Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Too much Alpha

A fat older slut explains that too much male sexual appeal can actually be a turn-off:
One such friend tells me that he long ago stopped approaching women he was attracted to in bars.  He is a quite a conventionally attractive man, with an extremely muscular build, and his preference is for women of my size or even larger.  The most common reaction he would receive was one of anger from women who were so conditioned to believe in their own unattractiveness that they automatically assumed he was making fun of them.
And once more, we see support for Roissy's keen intersexual observations. It also illustrates why men and women alike have contempt for sluts. It's hard for men to score lots of women. It is very, very easy for women to do so, even when they are grey-haired, middle-aged women who go 300 pounds. I'm not utilizing hyperbole for rhetorical effect either. The author of the piece describes herself as a "size 28" and there is a picture. Headshot only, I hasten to add.
A key that will unlock anything is a master key. A lock that can be opened by any key is a useless lock. 
However, keep in mind that the same rule applies to men with regards to commitment. The woman who can elicit commitment from any man is an uberbabe. The man that will offer commitment to any woman is an unwanted BETA male.


Yohami said...

"He is the absolute whole package -- smart, successful, a hell of a nice guy"


Its interesting that even with a smv value as low as hers, she still holds the position to disqualify the men who pursue her. Oh no you're ashamed of fatties, oh no you like fatties too much, oh no you dont have your body perfectly carved by the gym, oh no, you're not a smart successful "nice guy TM" enough.

What a niche.

Unknown said...

I've met more than one obese woman who thought men were after her. They were imaging it.

Jason773 said...

This just in...most men are absolutely pathetic and are generally willing to stick it in anything. TBH I hate these guys because they help with the degradation of the entire system. A lack of standards quickly leads to no standards.

paul a'barge said...

Spot on.

Unattractive, fat, ugly, slutty, Democrat and difficult-to-tolerate women will always use the "I can get laid anytime i.e. a lot) retort to try and ward off the reality of game and the wisdom of Alpha men.

And in fact, they (the horrid women) can. It's a fact that at any time, any horrid woman can always find a Beta male to pork her. I believe the technical term is "cum dump".

What these (again, horrid) women can not do is (1) get attention (YKWIM) from quality Alpha men or (2) commitment from quality Alpha men.

These (again, horrid) women are under the delusion that their powerful attractant is the fragrance from their vagina. And it is, as long as what they want is loser men. Which of course, is not what they want. They want quality. And they do not get it.

jlw said...

"The man that will offer commitment to any woman is an unwanted BETA male."

Could we just replace the word "BETA" with "OMEGA" here? What's the difference?

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


I was only able to get through half of this article, as I had just eaten lunch and did not want to eject ten delicious dollars of red curry duck all over myself.

Thank you for having the mental strength I lack to wade through this abomination of an article.

Retrenched said...

@ jlw

ALPHA = women want him and are sexually attracted to him

BETA = women aren't that attracted to him, but they settle for him when they can't get the ALPHA anymore, when they've had enough pony rides on the ALPHA carousel, or when they're looking for the protection and provision that the ALPHA doesn't give them

OMEGA = not wanted by women for anything, period

Most men are BETAs.

Retrenched said...

Granted these definitions are overly simplified and don't always work perfectly-- e.g. many ALPHA types go through stretches of rejection, and sometimes BETAs are able find the outliers among women who really want them.

But in a nutshell, ALPHA is attractive to women, BETA is average, and OMEGA is repulsive.

paul a'barge said...

@Retrenched - BETAs are able find the outliers among women who really want them

the fact that these Beta's are boinking outliers is not an exception to their Beta-ness. It is part and parcel of it, front and center.

ALPHA types go through stretches of rejection
Where in the Encyclopedia of Game does it say that Alpha gets the top SMV female every time? These are women we're talking about here, so ... 'nuff said.

Doom said...

I'm still not sure what commitment means. Urhm, how... is that defined? Yeah... never mind. While I do think there is such a thing as too much 'alpha' (several varietals of that sort), that is only in regards to commitment... whatever that really means. And, not on "her" part. Urhm, from what I have seen. Women are like crows and alpha is like bright shiny. They have no chance, choice.

Hearing "I am married", or more often, "I'm menstruating", often enough, and knowing it doesn't matter, as if you cared with many of those women who say these things, a man learns... there is no such thing as too much 'alpha'. Oh, and... don't bring a girlfriend to help keep you safe, "ladies". Two for ones are even easier that way. Plus? You have no option to even suggest it was rape.

Fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

Another difference between men and women is women lie shamlessly, especially about their sex lives.

mmaier2112 said...

You also have to keep in mind the "I Don't Care" mentality too. If a woman is a short, fat cow she already KNOWS she has no shot with a really good-looking man. My sister-in-law had a fat friend that would approach men she didn't know and tell them they were "gorgeous". But it's just like a shy guy telling a supermodel she's gorgeous... all she got was maybe a thank you but it gave her what SHE wanted: direct interaction with a man way out of her league. She got the ego boost and didn't have to risk a thing.

