Thursday, March 2, 2017

What college does for women

The Freshman 15 is bad enough. What is much worse is what college propaganda does to their highly impressionable minds. I highly recommend not dating women who are college graduates. First, women who don't attend college are more attractive. Second, most women who do believe that their academic credentials and their ability to parrot propaganda is synonymous with intelligence and capability.

But it isn't. A highly intelligent, well-read man will have no trouble intellectually dismantling a PhD. A woman's BA in the average college major is less of an intellectual accomplishment than completing a CRPG.


Lucas said...


KSC said...

Since I'm unable to see, anyone willing to describe that photo?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Four pictures of the same girl as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, going from innocent, open and pretty waif to man-jawed, angry, hardened, androgynous SJW feminist.

Heartiste caught it perfectly in his description: "1. Would marry; 2. Would date; 3. Would bang; 4. Would mistake for a boy.

Uncle Maffoo said...

I highly recommend not dating women who are college graduates.

I'd have to agree, even (especially?) for women who attend Christian colleges, and I speak as someone who attended a Christian college.

Uncle Maffoo

KSC said...

I didn't attend a Christian college, but I'm not entirely shocked. Care to elaborate at all?

Ben Cohen said...

There are many Orthodox Jewish women indoctrinated into feminism and leftism through college. Being religious is not enough anymore to shield against this.

Ben Cohen said...

Vox do you have a list of what to avoid in women?

Mr.MantraMan said...

Agree with your conclusions, sad to say most women are witless authoritarians at their core

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Wonder how her father is handling this metamorphosis...

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

"Wonder how her father is handling this metamorphosis.."

In public, he's probably saying things online about how "fierce" and "badass" his daughter is. The reason I assume this is because I come from a newspaper background, and all the "men" I used to work with speak like this about their daughters on their Facebook profiles.

But in private, who knows what they think or say? I did notice a photo of a guy I knew whose daughter got a woman. He was smiling in the pic, but his eyes said "Just kill me now!"

Mr.MantraMan said...

She probably hates or pities (maybe both) her father.

Women are a warm blooded herding species that wage a life long battle for a place in the hierarchy and woe to the man who submits.

Ron said...
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Maniac said...

It's as sad as it is humorous. Look how jaded she's become

dc.sunsets said...

I will NEVER forget when my oldest son was attending New Student Orientation at the State U he attended. Parents were given a separate orientation where, among other things, we were told (AND I QUOTE): “…and when your son or daughter becomes sexually active, and they WILL become sexually active…” [Emphasis in the original.]

Universities are in the business of using 18-24 year olds as conduits to obtain loan proceeds in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Offering an education (traditional liberal arts or a “trade,” like engineering) only exists alongside the other excuses to keep those conduits on campus, e.g., the spa, the health club, the sports franchise and (WAIT FOR IT…..)


Universities tease attendees with the promise of hedonism, hook-up sex, hot-and-cold-running pieces of ass…. using MORON parents’ daughters (and sons, in some cases) as nothing but unpaid prostitutes to keep the “Paying Customers” fixed in place so the University Vampires can bleed them dry.

Co-ed dorms, where girls walk down the hallway after a shower in nothing but a towel….(I shit you not, I was there)….and “Community Advisers” on each floor with an unlimited supply of free condoms….with University Health Services’ main lab equipment devoted to testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV and herpes. Oh, and EVERY single girl who walks in the Clinic door gets a pregnancy test. Even if their complaint is a skin laceration or the sniffles.

I armored my sons with knowledge before they entered that cesspit. They largely avoided the cat-shit crazy Bacchanalian Orgy, thankfully. Two of the three worked for ResTech, the student-run Helpdesk that repaired students’ and residence hall employees’ computers. It was a running joke to see which student’s computer had more porn on the storage drives, and which ones picked up the metaphorical computer-herpes (viruses, duh!) from surfing porn.

Universities today are an unmitigated disaster, but I don't know which is worse, the idiot proto-adults who attend or the "go get the full college experience" parents who send them.

Uncle Maffoo said...

I didn't attend a Christian college, but I'm not entirely shocked. Care to elaborate at all?

You see the same progression as shown in the OP. Upon graduation, they've been de-Christianized to the point where they spend their 20s as focused on their "careers" as their secular girlfriends.

