Saturday, April 12, 2014

Society goes to the dogs

Literally, it appears:
If you’re wondering why playgrounds around the city are so quiet and dog runs are packed, a new report has an answer: More and more US women are forgoing motherhood and getting their maternal kicks by owning handbag-size canines. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that a big drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 to 29 corresponds with a huge increase in the number of tiny pooches owned by young US women, reports the business-news site Quartz.

Dog-crazy New York ladies told The Post that they aren’t surprised by the findings — and that they happily gave up diaper changes, temper tantrums and college funds for the easy affection of their doggy “child.”

“I’d rather have a dog over a kid,” declared Sara Foster, 30, a Chelsea equities trader who says her French bulldog, Maddie, brings her more joy than a child. “It’s just less work and, honestly, I have more time to go out. You . . . don’t have to get a baby sitter.”

The federal data behind the report show that over the past seven years, the number of live births per 1,000 women between ages 15 and 29 in America has plunged 9 percent. At the same time, research by the American Pet Products Association shows the number of small dogs — under 25 pounds — in the United States has skyrocketed, from 34. 1 million in 2008 to 40.8 million in 2012.
Unfortunately, it is unlikely these small dogs will be able to take much care of these women in their old age. I suppose that's what cats are for.  Perhaps that's what will demarcate female middle-age in the future: the exchange of a woman's toy dog for her first cat.


Unknown said...

Well, at least natural selection will take care of THAT.

tz said...

How many of these pooches are.the alpha male in the house? The bitches must feel protected.

Anonymous said...

If your priority is "going out," why have a pet at all? I bet a lot of these dogs are sitting alone in a little apartment most of the time, and then these girls will wonder why they jump on people and chew things.

I suppose it's proof that they still have the maternal instinct to care for something, no matter how much the feminists try to drive it out of them and distort it.

Bob Loblaw said...

If your priority is "going out," why have a pet at all?

It's an accessory, like Jimmy Choos. When some other breed becomes fashionable she'll trade this one in. Animal shelters are loaded with those stupid Chihuahuas women bought when Taco Bell used on in advertising.

The whole attraction is not having to make any sort of durable commitment, something which used to be the sign of adulthood.

Unknown said...

Those little dogs got nuts when left alone. I've been seeing lots and lots of dogs at work. That takes care of the problem, I guess.

Whiskey said...

I'd bet that these women would happily have the kid of an Alpha Male. Look at the Chechen bomb brothers. One of them got some college hottie to give up her life and live in a burqua, while working 70 hours a week. After she had his kid. But then, the Bomb Brothers actually killed people (including three people in a drug deal ripoff years before they bombed the Boston Marathon). And we all know chicks dig killers. Or as Steve Sailer noted "Chicks dig Chechens!"

Want women to have kids? Guys need to Alpha up. And you can never be too Alpha. Never. Women just are not interested in having a beta male's kid. Only an Alpha's.

Fertility is a function of how many Alphas there are to have kids by women.

Mark said...

I'm older and I'm seeing a lot of older women with dogs rather than cats. I'm starting to wonder if the elderly crazy cat lady stereotype is still actually true. Maybe it's time to replace it with a crazy dog lady stereotype.

Retrenched said...

@ Cail

A natural drive that is repressed in one area will show up elsewhere....

... When they have no small children to care for, women will adopt and 'mother' small animals instead.

... When they have no small children to boss around, women turn to politics to try to boss the whole country around, through totalitarian policies like banning words, music and ideas that offend them.

..... When they have no dominant husbands to submit to, women satisfy their craving for male dominance through Fifty Shades of Grey and similar works.


And we could say the same thing about men without girlfriends using porn for sexual release.

JDC said...

"The Doctor laughed, and I went on: 'Do you see what I am getting at? Your daughters were born into your family and they bear your name because you have communicated your life to them. Your dog may be an intelligent dog, a well-behaved dog, and altogether a most remarkable dog; but the question is not, Is he a good or a bad dog? It is merely, Is he a dog? He does not need to be bad to be disqualified from being a member of your family; he only needs to be a dog. The same principle applies to you in your relationship to God. The question is not whether you are a bad man or a good man, more or less, but simply, Are you a man? If your life is on a lower plane than that of God's life, then you cannot belong to the Divine family. Throughout your life your aim in preaching has been to turn bad men into good men; but men as such, whether good or bad, can have no vital relationship with God. Our only hope as men is to receive the Son of God, and when we do so His life in us will constitute us sons of God.' The Doctor saw the truth, and that day he became a member of God's family by receiving the Son of God into his heart. " (Watchman Nee, "The Choice that Confronted Adam.")

