Sunday, August 6, 2017

The decline and fall of Yahoo!

An insider's tale:
As a former employee of Yahoo!, I can say with absolute conviction that the majority of the problems with the company stemmed from too many women being involved in the first place. When I started in 1999, it was mostly guys. By the time I left last year, it seemed like it was easily 75 percent women. No matter what job or position they were doing, they either were out on maternity leave half the time or just getting back therefrom. It was the most frustrating thing in the world to try to work with.

Have you ever gone to a meeting with six women and yourself as the only guy? You might as well not even turn up; nothing is going to get done, anyway. It’s just going to be an hour spent on irrelevant, tangential nonsense with no decision reached at the end. I wasn’t a misogynist before working there, but after seeing the company go from pretty good to total shit, and with it being directly related to the number of female employees fucking everything up, I kind of am now.

Everything was awesome in the beginning; then they basically outsourced everything they could, brought in cheap labor, and took away 90 percent of the perks that the employees used to enjoy. Everyone of any value was replaced by H1Bs and women started to swell the ranks of middle management. It was just shitty decision after shitty decision, Who the fuck greenlit the goddamn Yahoo! Music engine? Terrible product. Then they fucked up Yahoo! Chat by taking away profiles and trying to force this worthless social networking Yahoo! 360 garbage that no one liked. Then they ruined the message boards and classifieds. Yahoo!’s problem was that they got filled with a bunch of middle management useless twats who kept ‘fixing’ things that weren’t broken because they felt they had to justify the existence of their jobs. Rather than actually making improvements, they ‘improved’ their userbase away with a bunch of shitty changes that took away everything that anyone actually liked about the products.

Alter that, it was basically just hanging around collecting a paycheck and doing shitty work because I didn’t care. Everyone else was doing pretty much the same thing.
You can either learn from the failure of others or learn it the hard way.


Argus Bacchus said...

"Yahoo!’s problem was that they got filled with a bunch of middle management useless twats who kept ‘fixing’ things that weren’t broken because they felt they had to justify the existence of their jobs."

This is the exact same problem you find in education administration at the K-12 level. Dominated by women doing useless crap all day and giving seminars that veteran teachers sleep through or just don't bother attending.

But, but.."It's for the children!"

Ya, sure it is.

sconzey said...

You can either learn from the failure of others or learn it the hard way.

I always preferred: "Learn from the mistakes of others; you won't live long enough to make them all yourself."

APL said...

"But, but.."It's for the children!" .. "

Some consider women to be childlike.

Jackie Chun said...

Such red pill. A study came out that women in management won't promote other women.

It boggles my mind.

Anonymous said...

There it is again.

I still wonder how calling females "women" but males "guys" (instead of "men") ever became a thing. Toxic feminist influence, I suppose.

Argus Bacchus said...


Indeed, they are. Which is why I'm always asked to "informally" supervise, manage and train them.

Daniel said...

Can confirm their web email sucks.

Aeoli Pera said...

Women are in the workforce because their fathers aren't doing their jobs.

Aeoli Pera said...

More to the point, as PA says women can be 1) prostitutes, 2) wives, or 3) nuns. And dads aren't sending their precious princesses to college to get a Mrs. degree.

Anonymous said...

@Aeoli Pera
Women in the workforce are working girls.

RMChris said...

“I still wonder how calling females "women" but males "guys" (instead of "men") ever became a thing.”

Because too many males these days aren't "men".

Thanks, J. said...
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Thanks, J. said...

Nature can't be lied to, "ladies".
America's putrid puritan streak is alive in the feminist-SJW.
At this rate, DGAF Chinamen will dominate the globe with genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced SuperChinks, leading the way to outterspace, enslaving the African semi-human sub-Saharan darkie continent for it's own overpopulated good (so it will be said and well mass die offs happen in nature) and the rest of humanity, reaching the commanding heights of trade and finance across a 21-22nd century silk road.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

So that's what happened. They sure ruined Yahoo Messenger, which was the way people connected before Facebook and personal ads. This writer doesn't mention Yahoo Finance, but what's been going on with the stock charts the past few years falls under "fixing things that weren't broken." The reader response was 100 percent negative, yet they never changed the charts back to what everyone wanted.

