Thursday, March 31, 2011

Straight Talk On the Rooftop Sex Controversy

For those who may have missed it, the fine, young gentlemen of Kappa Sigma of USC are in the news again. This time, a member got busted for rooftop sex. It turns out this was happening during a philanthropy event in the quad below, and hundreds witnessed it. Of course, that was undoubtedly planned - the two wouldn't have been right at the edge if they weren't getting off on the exhibitionism. The photos were taken by a kid in the dorm across the quad, and it was the fear for the couple's safety as they approached the edge of the roof that reportedly inspired another kid to call 911.

Most of the commentary on this event has been predictable and boring, but last night Tucker Max went on the Joy Behar show and weighed in. It was a very interesting discussion. My thoughts and the video can be found here.


ridip said...

Maybe I'm an a**hole but I didn't think Tucker Max was being a jerk. Their responses were standard female stupidity. If he would have said "you can't all have (and keep) the top 10% of men you are either going to have to settle for the lesser relationship (the hookup) or the lesser man" they would have flayed him on air. But the math, it don't lie.

The sad truth is the other 90% of men have to settle for the cast-offs (the pumped and dumped) or they have to settle for the smaller percentage of women who haven't spread their man trap.

Hint ladies the trap doesn't catch many men. And most of the ones it does should b thrown back.

Anonymous said...

If there was any a**holes in that video clip, it's both Lisa Bloom from constantly interrupting Tucker Max & Laurie Dhue condoning said interruptions while sniping passive-aggressive responses at TM when he had a chance to answer a question w/o being interrupted.

But maybe my viewpoint is coming from a guy who's lived in a maternal household & sick & tired of the modern Western Woman abdicating responsibility for her choices while demanding from the world that she be treated like an adult Or Else.

Markku said...

Like I said at VP, Tucker's attitude was quite appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Rude? Really? Susan, your hamster is spinning.

NateM said...

Wow, even I could have parried the dull arguments those too made. All TM had to say was "do you really suggest that women are the only ones disadvantaged by this hookup culture?" I guarantee there are plenty of guys who would like to just date but guess what, they are sitting at home in college because of it. Basically it's the double standard where these women basically want the guys who want to hook up, but they want THEM to want to date. sorry, can't have it both ways.

unclesol said...

This is utterly ridiculous. If women want relationships, it's simple. Don't spread your legs when you first meet a guy. But that's not what these women want. They want to ride the alpha train and then rationalize it by saying what the REALLY REALLY TRULY HONESTLY wanted was a relationship.

This is why game works. Ignore what women say. Watch what they do and respond accordingly. If women don't like what a** holes like Tucker Max espouse then they should behave in a manner that reflects that belief. And the women who do behave that way have a much better chance of finding a suitable mate.

You're not going to tame the tiger. All you can do is feed it, or ignore it.

indyguy77@work said...

As much as I dislike the "snowflaking" idea, Susan's writings do seem as though they betray the hamster spinning madly beneath the surface.

How do you say "I find him physically repulsive" and then say "but doesn't he seem like a hotter version of MZ"?

I doubt you'd hear a guy say "Man, she's a real dog. But isn't she like a hotter version of that bimbo from (insert reality TV show)?"

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing indyguy. I have no idea why VD thought it was a good idea for her to contribute here.

She has nothing but good things to say about the witless femtard drivel of the likes of Sherry Argov for crying out loud.

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