Uncle Maffoo

dc.sunsets said...

How many prospective college students know the following:
1) College offers more freedom and less responsibility than adulthood, and is thus dangerous and full of traps.
2) Every sexual intimacy stays with you forever, undermining later the glue that helps hold marriages together. Casual sex breaks the link between physical and emotional intimacy, rendering shallow marital partnerships with low levels of spousal devotion.
3) The university's employees are not your friend. Their job is to keep you in school as long as possible, while your job is to RIP what you need from their grasp in the fastest way possible.
4) The opportunity cost of being a full time student is HUGE: at least $20k/yr plus whatever Tuition, Room & Board adds to. Those who sit in college are taking the most expensive trip to nowhere ever imagined.
5) If you don't have a solid outcome & time frame for your studies, college is a crazy way to piss away money.
6) Imagine you had whatever your education is expected to cost, plus opportunity costs, in your hand right now, in $100 bills. Would you really spend it on that degree? Are you sure?
7) Divide that total figure by the number of hours you'll spend in class. That's what you're wasting for every class you cut because you were too lazy or hungover to get to it.

My kids didn't attend college until they knew all this at the level of bone marrow. They were surrounded by perpetual adolescents like this pictured girl. The power of self-destruction in the hivemind is awe-inspiring, like watching the crash of the Hindenburg over and over.

People (including girls) can attend college, but only with preparation that exceeds what soldiers do in training for battle.

Johnny said...

Anyone know who the girl is, and whether she actually attended Berkeley? I might have uses for this meme, but only if I can confirm she's really a Berkeley student.

Ben Cohen said...

This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. The feminists and leftists destroyed her life, for what?

There are few sadder things than barren bitter women.

Midnight Avenue J said...

The leftists sell it as liberation and truth...all your life you've been lied to, baby girl, here's a new way of seeing things, here's the truth we are telling you, get up and go be free.

Everything in college is pretty filthy.

Dark Herald said...

Prisoners are the ones that run the prison.

No matter what professors think, college students always run the college and the problem starts a lot earlier than college.

Something shocked the hell out of me recently.

And it was a question that wasn't getting asked.

When the kid had asked, "how much money can I expect to earn in the first year with this degree?

The answer from this major university was effectively, fucked if we know.

It turned out that that kid was first one to ask that question in fifteen years. Think about that for a second. They stopped, getting asked that question by potential students in 2002. I honestly couldn't blame the college for not bothering to know what the answer was when it would cost money to survey the first year graduates. Why spend that money for a question that isn't going to get asked.

How much is your degree worth? Is easily the most important question you can ask a college if like me, you neglected to be born into money.

And for the last fifteen years. Every college freshmen was acting like they were born into money. How on Earth was this very basic planning for post graduate survival ignored?

Anonymous said...

She looks LESS intelligent as the years go by.

But at least in the first one she looked like she might be fun.

The Lab Manager said...

Women, Know Your Limits

mgh said...

Caught the Bitchy Resting Face by time she was a senior.

David The Good said...

KSC: "Since I'm unable to see, anyone willing to describe that photo?"

Title on top of four-panel image reads "Your Daughter on 'Berkeley.'"
Fresh-faced female, top left corner, smiling, caption reads "freshman."
Same female, top right corner, now with a snow-cap on, looking slightly more edgy, smiling, caption reads "Sophomore."
Same female, lower left corner, now with suspicious eyes, no smile, close-cropped ratty hair, caption reads "Junior."
Final image, lower right, same female, angry look on face, snow cap on head, fatter face, masculine looking, angry expression, appears to be at a protest. Caption reads "Senior".

Harambe said...

So college turns cutie-pies into Eric Cartman? Damn

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

"So college turns cutie-pies into Eric Cartman? Damn"

Yes, Cartman but without the sense of humor.

Aeoli Pera said...

Couldn't resist that wargamer elitism at the end there, couldja xD.

Jew613 said...

It's amazing to see her eyes go from bright to dead in just four pictures. There is an entire generation of women like this.

SJ said...

This is good advice and something I only realized post divorce and post learning game. Now I've settled down with a cute young non feminist woman who never went to college to go into debt for prog brainwashing and four years of carousel riding.

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