Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Necessity of a Systematic Approach

Up to this point my approach to learning game has been haphazard. I had no plan, nothing that resembled a strategy. I would read about a technique and give it a shot at my first opportunity. This meant that I learned, and achieved some success, but other than a rough description of the techniques I used, I could not say exactly what I did to achieve that success. I am like a beginning musician who knows that certain chords sound good played together but would be hard-pressed to use them to create a new song.

As a rank beginner my game is barely out of junior high. Most people begin their education in game in high school. As a deeply introverted person I did not take that opportunity when it was present. While everyone else was making the effort to attract members of the opposite sex, I was hiding in the library, doing my best impression of a chameleon. As a result I never entered the sexual arms race. Everyone around me got a education in game by simply making the effort, while I did and learned nothing. At this point I have a lot of catching up to do. I do have an advantage in that I have everything spelled out for me, and the wits to know to use it, but without a systematic approach, I will not learn more or any faster than a teenager guessing his way through high-school.

Realizing the need for a plan is the result of reading Athol Kay's great book: The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011, specifically his description of the MAP. If a married man should be willing to put that level of effort into change to keep his woman, I should be willing to put the same level of effort into getting one. As an aside, I cannot speak highly enough of Athol's book. I have heard a great deal of marital advice, and I have read a number of books on the subject. I feel confident in saying that Kay's book is among the best. Due to his book I will be doing a great deal more to apply game starting yesterday.

So, since I get a great deal of motivation from accountability, here are the first points from my personal MAP:

1. Diet/Exercise: Yesterday I began a weight lifting program designed to quickly increase muscle size through high protein intake and high intensity work outs. Since I have never done any significant amount of lifting this is more of an experiment, but I expect good things.

2. Consistent Approaches: Starting this week I will go out three times a week and approach at least four girls each time.

As I add goals and make progress I will post about any insights or achievements. I hope to get to the point that a date is no long considered a great success. Regardless of what happens I expect it will be interesting.


Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me bro; I always look forward to and enjoy your posts - keep it up!

Some Guy said...

Hang in there. I'm in the same place, just a little different approach when it comes to the speed.

Joseph Dantes said...

get the 4 hour body and read it, and some paleo books for the diet portion.

otherwise, good plan.

Double E said...

All of the 'game' blogs out there are written by 'experts' (at least if you believe them) so it is awesome to see the perspective of somebody who is starting from the beginning. Its like watching a training montage in a Rocky movie!

There is no tomorrow! There IS no tomorrow!!

keep it up!

Some Guy said...

If you want to see it live, check out my blog. I'll be starting on Monday next week. Should make for interesting reading (or at least a good laugh).

Joseph Dantes said...

Posting frequency seems to have declined for some of the other classifications.

Anonymous said...

Guys, on a note related to the category of this post, Workshy Joe is running a great series on the lives of omegas. I very much recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Recruit, are you the author of the Omega posts? It's not immediately clear.

Also, thanks for pointing out your main blog - I just read through the posts so far and am excited to keep up with your journey. I noticed you're not getting many comments but don't let that discourage you. I for one want to keep reading!

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