And, let's face it, most guys (even Roissy probably) aren't reflexively cruel to a fattie telling him he's hot. They might be uncomfortable in responding, but I doubt they're going to blow up about it.

mmaier2112 said...

This cow is just admitting reality: she has no shot so she's pre-emptively rejecting them.

Yeah... and I'm really busy rejecting Kate Upton.

jlw said...

Ah, got it. So in the expression "The man that will offer commitment to any woman is an unwanted BETA male" we could just replace the BETA with OMEGA and it would still be true.

tz said...

Junk male?

I'm not going to pursue the headshot (I've just eaten and wish my stomach contents to go through the normal sphincter).

But I am curious. As to number of chins, is N>3?

"Morbid" applies to humor as well as obesity as well as other things.

JLT said...

The Odd-Duck-Looking President of France Is Nailing a Cute Actress
...Here's the kicker: His polling is going up... among women. His polls had been in the crapper for years because France is, well, France is France, and the only thing rising faster than its unemployment is its deficit, but now he's arranging secret rendez-vous with much-younger actresses and French women are all like, Oh là là, que chaud!

That proves the premise of 1/3rd of all teenager movies of the 80s: If you can just get one cute chick to pretend to like you, the rest of the girls really will like you.

In his press conference today -- facing 500-600 reporters -- he never quite said "Yeah I'm tapping that" but at no point did he deny it. ...

Anonymous said...

Love the final paragraph on this one:

"I realize that my lifestyle is not for everyone, and I would never try to assert that it should be. I'm sure it won't even be the life for me forever. But at this moment, I am having a great time having exactly the kind of sex I want. And I'm doing it with the body I have right now. Because whatever I look like, I have a right to pursue pleasure without shame. And no matter what anyone else has been telling you, so do you. "

#1 I agree this isn't the life she's going to lead forever: forced celibacy will be forthcoming
#2 girls: slut it up
#3 she's telling us she has a right to do this without shame, so no one has a right to look down on her
#4 I'm sure her next point will be to tell us she should be able to do this without consequence.

Heaven help the dumbasses who heed her advice.

k8 said...

I don't understand this. I worked so hard to get everything men say they want. I'm 5'3, 24 years old, I weigh exactly 100 pounds and my measurements are 33, 24, 33, with my legs significantly longer than my torso. My breasts are perky and bigger than average for my frame. I grew my hair out to mid back and I'm pretty enough that random girls will come up to me and tell me how pretty I am. I dress in fitted but not revealing clothing. Men never approach me. Why is this? The only man who has ever asked me out is my boyfriend. What gives? Would he be more interested in me if I gained 100 pounds? Have I been doing the wrong things all this time? How can this disgusting old hag be doing so much better than I was when I was 18, virginal and single?

Unknown said...

I recently found out that my y-chromosome originates with the doggerland community that produced the gravettian venus statuettes. I look like a white Gene Upshaw (same height/weight/build). I find women of her body type attractive, and, thanks to having learned game and some confidence, I am no longer ashamed of having chosen the woman I prefer.

Her comment that you quote resonates. I found that I was getting blown out by women I actually wanted because of two specific scenarios that every fat girl has experienced many times: deltas posturing by creatively humiliating the fat girl (this game is 'won' by extracting the largest amount of obvious interest form the fat girl--the goal of course getting her to offer sex and publicly rejecting her), and omegas who approach a woman they don't find attractive after getting blown out by the ones they do like, and then getting angry, because 'how dare this ugly sack of crap reject ME!'.

So when I actually approach a cute fat girl, honestly interested, she is screening for those deltas and omegas. I do not appreciate this obnoxious extra hurdle. She makes a feminine and polite request in that article, "You go have your fun and let me have mine."

I have found a simply and easy way to restore my woman's equilibrium when she comes over to me in a bar or other social event (because I am typically socializing, instead of engaging in beta mate guarding) to inform me that a delta or omega is playing the above-mentioned games. I simply engage in a public and physical assertion of my dominance.

I approach the delta or omega immediately, state my displeasure with his conduct, and initiate a display of physical dominance. For omegas, they can typically be appropriately chastened with an angry look and a demand for an apology--they likely did not intend to challenge an alpha's property rights and may opt to flee the scene. For deltas posturing, the goal is to disrupt the target's state control (through induction of anxiety), and extract humiliating vocalizations of submission from the offending party(ies) in front of the others. The more physical I get, the more she tingles. Good examples of humiliating vocalizations (with the appropriate amount of fear and anxiety in the voice) are "I like fat girls, no really, bro, tell him I love fat girls", "I can't breathe", and "please don't rape me". There are many more.

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