Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reddit and the Red Pill Challenge

Reddit has asked me to do what they call an Ask Me Anything interview with The Red Pill subreddit:
 Well it's a new year and we're starting off right. I've been in touch with a lot of the prominent voices of the manosphere, and we're still working out particulars on a lot of these, but I'm posting the annoucement right now because our AMA series is going to begin shortly, and I don't want anybody to miss them.  I'm going to put this list in the sidebar, and update it as more details arrive. Here's our current schedule:
Date (EST) Name Site
1/15/13 10:00am Vox Day Alpha Game
1/21/13 12:00pm Rollo Tomassi Rational Male
1/28/13 12:00pm xsplat Random Xpat Rantings
2/04/13 06:00pm RooshV RooshV , Return of Kings
2/13/13 11:00am Redpillwifey Adventures in Red Pill Wifery
You can participate in the discussion here.  It kicks off at 10 AM Eastern, and please note that it is called "Ask Me Anything", not "I'll Tell You Everything".


Shimshon said...

This AMA series is an awesome idea. Ian Ironwood was last week. Look forward to yours today.

RedPillSchool said...

Here's the link for anybody interested:


SarahsDaughter said...

"He finds a young woman he loves, they get married, have children, live happily and inseparably together, and he dies, surrounded by 16+ grandchildren, holding her hand, at the age of 100."

See, now this is why I like you.

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