter that you're in love with Steve. All that matters is the real harm done to women by not giving them things.

Marissa said...

"never hit a woman" hardly saved Matthew Shepard's life

Screwing around with people when you have AIDS isn't a good life choice.

Feminists and gay men are mostly just whiny.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything more likely to be true these days than a stereotype?

Anonymous said...

I suspect feminism doesn't care one way or another about gay men. Since the gay men are themselves outliers, they are inconsequential to larger movements in society. Feminism want to be a larger movement, not a fringe movement.

Retrenched said...

Feminists and gays* share a hatred of natural masculinity and traditional gender roles, so they are allies in that sense.

* -- yes, I know Jack Donovan exists, so NAGALT

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Women by default are a predatory sex. They want to benefit from the production of men without having to give anything in return for it.

Gay men tend to have a flashier lifestyle, something that always attracts predatory females, but they deny women both sexual attraction and access to their stuff. Of course gay men are misogynist by default.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I've always thought that women envy homosexualists their superior fashion sense.

A Traveller said...

What the hell.

Trust said...

Feminist and gays will turn on each other if the gay gene is ever found when the gays abandon their pro-choice stance.

Matt said...

I've had at least one gay friend who told me explicitly he disliked women. Not as in he didn't find them attractive (though obviously that was true too), he just plain couldn't stand 'em.

Maybe he had a point. Can you imagine what'd it would be like if every woman was unattractive and the only ones who wanted to be your friend were the losers who wanted you to basically be their pet cat to make up for their romantic failures?

hank.jim said...

How do gay men hinder the providing of services to women? Assuming they are not married, they are taxed at the single rate, which is a lot of taxes. Plus, many gays makes excellent wages. Gays can afford a fabulous lifestyle that are directed at stuff that women like, which employs many women in retail. Gays also work in many of these retail establishments.

Then suddenly feminists decide gay men are of no use to them and declared them misogynists. Feminists aren't going to marry men anyways. Less men are giving women their resources. Gay men will at least give women their time, emotions, and sympathy. They have gay men as their lunch dates. What's wrong with getting a little?

Then again, feminists and women want gay men to have their gay marriages. Women are more open to gay marriages. Men in general are more opposed. So are women working against their interests? It sure seems that way.

Salt said...

Conan's right. Matthew Shepard was a cat fight. Carry on.

mickeypavic said...

Feminists hate gays as they're higher up on the disadvantaged tree and need more rights. Maybe someone can get the pity list, I think it goes something like this;

Minority women
Fat women
Single mothers

MichaelJMaier said...

@Matt: Yeah, I've never understood the fag hag thing, in either direction. Unless they both like the extra gossip from a different, unusual perspective.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Of course gay men hate women.

Women are sexual rivals to them.

Same reason why dykes hate men.

(In fact most feminist man hate is lesbian jealousy motivated.)

Why isn't this stuff obvious to you people?

buzzardist said...

Are people still pretending that Matthew Shepherd was killed for being gay? Sheesh. The gay rights crowd made up an effective narrative to garner themselves sympathy. That it flew in the face of all the facts in the case was irrelevant. Killed by one his own gay lover over a meth deal gone bad? Irrelevant. What matters is that they twisted the case to successfully press for various hate crime legislation protecting gays, who apparently need special protection from themselves...and from meth dealers, especially the gay ones.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Alexander said...

Well jimmy-jimbo,

for starters, I imagine the gays are tying down well beyond their fair-share of medical expenses, valuable funds that would be better spent on free condoms or breast cancer awareness.

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