Thursday, September 1, 2011

A portrait of Hell

One of Susan Walsh's commenters sketches it for us:
“I saw this while out at a trendy Atlanta restaurant with the wife this past Sat. It was a small clique of gals in their 20′s dressed to the 9′s at Prime Time on Sat night, sitting at the next table. On a Date. With each other! Amazing to witness. And they could not stop taking photo’s of themselves smiling and camping/vamping for their camera phones and then posting about their fantastic night out onto their FB pages. Like every 5 minutes or so. Replete with their ‘reaction shots’ of their faces to various things said via their FB pages. All damn night. The wife’s comment was ‘if they’re actually after some guys, that’s a strange way of going about it’.
You can almost smell the brimstone and sulfur. It's like Dürer's Apocalypse in prose.


RM said...

When I am around vapid conversation I just get distracted. The voices in my head a much more interesting. But game requires a certain amount of engagement. How do you make the conversation in a direction that, while not necessarily intellectual, is at least not mind numbing?

Anonymous said...

One way is to get good at telling entertaining stories.

Susan Walsh said...

"And all the girls walk by
Dressed up for each other
And the boys do the boogie-woogie
On the corner of the street"

Van Morrison

The narcissism among many young women is off the charts. They're having fun pretending to have fun for the camera. It's an elaborate marketing campaign, but who's the buyer?

Booch Paradise said...

I believe that buyers made a video titled "Dear Woman"

indyguy77@work said...

The sad part is that, for some women, the conversation never becomes any LESS vapid as they age.

AmyJ said...

Actually, an even sadder part is that these girls (not women) will actually swear up and down that they are perfectly content being single, that they don't need a man to feel whole or complete. All you can do is just shake your head.

SarahsDaughter said...

RM, look for the one that seems a bit annoyed/uncomfortable and direct your conversation toward her. There should always be one that entertains her ditzy friends while silently hoping someone with depth will come around. This is usually the girl that isn't the best looking. You ignore the hot one of the bunch and talk with the annoyed (more sophisticated girl) the hot one will amazingly becoming less and less ditzy as she comes on to you. You then have the choice, go and sleep with her not so hot friend (if you're a not so Christian kind of guy) or you give all of your attention to her (the ugly girl), get her phone number, drive her home, etc... It won't take long for the 8-10 girl to find out how to get a hold of you. And she will completely betray her not so hot friend in the process. She MAY actually have depth within her, or she'll just be fun to toy with. Either way, you'll have two women vying for your attention.
AmyJ, I disagree that these girls will swear they are content being single, they're just clueless. The girls that will make those comments are the ones at the bar with just one other friend, both of them a bit awkward (one more so than the other). The group of "dating" girls are very much interested in hooking up.

Houston said...

"One way is to get good at telling entertaining stories."

The CEO at my workplace is a master at this, and it's instructive to watch how he dominates women with grace and charm. He also knows how to get them angry and flustered, putting them off balance when they try to gain the upper hand in a conversation. It seems he learned the tricks of the alpha trade after his divorce, having decided never to be blindsided by a woman again. And in classic alpha fashion, he remarked the other day that he maintains more than one residence so he can manage his harem more efficiently.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...


My approach is keep them going with questions only about themselves or their feelings. The hamster spins and spins!

Anonymous said...

The narcissism among women is limitless.
Me, Me,Me,My-self, this is all they have interest in.

Desert Cat said...

I wonder if SarahsDaughter is the exception that proves the rule (actually, so is Susan usually). There's some good game principles embedded in that advice.

The true player would go for option A--ignore/neg the hot friend until she is practically breaking down the door to get in on the conversation, then isolate, escalate and close on the hottie.

SD, don't you think the hottie would go sour grapes if she failed to distract the guy in that initial setting? The spin of the hamster wheel that explains to herself why her plain friend got the guy would not be pretty...

SarahsDaughter said...

You may be right. If he leaves with the not-so-hot one, there may not be much opportunity to reconnect with the hot one unless their circles of association intersect often. In that case (if he sees her often), it's just a matter of time. If done right, he'll have hottie performing circus acts to get his attention every subsequent meeting. The negs would have to continue for a while though. Patience is the key there.

I've seen several gatherings of these dating girls when my husband and I would oblige our friends and go to the club. They were usually married young women out on a "girl's night." Not that they weren't trying to get men's attention, they certainly were... For a PUA looking for a one night tryst, perfect. Certainly not the committing kind though.

Hamilton said...

I've seen groups of married women behave the same way. I don't understand it, but I tend to chalk it up to Approval Addiction. They want everyone to see them and want to be them. Vanity, it's digital, and it's apparently shameless.

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