Anonymous said...

this is another application of my point about the toxic nature those who are utterly fixated on Social Dominance Games.


in the Customer - Vendor relationship ... who has 'dominance'?

well, the Vendor *needs* to please the Customer, otherwise his Customers will be few and far between. whereas, the Customer is completely unconcerned with the preferences ( or even the well being ) of the Vendor.

therefore, in a normal Market relationship, the Customer is utterly Alpha.

when a Vendor gets over run by effeminate personalities, who don't care in the slightest about anything but SDG ... one of their primary goals becomes establishing Dominance over Her Customer base.

because the Customer being in a socially superior position to the Narcissist is intolerable.

thus, you have changes to product which run entirely counter to what the Customer desires. indeed, you may well have the Vendor lecturing the Customer on how stupid they are for not appreciating the genius of the new Product "features".

Skylark Thibedeau said...

Paying has been Katie Couric $10 million to be part of Yahoo News tells you all you need to know.

MichaelJMaier said...

"This is the exact same problem you find in education administration at the K-12 level."

And the entire medical industry. Go to any medical facility... Hall after hall, full of women... sitting around and running their fat mouths.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

@ Bob Kek Mando - That's a very interesting observation. It's a good explanation of why women generally suck at negotiation: they're focused on the wrong outcome.

@ BlowMe -"This is the exact same problem you find in education administration at the K-12 level."

According to a recent story in the local sports section, moving from a teacher to an administrator results in a 60% raise. Just think how much is wasted on those "educational" positions and it's easy to see why public schools are shit and always broke.

liberranter said...

You can either learn from the failure of others or learn it the hard way.

Where women are concerned, given their utter inability to grasp cause and effect, we know which of the two is inevitable.



Unknown said...

I've had an email account with them since 2001 when I was a high school junior and i still swear by it. However their main page went to shit the moment they let women in. Most of their articles are either celebrity gossip, life hack tips for girls, or feminist commentary.

Harambe said...

Inane chatter FTW. I was working for an online magazine thingamajig during the 2010 soccer world cup. During the marketing strategy meeting, all they were discussing was how to write articles about safe sex and "handling a big penis". As the "IT guy", I basically just had to sit and listen and not actually do any useful work.

Troy Lee Messer said...

The idiot Mayer apparently wants to run another company into the ground.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Troy, I say that we should let her take over Google or Facebook. They would be truly awesome to see under Marissa Mayer.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Most meetings were consciousness raising sessions. I couldn't ever discern any actual work to be done, aside from creating some games and fun for the next client visit, in order to sell something we didn't yet grasp.

Then, once you did the groundwork and gruntwork, you were excluded anyway. Women are the tools of other women. Any men I worked under bettered me, they helped me see the purpose in my tasks. Women promised me rewards for my work but kept them for themselves. I learned this young, 20, 21 or so. Horrible work environment for young women. Older women with grown children fare better, they're beyond the BS. Too young, very vulnerable, and if you succumb, lost likely forever.

Troy Lee Messer said...


Great idea. I am going to steal that for further local meme warfare.

Brad L said...

Men are taught to "anthropomorphize" women into male concepts. If you want to cut to the chase as to why women can be a problem in leadership roles it's very simple.

Women don't possess the male faculty of reason. Women can only describe "what-is-what." Therefore, women cannot provide insight, purpose or understanding to anything. That's men's job.

When you watch TV tonight, when you get on YouTube, when you listen to your girlfriend, wife, mother or watch a female Twitch stream, shut off your internal dialogue for a few minutes and just LISTEN intently to what they say.

If you still tenuously hang on to a belief that women can be "just like men" you're bound to upset for a few weeks when you start noticing that women do this. Constantly.

What's handy about it, is that men can get too philosophical about things, but women can break down what is happening in ways men can't. Men can then take that description and decide what it means and provide insight, understanding, purpose and direction.

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