Bob Loblaw said...

I'm starting to wonder if the elderly crazy cat lady stereotype is still actually true.

Sigh. My sister has seven cats.

mickeypavic said...

"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

For a woman to choose a canine over a child just shows the depth of the hardening of hearts.

I wonder whether changing biological functions (contraceptions) can have a Lamarckian effect during ones own lifetime, does one cease being completely human?

Robert What? said...

"take care of these women in their old age"

Do you think today's kids will actually take care of their parents in their old age either?

Stickwick Stapers said...

Mark: I'm starting to wonder if the elderly crazy cat lady stereotype is still actually true.

There are a few -- the kind that also hoard old newspapers and talk your ear off when they corner you at the grocery store check-out. But the vast majority of women I know who are divorced or never-married have dogs, not cats.

Children are a lot of work, and, as I'm discovering as a new mom who has "interviewed" a lot of other moms, being a mother does not come easily or all that naturally. It has to be inculcated in girls when they're young and reinforced by family, church, and community. In this day and age of me-me-me, the destruction of the traditional family, the loss of influence of churches, and the lack of cohesiveness in communities, it's no wonder more and more women are not even considering motherhood.

Anonymous said...

But the vast majority of women I know who are divorced or never-married have dogs, not cats.

I wonder if it's as simple as: the "crazy cat lady" stereotype became well-known enough that spinsters-in-training now think, "I'm lonely; maybe I should get a cat. Oh wait, I don't want people calling me a crazy cat lady and saying I'll never get married, because I totally will when my Prince Charming shows up Any Day Now. I'll get one of those cat-sized dogs instead."

Stickwick Stapers said...

cailcorishev: Oh wait, I don't want people calling me a crazy cat lady and saying I'll never get married, because I totally will when my Prince Charming shows up Any Day Now. I'll get one of those cat-sized dogs instead."

Nah, I don't think that's the thought process. Two older women in particular I know who collect dogs are quite fond of dogs in general. They've also each had a cat or two, but mostly they seem to want the level of companionship that dogs offer. Cats can be pretty aloof, and you can't take them anywhere. Little dogs are affectionate, and you can take them everywhere.

tz said...

"And they call it'puppy love'"...

Remember the CH posts.on pit bulls rescued by fatal femmes also echoed here.

Lycan-lite for.Miss Anthrope? Or is it Miss Andry?

Tetro said...

more distractions, fake love. love with online profiles, not people, love with superficial text conversations or techno-relationships, not people, love of escapism through distractions, not love of face to face life with people, love of avoidance through entertainment, including the ubiquitous "i love to read", not love of getting to know a person. Love of talking about love, then acting like everyone else

And dogs. Of course, they "love" their dogs. They have no idea what love is. No, wrong. They have an idea, but are terribly off the mark. This is the fundamental truth of it. They would be aghast, each and every one, to hear that. Shrieking with horror and animus at anyone who dare tell them that they, as Woman, know not love in its fullness, in its totality. But they do not. That is the heart of the issue. And this is why they take care of dogs and have no humans to take care of, to care for, to love. Dogs are less risky to love, easier to love than humans. Easier to control. Like relationships through technology. Control. Engage when you wish, run away when you wish, hide, lie, no consequences. Stay a little girl, a little child. With your doggie.

Ah, but you work! You have a resume. You have 'done'. This makes you Woman. This validates.

Welcome to modernity. Welcome to modern America. Cold. Or rather "cool". But liberated, right?

Anonymous said...

When a man gets a dog, he gets a dog. When a woman gets a dog, it's a child, or in some cases - a husband.

CarpeOro said...

"Unfortunately, it is unlikely these small dogs will be able to take much care of these women in their old age."

Please Vox, you over look the obvious. Maybe not as likely as cats, dogs will help dispose of the body. After several days of no food when they die, and no relatives to come and see them, nature will take it's course.

Harambe said...

At least it's a step up from "rescuing" ghetto thugs.

Unknown said...

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