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It's not so much the vanquishing of a home invader, but the nonchalance that qualifies this man.
An Oklahoma man who caught a burglar breaking into his home wasn't content to simply scare the criminal away; instead, the man bum-rushed the burglar, pinned him to the ground, hogtied him, and left him in the front yard for police to find because the homeowner was late for work.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning, when the homeowner and his nine-months-pregnant wife were awoken by the sound of shattering glass coming from their daughter's room.

"That folding chair was in her bedroom, shattered glass all over the place, and I said, 'A raccoon didn't do that.' And he was just like, 'Oh God,'" the man's wife, Denay Houston, told News 9.

The couple heard something in their garage, so Houston's husband went and waited patiently by their front-door for the burglar to emerge. “Then he bum-rushed him,” Houston said.

Houston's husband pinned the burglar, later identified as Robert Cole, to the ground and hog tied him, with Cole's hands and feet tied behind his back. “[My husband] was just like (nods head), kind of like the head nod, like, 'Okay, what's done is done,'" Houston said. "He's like a super-hero."

Houston's husband, whose name wasn't released, called 911 and then told Houston that he was going to work and that she should watch over the hog-tied criminal until police arrived.
I'm guessing his wife feels she's carrying high-quality progeny. It reminds me a little of my ex-Marine grandfather, then 73, who "counter-attacked" a 28-year old man with a gun who carjacked him in Virginia.  My grandfather slapped the gun to the side, broke his hand on the man's face by repeatedly punching him, and then shoved him in the car without the keys and locked it.  He managed to get out, but the police caught him.

My sensei, who the previous year had DESTROYED the #11-ranked point fighter in the country, met my grandfather at a party not long after, shook his non-broken hand, and told him that he was the toughest man the sensei, who had spent years doing full-contact fighting, had ever met.

My grandfather looked a little bewildered, shrugged, and said. "It was just a young black buck with a popgun.  Now Tarawa, that was tough."

It's all relative....


Trust said...

If the Nazis couldn't kill him, then I guesss that punk didn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

@ Trust: There weren't any Nazis @ Tarawa.

But my favorite quote for the article linked in the Gawker piece:

"I was like, 'That's my man!' I was really proud of him," Houston said."

That's the response we're supposed to inspire in women, and that's the feeling that feminism is doing everything it can to make sure women never feel.


Sensei said...

Not too many Nazis in Kiritbati, I don't think...

"because he was late for work..."

That's downright classy.

Bogey said...

Like Spider-Man and shit.

Trust said...

@ : There weren't any Nazis @ Tarawa

I remember the story from VP some years back. I thought his grandpa was also a WWII vet, but I didn't try to look it up.

In either case, too bad more boys don't have.such role models.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


I hope you didn't tell your grandfather he was an ex-Marine. You might have some trouble on your hands.

No such thing as an ex-Marine. Thems fighting words.

Stickwick Stapers said...

What the heck were these people thinking? Don't they know that protocol dictates they retreat to a saferoom and place an hysterical call the police? And after it's all over, the wife should commend her husband for his no-nonsense approach in letting the professionals handle the situation. [/safetynazi] BTW, the photo of the little hogtied loser on the lawn is priceless. I'm picturing the husband grabbing him by the wrists and ankles and heave-ho'ing him onto the grass.

Those WWII vets are a tough breed. Last month, James Lileks recounted the time his father and another man thwarted thieves who were plundering their bulk gasoline plant. The men hid in the dark with shotguns waiting for the scumbags to return to the plant and then ambushed them.

It's also an interesting snapshot of America in the late 1950s. These days, if two honest men informed the police that they were planning to stake out a bunch of thieves and arm themselves with deadly weapons, undoubtedly they would be told to "just let the police handle it." In 1958, they call up the sheriff, tell him it's Ralph and Walter from church, here's what we're planning to do, and he just says, okay, call me if the they show up.

Res Ipsa said...

"Now Tarawa, that was tough."

They were like that. We are poorer for their passing.

BigFire said...

A more detailed article in Daily Mail shows the home owner Willie relaxing in sofa with his daughter in hand. Yep, that's an Alpha.

Meanwhile, what's with the burgler not wearing shirts? I know it's hot but come on, with that tattoo arm, you're easy to pick up in a line up.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

He also is a black man with a white wife. Decent looking also. She looks like she is rather slim when not pregnant. His daughter he is on the couch with is from another woman, since she is not mixed.

Good guy to have on your side.

Unknown said...

....and without a firearm.
What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

@Reuben Smith

That he was already late for work, and if he had had to sit around and be interviewed for a justified shooting, he would have been even later?

Trust said...

It wasn't on VP it was WND. I remembered the story incorrectly.

What would John Wayne do?

Dexter said...

"Now Tarawa, that was tough."

They were like that. We are poorer for their passing.

I dunno, the so-called "Greatest Generation" is the same one that raised the dreadful Boomers, which takes a lot of the shine off their "greatness" for me.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Let's just say they were good at some things, and not so good at other things.

Justthisguy said...

Ty Cobb was sorta like that. Even when he was an old drunkard, he defeated a would-be carjacker and disarmed him. When he was dying at my birthplace (Emory University Hospital) he kept a bottle of whiskey and a revolver by his bedside. Nobody would dare say him nay.

He famously kept a file in the dugout to sharpen the cleats on his shoes, and always slid into the bases with one foot at crotch level.

MichaelJMaier said...

Ty Cobb sounds like an asshole for the cleat thing.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the cleat thing isn't true. A reporter saw a couple of rookies cleaning their spikes, messing around and pretending to sharpen them, then added Cobb's name to the story for credibility. He was so well known for being a tough, mean son-of-a-gun that everybody bought it, and he didn't dispute it because he liked the fear it inspired.

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