Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another gamma fail

What sort of response do you imagine this heartfelt message of support was likely to inspire from women. He's telling them that they're all beautiful, nay, "fucking beautiful", and they don't need to tart themselves up in ruthless competition with one another for the benefit of cruel, sexist alpha males. Just look at those puppy dog eyes, that sensitivity, that all-inclusive message of hope and acceptance. Surely this would meet with a shower of female approval, right?

Of course not. Male supplication always - ALWAYS - backfires. Now, a woman doesn't mind being told she's beautiful so long as it is coming from a man who a) obviously tells every woman that, or b) clearly has the ability to have sex with at least 10 other women the woman would consider to be a credible rival.

But to hear it from a supplicating, low-status boy whose merest intimation that he might have a shot with her is an insult? That, of course, sparks female outrage.


Anonymous said...

Man, these are brutal. Is it just me, or is there a sort of condescension mixed in with the supplication, too? That's how I've seen women react to this kind of thing, as if they're thinking, "You loser, who are you to tell me I'm beautiful enough?" When a guy tries to compliment all women en masse, it gives the impression that he sees them not as real people with ups and downs, but as a caricature he's built up in his fantasies.

CostelloM said...

Add a 5 o'clock shadow, 60 pounds of flab, a bad haircut, a dress, and 30 years of age and you'd have Scalzi.

Houston said...

Sexual kamikaze explodes on takeoff.

Bob said...

It's the level of bitchyness in the responses that gets me. Rather than a simple "Thanks but I'm alright / I'm capable / no thanks" or whatever, they respond like that.

I mean what about the fucking minataur whipping her clothes off just to prove a point? Blergh. Women are too far gone

Of course his lil thing was never going to get anywhere but heck, at least it had well intentions. Not one of the "fairer sex" there treated it as such.

Desiderius said...

This guy is playing a different game than the last one. The "don't be insecure" is a subtle neg. He'll make hay.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the response to a sign saying, "I'm supposed to support my wife, protect her, die for her if necessary. What makes you worth dying for?"

Res Ipsa said...

I don't know. I think you're being to hard on him Vox.

He might be able to score in the top 5% of morbidly obese chicks. At least the ones who are tired of producing back bastards.

Anglican said...

He thinks they're "all fucking beautiful"? He obviously hasn't visited my local Wal-Mart.

Doom said...

Well, mostly, that's true. It just doesn't matter when I am shopping. All food is good, but I don't want to eat all food. I want to eat what is nutritious, or just tastes good to me at the moment. But, considering that I am trying to pick one food for the rest of my life? Damn straight, most of it will have to be discarded. Start with the women who don't need men, then drop the ones who believe wholly in themselves... doesn't work in a family, then et cetera.

If you are just looking for a little jiggle, his method actually isn't all that bad, if that isn't the start and stop of it. It's called bait and switch, and works quite often. Honestly, if you've got it on, it doesn't matter what you say. I used to love to tell women they were equal, even better than men. It was my backdoor to dumping the priss. If she is equal, and better, then she doesn't need me. Heh. They simply can't argue that.

If it is the start and stop? I honestly think estrogen from millions... no billions... of women, using the pill and other things, and the corruption of food, has lead to a very low ball drop thing. Beyond that, women on the pill act differently, choosing losers almost automatically and unerringly. It's not just one thing. Reverse osmosis and unprocessed foods will help. But that is useless in a landscape of chemically neutered cows. And it won't help all of them, mind you. There is a reason Spartans, and really Romans generally, killed the... questionable, right off the bat. Of course, before and often since then, nature did it. We just need to get back to where nature takes it's course.

Actually... nature will take it's course, just a bit more slowly, until civilization collapses again. You can't beat it. Feminists are ending their line, as are any who have two or fewer children. And good riddance. Says one who has no children, officially, to this point. Meh, I have three out there, that I know about. Untold others, is my guess. You don't breed a herd of cows without protection to no results, that's for sure. Better yet? Look, ma, no stds. God MUST have been looking out for me.

Salt said...

I'd suggest he keep a supply of paper bags for the type of woman he's going to attract.

Unknown said...

Good lord, where's Theseus when ya need him?

Yohami said...

Dont be insecure - is a neg. He's criticizing bitches for putting make up and competing against each other for the attention of the hot guys. Also the prettier girls will find offensive that they are "all" beautiful. Then, telling a woman she doesnt need "clothes" is like telling a man he doesnt need sports, games and porn. Last, this is a MAN passing judgement over women. In short, this is a massive insult to the current culture.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Yohami, I believe you're overthinking this. There's that old Heinlein quote about not attributing to malice things that can be explained by stupidity. I'd say the guy is just trying to backdoor some brownie points rather than slug it out in competition with his peers.
Now, I might be off. I asked my wife about this, knowing that she rather enjoys American guys coming up to her and telling her outright that she's beautiful. Vox has a point about how, other than a mild, transitory appreciation, the messenger determines the way the message is read.
The angry space cow with the ring in her nose, however, scared me. Her midsection looks like someone set off a firecracker in a bowl of hummus.

Desiderius said...

Of course he's trying to back door some brownie points. Meet the sneaky fucker in action. Notice he's talking about her (the mark's favorite subject), unlike the first guy who's talking about himself. He's giving orders. He's implying preselection. Like it or not, that shit works.

Joe A. said...

Okay. All the harsh assessments attributed to the previous gamma fail apply to THIS gamma male ten fold. Sweet mother of God. This dude could probably rake in the chicks with a bit of game... assuming he isn't trolling as is.

Anonymous said...

Dont be insecure - is a neg.

Yes, it is. But he cancelled out the neg with the rest of his message.

~ Stingray

Yohami said...

Paul, he was trying to be a feminist Bruno Mars and failed.

Malcivus said...

How is this not a photoshop contest?
Anyway, I've decided to help this poor soul with a more game-approved sign.

Malcivus said...

Intended to make that clickable.


Tarrou said...

Girls, most of you do need makeup, and some of you need a fucking tent.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose this kid has learned a lesson and is finally ready for the Red Pill now?

Probably not,..


Duke of Earl said...

Hmm, I'd prefer something like.

Dear girls
Don't be insecure...
Who needs another mental problem?

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